16 October 2010

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CWG Over – A committee formed to probe the conduct of cwg and fix accountability. Be First to read Final Report of Committee On Cwg Corruption

Corruption / Common Wealth Games Over – Committee formed to Probe Corruption or Lapses. In Advance Read the Final Report of Common Wealth Corruption, Lapse, Accountability Probe, Enquiry Report –

Official Confidential Report – Common wealth Games Corruption Probe Enquiry Report.
Not to be Read by Indians

CWG Over – A committee formed to probe the conduct of cwg and fix accountability. Be First to read Final Report of Committee On Cwg Corruption

As per the Promise the government formed the committee to probe the corruption charges or to find where and how corruption happened in common wealth games.

Here is the secret and final repot of the corruption probe done by Common corruption games probe or enquiry committee.

As the probe was started, committee failed to get documents on time.
A summons was issued to the common wealth games organizing committee responsible persons to appear before committee

But committee came to know that all important people of Common wealth games committee members have gone outside of India on government sponsored trips.

So in the first 2 months committee took rest without doing anything.

In final month when media woke up and started to shout, the committee members came and appeared before the common corruption probe enquiry committee.

After doing the enquiry the committee came to conclusion that
No corruption happen in common wealth games.

Pakistan, china, Australia and American and British government mislead the Indian media and Indian people by shouting
Hey see there is corruption.
This is was the racist behavior of the foreign nations towards India who were upset on India that India got the chance to hold common wealth games.

The common wealth games have benefited lot to school children of India and it will produce the generation of Olympic gold medal winners.

The committee found minor faults and recommend that few contractors be black listed for a six months and 2 contractors were fined for using low quality material.

There were few mistakes happen in purchase of chairs and toilet papers, it was all done as per the procedure of law, and top management was unaware about these purchases and small contracts.

The common wealth games organizers did the hard work and didn’t sleep for seven years but because of Pakistan , china and rain the work got delayed but common wealth games committee did there best job.
And these games were held like never before in the world.

There was no corruption found in CWG.
Kalmadi, Bhanot, CM Delhi and Gill are all innocent and even they spend their own money for the benefit of cwg.
They should be given highest awards of Indian government.

BJP is the opposition party of India so they have to shout corruption, corruption.
But in reality no corruption happened.

The committee found minor faults in the working of CWG and recommended that few contractors be fined for delay in cwg works.

After the 3 months of time the committee needs more time to find the original culprit and original criminal who is responsible for the delay and more spending in common wealth games.

Final recommendation to the government is that under official secrecy act this report should not be shown to the People of India to keep peace in India.

Total amount, tax payers money spend on committee -
Only 5 crore Indian Rupees.
The report consisted of 90 000 pages.

Secret document - not be read by any Indian.

After this report media and BJP again started to shout and

And Prime Minister of India has announced that a new committee will probe the cwg as well as the working of first committee who probe the corruption and this committee will again hand over report to the government of India in next 3 months.

Jai Hind

Reality Views by sm –
Saturday, October 16, 2010

Read this announcement carefully -

After the conclusion of the Commonwealth Games
The government constituted a high-level committee
Headed by former Comptroller and Auditor General VK Shungloo

To look into the organizing and conduct of the Games.

The committee will examine lessons learnt and fix accountability for the lapses that plagued the run-up to the games.

The committee will submit its report to the prime minister within three months


SG October 16, 2010  

For the first confidential report: Down with America. They hate us because we also can speak English. They hate us because we are hosting the Commonwealth Games. America is the worst country in this world. By the way, next week I have to go to the U.S. Consulate for my interview for a 10-year tourist visa

For the announcement of the committee: Nothing will happen. People would not even remember that a committee was appointed for this purpose.

sm,  October 16, 2010  


BK Chowla, October 16, 2010  

I will wait till the committee submits it's report in time, if at all.

chitra October 16, 2010  

I also know, nothing would come out of the new committee. They will sit for months with the report and will give a clear chit.

sm,  October 16, 2010  

BK Chowla,,,

sm,  October 16, 2010  


Amrit October 17, 2010  


That is new style from you...keep me wondering for few min. Excellent article...you made your point very clear.

NRIGirl October 17, 2010  

Though I am not into any politics, local, national or international, it gives an insight into how things could be shown out of proportion when we don't speak up.

Quiet enjoyed the post and strong comments from fellow blogger.

Keep it going!

~ NRIGirl

sm,  October 17, 2010  


Haddock October 17, 2010  

All said and done, let us wait and see now what be done to the actual corrupt people.

sm,  October 17, 2010  

yes lets wait and see how the big corrupt fish is saved