23 October 2010

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CVC Findings – Initial CVC Report on CWG, corruption common wealth games 2010

CVC Findings – Initial CVC Report on CWG, corruption common wealth games 2010

The Central Vigilance Commission probing the Commonwealth Games has found a range of discrepancies including a cost over-run of over 200 per cent on the rental of temporary fittings and installations.

The CVC has also spotted wasteful expenses like fencing for the Noida Expressway. Material was bought to cordon off the road from spectators.
But since all approach roads to the venues were blocked, the money was wasted.

The Commission also found prices in some cases were highly unjustified like
•over Rs 8 lakhs spent on per treadmill

•Rs 1 lakh per door

•Garbage bags ordered at Rs 4 each from one firm, the same bags for Rs 3000 from another

•unused overlays include water dispensers that were hired at 32 thousand rupees

Work known as overlays work was to be carried out across 62 venues for about 590 items.
The initial estimate for these works was estimated at Rs 221 crores.
But it was hiked 200 per cent to Rs 668 crores.
No proper negotiations happened and suffered loss of more than 150 or 200 crores.

cupboards that could have been ordered at Rs 8342 to be put up at the back of the flats, were hired from the same company at Rs 15,764 a piece for the front.

Small refrigerator ordered at Rs 21,030 for back of the house, was hired for Rs 38, 261 for front of the house.

Office chairs priced at Rs 1318 to be put up at the back of the house, were hired for Rs 4591.

Following 4 companies got the contract, and OC paid them money, the government of India gave this money to OC as a loan.

•M/S Pico Deepali Overlays consortium

•Delhi, M/S Nussli (Switzerland) Ltd

•Switzerland, M/S ESAJV: D ART: Indo Consortium, New Delhi

•M/S GL - Meroform France

The CVC report says that twelve concrete samples taken from the upgraded two stadiums failed to meet the 28-day strength test.
The CVC report also finds that at least two stadiums failed quality tests but reports were tampered to show the contrary.

In flyover projects concrete core samples taken failed to meet the requirement of strength.
Specialized items of Aluminium and acoustic panes used were of inferior quality to what was agreed upon.
The monthly inspection report on quality of work was never prepared.

The Income Tax (I-T) department investigating the broadcasting rights appears to have found that London based SIS Live was given the Rs 246 crore contract by Prasar Bhrati, despite doubts over its legal status.

CVC asked CBI to probe any criminal conspiracy angle in award of certain Games-related projects.

The Income Tax department is now investigating the matter on whether Prasar Bharti favored the British company.

It is alleged that the registration number of SIS Live was forged and that the company had no valid service tax number - both a pre-requisite for the bidding process.

Under four invoices cleared so far an amount of Rs. 147.6 crore i.e. 60% of Contract value of Rs. 246 crore has been paid by PB to M/s SIS Live
It is important to mention that still 40 per cent payment is to be made and 10 per cent performance guarantee is also with Prasar Bharati.
Thus, 50% of the amount is still with Prasar Bharti.

SIS Live is a partnership formed under English law by SIS and its subsidiary SIS Outside Broadcasts Limited in order to provide outside broadcasting services.
The firm was a consortium at the time of bidding and later with proper legal advice they were permitted to become "Partnership Firm" before contract.

The need is that Indian media should high light the names of owners of these above companies, with their photographs and interviews.
Let the Indians know who is owner of these companies.

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Saturday, October 23, 2010


chitra October 23, 2010  

Tread mills for 8 lakhs and small fridges for 21K+ really shocking and door for 1 lakh. What kind of door with silver frame?

Arti October 23, 2010  

The costs you have mentioned are downright ridiculous... The culprits must be punished after a thorough probe is done...

Amrit October 23, 2010  

This is really amazing. But I still don't think anyone will be punished.

SM October 23, 2010  


SM October 23, 2010  

Our laws are defective , which enable the corruption legally using loopholes.

sm,  October 24, 2010  

Yes i agree with you.
Big fish will not get punishment.

radha October 25, 2010  

I heard that actual costs for building/roadlaying projects is 30%. Guess what happens to the 70%

sm,  October 25, 2010  


shenoyjoseph October 30, 2010  

we have to rectify the corruption in india

sm,  October 30, 2010  


Anonymous,  February 09, 2011  

Corruption is everywhere and I hope one day it disappears...
I saw on the news in my hotel in Palermo that every country is facing that.

sm,  February 09, 2011