06 September 2010

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Part Two - Short Biography of Nadeem Shravan with their copied or inspired songs list –

Part Two - Short Biography of Nadeem Shravan with their copied or inspired songs list –

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Monday, September 06, 2010

Part one - Short Biography of Nadeem Shravan with their copied or inspired songs list –

Part 2 - Below is the list of their copied or inspired songs list

Movie Name - Gumnaam
Song Name - Mohobbat se ziada
Copied from original Song – Barre bemurawwat' from movie Badnaam

Movie Name - Kasoor
Song Name - Dil mera tod diya
Copied from original Song – 'Woh mera ho na saka' by noor jehan

Movie Name - Kal ki awaaz
Song Name - Tumhari nazron
Copied from original Song – 'Hamari saanson' from Pakistani film, 'Mere Hazoor

Movie Name - Tumse acha kaun hai
Song Name - Door wadiyon (Ek chehra)
Copied from original Song – Lebanese singer Nawal El Zoghbi's song 'El layali'.

Movie Name - Jeena sirf mere liye
Song Name - Mujko milgaya
Copied from original Song – Pakistani song, 'Yeh ranginiye nau bahar'.

Movie Name - Junoon
Song Name - Jo mere dil mein
Copied from original Song – my favourite things from movie sound of music

Movie Name - Judai
Song Name - Mujhe ek pal
Copied from original Song – sanu ek pal by Nusrat Fateh ali

Movie Name - Zamana Deewana
Song Name - O rabba
Copied from original Song – Chahe duniya ho khafa, from Pakistani movie Noukar

Movie Name - Raja hindustani
Song Name - Kitna pyara tujhe
Copied from original Song – 'kinna sona' by Nusrat Fateh ali

Movie Name - Rang
Song Name - Coming Coming
Copied from original Song – Culture Club's Karma Chameleon

Movie Name - raja
Song Name - Nazren Mili Dil Dhadka
Copied from original Song – come September move theme song

Movie Name - Bekhudi
Song Name - Mujhe kya pata
Copied from original Song – Nahi kuch pata from Pakistani movie Basera

Movie Name - Himmatvar
Song Name - Kitni Chaahat Chupaaye
Copied from original Song – 'Dil mein toofan chupaaye baitha hoon' from Pakistani movie naiki baddi

Movie Name - Hum Hain raahi pyaar ke
Song Name - Yoonhi kat jaayega
Copied from original Song – Demis Roussos's song Lovely lady of Arcadia


Rahul,  September 06, 2010  


Amrit September 06, 2010  

Good one once more. But I could not less for NS

Samvedna September 06, 2010  

I liked his melodies, but when he was the accused in murder case, I didnt want to listen to him.

Neha September 06, 2010  

there is nothing more to say here!!

sm,  September 07, 2010  

yes i also feel same way when I listen these songs.

sm,  September 07, 2010  


chitra September 07, 2010  

I know the old melodies , the ever green ones but somewhere lost touch with new ones, interest changed. So do not much about it. Thanks for sharing.

Urmi September 07, 2010  

Very nice and excellent post.

sm,  September 08, 2010  


sm,  September 08, 2010  


NS fan,  November 15, 2010  

we love NS....... :)-

NS fan,  November 15, 2010  

NS r human, nt Angel..... :)-

NS fan,  November 15, 2010  

Nadeem ji was innocent. nothing can stop our love for NS.
WE love NS......

sm,  November 15, 2010  

NS fan,,