20 September 2010

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List of songs copied or inspired by Indian Music Directors, Composers –

List of songs copied or inspired by Indian Music Directors, Composers –

Movie Name – Taj Mahal
Music Director - A R Rahman
Song Name - Karisal Tharisal
Copied from original Song – Diego's Goodbye' by James horner

Name – Vote for Ghaghra
Music Director - Ila Arun
Song Name - Vote for Ghaghra
Copied from original Song – Om we rembwe ike by Dr Alban

Movie Name – Thakshak
Music Director - A R Rahman
Song Name - Toofan Ki Raat
Copied from original Song – Paula Abdul's 'My Love Is For Real'

Name – Oi! Triesto
Music Director - sukhbir
Song Name - Oi! Triesto
Copied from original Song – La Colegiala by Rodolfo aicardi

Movie Name – Baazigar
Song Name - Kitabein bahut si
Copied from original Song – popcorn by gershon Kingsley

Name – Superuna
Music Director - Bappi Lahiri
Song Name - Pukaro
Copied from original Song – 'Malaika', by Miriam Makeba.

Name – Charkha
Music Director - Rohail Hyatt and Faisal Rafi
Song Name - Na jaanay kahan
Copied from original Song – Uninvited' by Alanis Morissette

Movie Name – Chalte Chalte
Song Name - Kabhi alvida Na kehna
Copied from original Song – German folk song (volksmusik)

Name – Devika
Music Director - Shehzad Hasan
Song Name - Intezar
Copied from original Song – Richard Marx's Hazard

Album Name – Dil ke tukde hazar hue
Music Director - Altaf Raja and Vishnu Deva
Song Name - Pehle to kabhi kabhi
Copied from original Song – Rahim Shah's song 'Ghum'

Movie Name – Yeh Kaisi Mohobbat
Music Director – Sandeep Chowta
Song Name - Tu yahan ha
copied from original Song – Nadeem Shravan's 'Adaayen bhi hai' from Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahin

Name – Sayesha
Music Director - Nadeem Saifi
Song Name - Jab koi pyar se
Copied from original Song – jab koi by mehdi hasan

Movie Name – Mast
Music Director - Sandeep Chowta
Song Name - Main tere dil ki mallika
Copied from original Song – 'Brazilian Love Song' also called as 'Andorinha Preta' composed originally by Breno Ferreira

Name – Anni Title Music Tamil Television serial
Song Name - Anni Title Music
Copied from original Song – Paul Mauriat's Mamy Blue

Movie Name – Murder
Music Director – Amir Jamal
Song Name - Kaho Na Kaho
Copied from original Song – Tamally Ma'ak by amr diab

Movie Name – Mr. Romeo
Music Director - A R Rahman
Song Name - Mellisaye
Copied from original Song – Bolero by Maurice ravel

Name – Mohabbat Karle
Music Director - Shiamak Davar
Song Name - Mohabbat Karle Re
Copied from original Song – Angelique Kidjo's song, 'Adouma'

Name – Junoon
Music Director - Jatin Sharma
Song Name - Mahi mahi mahiya
Copied from original Song – Ya ghali aliya' by wama

Name – Junoon
Music Director - Biddu
Song Name - Tanha
Copied from original Song – 'Nassini el donia' by ragheb alameh

Name – Hawa Hawa
Music Director - Hassan Jehangir
Song Name – hawa hawa
Copied from original Song – havar havar by kourosh yaghmai

Movie Name – Ullasam
Music Director - Karthikraja
Song Name - Cholaare
Copied from original Song – Rodolfo Aicardi's La Colegiala

Movie Name – Ullasam
Music Director - Karthikraja
Song Name - Veesum kaatrukku
Copied from original Song – 'Listen with your heart'! From Disney Pocahontas

Movie Name – Ullasam
Music Director - Karthikraja
Song Name - Yaaro yar yaaro
Copied from original Song – Mahler's Fourth Symphony

Movie Name – Naam iruvar namakku iruvar
Music Director - Karthikraja
Song Name - Hello enthan kaadhala
Copied from original Song – 'Buenos Aires' from movie Evita

Name – Na Jaane
Music Director - Harry Anand, Vipin Anand, Nitin Bali
Song Name - Na Jaane
Copied from original Song – Je T'aime' by the French composer Serge Gainsbourg

Movie Name – Pyar tune kya kiya
Music Director - Sandeep Chowta
Song Name - Pyar tune kya kiya
Copied from original Song – Regan's theme from the OST the movie Exorcist II

Movie Name – Pyar tune kya kiya
Music Director - Sandeep Chowta
Song Name - Raundhe hain
Copied from original Song – Vampire hunters from movie Bram Stroker's Dracula'

Movie Name – Pyar tune kya kiya
Music Director - Sandeep Chowta
Song Name - Khambakt ishq
Copied from original Song – 'Eireann' by Afro Celt

Name – Story of UMI
Music Director - Harry Anand
Song Name - Yalla Yalla
Copied from original Song – 'Yalla ya shabab' by Ragheb Alama

Movie Name – Laaga Chunari mein daag
Song Name - Hum to aise hai bhaiyya
Copied from original Song – Calypso hit 'Mary Ann

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Monday, September 20, 2010


Anwin September 20, 2010  

Ha ha ha... I've always known this, but I was never able to find the original songs. Great post :-)

Sathish Chandrasekaran (சதீஷ் சந்திரசேகரன்) September 20, 2010  

Veesum kaatrukku is one of my fav numbers but its sad to find out that it was also a copied tune :(

AS September 20, 2010  

thats sad :(

but why do everyone blames Anu Malik then?? everyone is a 'chor' :P

sm,  September 20, 2010  


sm,  September 20, 2010  


sm,  September 20, 2010  

R. Ramesh,,

sm,  September 20, 2010  

good question and you gave the answer also.

Amrit September 21, 2010  

Even ARR copies....that is not good.

Anonymous,  May 05, 2011  

I can't find any match of karisal tharisal by AR Rahman to the Mask of Zorro theme....

sm,  May 05, 2011  


Anonymous,  August 16, 2011  

Akila Akila from Nerukku Ner is a copy of Buffalo Soldiers.

Anonymous,  February 13, 2012  

Wonder how people like AR Rahman's monotonous computer generated music....

Anonymous,  April 07, 2012  

Dai mundakalappa. Moodu da

Anonymous,  May 27, 2012  

Some of your copied tunes are ridiculously mismatched.
And some are as far from the truth as chalk from cheese. Like Paula Abdul's song was produced in 2007 where as Rahman's Thakshak in 1999. If you're suggesting, Rahman came forward in time to copy her music and go back.
And Maurice Ravel was a classical compositions. The notes from that are used to produce the song in question.

Of course I wouldn't expect unpatriotic, illiterates like you to understand that. But please bother checking on the facts before accusing great achievers who have bought laurels to the nation because if there was any truth to this, you would be there. Not writing sad posts like this.

SM June 03, 2012  


May be I am not as intelligent as you but please try check your knowledge.

My Love Is for Real" is the first single from the 1995 Paula Abdul album, Head over Heels.
The song was reconstructed by dance group Strike in 1996. The song was written by Paula Abdul and Rhett Lawrence.

You yourself say that Rahmans Thakshak song year 1999.
So who copied or inspired from whom I think you will understand.

Anonymous,  August 09, 2012  

great post.... need more like dis

Unknown May 17, 2016  

Because his most of the song is inspired from some other songs

Unknown May 17, 2016  

I think justin bieber's love yourself's background music is also copied. Is it?