03 August 2010

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Rajya Sabha on Sale – India is on Sale – Votes of MLAs are on Sale

Rajya Sabha on Sale – India is on Sale – Votes of MLAs are on Sale
Is it not rape of Indian democracy?

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, August 03, 2010

CNN-IBN and Cobrapost exposed the reality of India.
Votes of MLAs during Rajya Sabha elections in Jharkhand are bought and sold to ensure the victory of a particular candidate.

An IBN-Cobrapost investigation has found that MLAs from various political parties in the state take money to vote for a particular candidate during elections.

CNN-IBN and Cobrapost conducted a joint sting operation which exposed
Jharkhand MLAs who were willing to take as little as Rs 50 lakh to sell their votes in Rajya Sabha polls

Rajesh Ranjan, Congress MLA in Jharkhand, has a price: Rs one crore.
Ranjan will sell his vote to elect a Rajya Sabha candidate for that money.
Ranjan, MLA from Mahagama, met our undercover reporter and quoted his price to vote for a Rajya Sabha candidate.
He didn't even know who the candidate was.
Ranjan claimed he could even buy Rajendra Singh, leader of the Congress in the Assembly. “Add Rajender Singh's name to the list. He is the leader of the Congress legislature party. If we take him into confidence, it will help,” he said.
Having sold himself Ranjan offered to act as a broker and claimed he can get nine more Congress MLAs to vote for our candidate. “I have spoken to the MLAs. Keep their packets of Rs 50 lakhs (each) ready. You can hand the cash packets personally to them this evening.”

Capital Hotel –
In Room number 404 of Capital Hotel, Ranjan introduced the reporter to two more Congress MLAs, Sawan Lakda and Yogender Sahu.
“We are united--what our MLA (Ranjan) has committed to, will be done. No need to discuss again,” said Ladka. Ranjan then confirms again that the MLAs will be paid Rs 50 lakhs each for their votes.
In discussion with reporter he even told the names of politicians whom he can manage for the reporter.
Gopalnath Sahdev, Anant Pratap, Saurabh Narayan., Yogendra Sahu, Mannan Malik, Sawan Lakda, Banna Gupta, Geeti Shri, Sarfaraz Ahmad
A total of 10 MLAs.
He even promised that he will get vote of Independent candidates like Geeta Koda, wife of former chief minister Madhu Koda, who is in jail in connection with corruption cases.

BJP MLA Uma Shankar Akela from Barhi in Jharkhand he is also ready to sell his vote.
Akela straight away asks how much money he will be paid to vote for a particular candidate. When he learns that the amount can be between Rs 50 lakh to 1 crore, he also asks for a car.
Akela says that he has a group of 10 to 12 (MLAs) and assures that they won't break up. "If we vote it will be as a group of 12.

Tek Lal Mahto is a MLA belonging to Jharkhand Mukti Morcha (JMM)
Now Mahto is willing to sell his vote, to further his own interests.
When the reporter asks Mahto how many MLAs can be arranged, he replied four of five. Mahto also demanded more than Rs 1 crore for just one vote for a Rajya Sabha candidate.
JMM leader Simon Marandi tells the reported to keep Rs 2 crore ready and adds that he will try to get others along. He says that he wants Rs 2 crore just for himself.
Both Marandi and Mahto are MLAs of the Jharkhand Mukti Morcha and agree to sell their votes.

"It is completely illegal to buy your way through the Rajya Sabha.
Selling vote is a bigger crime than the terror attack.
It is nothing but war and crime against India.
The politicians who sell their vote should be given capital punishment.

India's Chief Election Commissioner SY Quraishi has also assured action against those involved. Quraishi said that the Election Commission will seek legal opinion on the way forward.

This again proves that Indian laws are useless and toothless and every political party is corrupt in India.

Please watch out our media news channels how many times show this news and compare this with the news of females where sex is involved then it may be a news of prostitutes or bar girls who dance for the food and education and medicine family.

Demand capital punishment for these politicians.


chitra August 03, 2010  

I was also watching this yesterday.From where does all this money come.Isn't it our money?

sm,  August 03, 2010  


BK Chowla, August 03, 2010  

This is the true colour of our leaders

Amrit August 04, 2010  

No words for me to say. Level of corruption is beyond imagination. Leaders leading in corruption...

sm,  August 04, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

deeps August 04, 2010  

here is one of the sms that i sent to my friends now:
Q: Heard about the terrorist that hijacked a
747 full of politicians? A: He threatened
to release one every hour if his demands werent met!

Neha August 04, 2010  

corruption ek din India ko le dubega!!

sm,  August 04, 2010  

thanks.yes no words.

sm,  August 04, 2010  

Add the answer please,
as soon as demand will come politicians will sale the motherland to save skin, or will offer him political seat in parliament that is chair of cm or pm.

sm,  August 04, 2010  


sm,  August 06, 2010  

The Jharkhand administration filed FIRs against the MLAs caught on camera trying to sell their votes during the Rajya Sabha elections.
The FIR has been lodged against Jharkhand Mukti Morcha's Tek Lal Mahto and Simon Marandi along with Bharatiya Janata Party's Umashankar Akela and Rajesh Ranjan of the Congress.

rahul,  August 18, 2010  

corruption is beyond imagination