29 September 2010

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Maharashtra - Female from Nandurbar District Becomes First to get First UID Card called as Aadhar

Maharashtra - Female from Nandurbar District Becomes First to get First UID Card called as Aadhar

The First UID Card Number was Issued in Maharashtra under UID project in Tembhli village of Maharashtra's Nandurbar district Located on the borders of Maharashtra, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.
Nandurbar has 68 per cent tribal population.

The 'Aadhaar' (base) number will ease these difficulties in identification, by providing a nationally valid and verifiable single source of identity proof."

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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Unique Identification Number (UID) card are called as ‘Aadhar’

Meaning of Aadhar –
Aadhar means helping a person who is unable to help himself. Aadhar is not right it is help.
Like if rich person is feeding poor people then it will be said that
Rich person is giving Aadhar to the poor people.

Again this shows the mentality of Indian politicians.
This is our right, we are not beggars , and how can you call it an Aadhar.
This clearly shows that the card is given as a help and not as a right.

Don’t you think to get an identification number is a fundamental right of every Indian.
So how can you call it an Aadhar.

Ranjana Sonawane became the first in the country to receive the Unique Identification Number (UID) card at a ceremony.

What is the Aadhar, UID card number of Ranjana Sonawane?

Number 782474317884
is UID, AADHAR card of the Ranjana Sonawane who became first to get the UID card number.
That will be Rajana Sonawane’s Identity proof throughout her life

After a person is allotted an UID number, his/her identity linked to biometrics would be established to uniquely identify the person.

The UID number would authenticate the identity claim of a person and would have wide-ranging applications during the person's lifetime.
Five women and three children were among the ten tribals who received the Unique Identification Number in Tembhli village in Nandurbar, Maharashtra
Tembhali, with a population of about 1,098 become the first 'Aadhar village' in the country. This village got the electricity last week only .

The 12-digit Aadhar number will be mandatory for all government schemes and serve as a unique identification number for each citizen.

Aadhaar (the UID number) is not mandatory.
People can choose not to get an Aadhar card , Aadhar number.
As getting this number is not compulsory possibility is that this project will find it very difficult to become successful.
An Aadhaar card does not establish citizenship of India, it is meant for identification.
Authorized individuals, who already have an Aadhaar, can introduce residents who don't possess any documents to establish their identity to enable them to receive their Aadhaar.
Aadhar will not replace other identification documents such as ration card or passport.
Residents of India have an option to link their UID number to their bank accounts.

How to get Aadhaar , UID Card?

To get UID number residents will have to go to the nearest Aadhaar enrollment centre details of which will be published in the local news papers or media.
Residents will have to carry along certain documents, mentioned in the advertisement. Residents will also be photographed and have their fingerprints and iris scanned. The Aadhaar numbers will be issued within 20-30 days.

The draft National Identification Authority of India bill has provisions against impersonation, providing false information and for protection of personal information collected by the UIDAI. Violations can attract penalties in the form of fines of up to Rs 1 crore and imprisonment extending up to a life term.

The UID project, headed by Nandan Nilekani, is aimed at documenting the profile of every individual across the nation.
The UID programme is likely to be completed in state by March 2012. The target for entire country is 2014.

UIDAI will generate a random number , this number will not take into account the caste, creed or religion or geography of the person.

According to the government, each person from the BPL category will get Rs 100 as an incentive for enrolling to the scheme.
A 100-rupee (2 US dollar) incentive was on offer for people to sign up for the scheme

Nandan Nilekani, chairman of India’s Unique Identification Authority, assembled an elite group of software engineers and biometric experts to build a system that could issue unique 12-digit numbers to all the country’s 1.2 billion people, based on fingerprints and iris scans.

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Bikramjit Singh Mann September 29, 2010  

as usual a good post, I hope people do enroll for this ...

All the best to the Govt for this ...

Bikram's Blog

Amrit September 29, 2010  

Very informative post. Just like European countries we will have an ID card..not bad..but a big task.

Arti September 29, 2010  

Good read...
Very informative

SG September 29, 2010  

I think this is somewhat similar to Social Security Card in USA. Then, it should be given to all the people.

Usha September 29, 2010  

Good to know about this program..They could have named UID card with more appropriate name.

This has to be compulsory program. UID project will do wonders in India ,if captured correctly for maximum Indian residents. Govt. will need to draft many rules and give high power to this identification number.

Are they planning to link persons criminal background to UID number?

sm,  September 29, 2010  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,

sm,  September 29, 2010  


sm,  September 29, 2010  

UID number is not compulsory.
UID NUMBER WILL NOT BE LINKED to criminal background.
It is not compulsory for any government machinery to use the facilities given by UID it will depend on that Minister.
But this project is the need of the hour.
will benefit next generations.

BK Chowla, September 30, 2010  

Any reason that NANDUBAR was chosen?

Anonymous,  September 30, 2010  

If a job applicant gives their UID number, I believe a company (potential employer) will be able search for their medical history, previous employment records, caste and economic status, loans taken, membership of societies/parties/clubs, and so on. If government doesnt provide these, some private parties will come up and sell it. Soon there will be ways to find UID given phone number or email address.

Also, when this Sonawane person's UID is published in full, what does it mean ? I think it is unfair to them and may subject them to impersonation and so on.

I have not seen any complete review of the security and privacy aspect of UID. I hope you will put up some research on that. Thank you for the informative posts.

SM September 30, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
everyone knows it is congress dominated area.

sm,  September 30, 2010  

Regarding UID first most important point is that UID is not compulsory for any person or any company in future if they make it compulsory then it will happen as u said.
Regarding security i will try to write a post.
Thanks for suggesting topic