31 August 2010

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Comparison of countries ,Capacity of Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear fuel and liability. Rajya Sabha passed Nuclear liability Bill -

Comparison of countries ,Capacity of Nuclear Reactors, Nuclear fuel and liability.
Rajya Sabha passed Nuclear liability Bill -

Reality views by sm –
Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Currently Majority nations are using or trying to use or get electricity from nuclear fuel as an additional source of energy.

USA , Japan and France these three nations are leading in the production of nuclear fuel energy and efficient use of nuclear reactor and production of fuel.

Currently India got 19 operational , working nuclear reactors and its total generating capacity is only 4,560 MW.
Thus, average capacity of a nuclear reactor in India is 240 MW.

In comparison, USA generates 100,683 MW from 104 reactors,
An average of 968 MW per reactor.

India average per reactor capacity = 240 MW
USA average per reactor capacity = 968 MW

Why our Indian Nuclear Reactors Produce less energy ?

Currently France got 53 working ,operational nuclear reactors producing 63,130 MW

France is leading nation regarding the production of electricity from the nuclear reactors it gets 75% of the total electricity generated from nuclear fuel.

Regarding USA , USA only generates 20% of electricity from nuclear fuel.

India - in 2009, 2.2% of the total electricity generated came from nuclear fuel.

Nuclear Accident and Damages , Compensation a short view –

Regarding nuclear liability and accidents many nations limit the liability of private operator .

Politicians and law makers accept or bend before the private players for party funds or personal gains or whatever reasons.
But exception is Japan and Germany.

In Japan and Germany the liability of private companies is not limited.

Japan law says that government of Japan will help the private the nuclear operator only if the private nuclear operator is unable financially to pay all the damages .
Simple words this means if Nuclear Power Company or operator becomes beggar only then government of Japan will help them otherwise law will do its job and see that private nuclear company pays all the dues and damages .

In Germany there is no such law , further both nations are leading in the use of nuclear reactors.

Regarding damages in USA they got many laws including insurance damage , but they got one another law, unique law.
They have created a special fund under the Price-Anderson Nuclear Industries Indemnity Act (commonly called the Price-Anderson Act) passed in 1957 and these funds can be used to pay additional compensation which insurance companies do not pay.
It is compulsory for every nuclear operator company to fund to this special fund .
Each reactor company is obliged to contribute up to $111.9 million in the event of an accident.
It is said that currently this fund is more than $11.6 billion.
But this law is also not perfect has problems.

Best law regarding nuclear damage is followed by Germany and Japan.

It is reported that china has only 11 nuclear reactors but currently china has started to build new 23 nuclear reactors with a total generation capacity of 23,620 MW
Very soon in this area also china will be in top five nations which are using nuclear fuel.

In India at which places nuclear fuel is produced ?

Currently all reactors in India are operated by the government controlled NPCIL (Nuclear Power Corporation of India Limited).

Tarapur is the largest nuclear power station in India. It began commercial operations in October, 1969.
Tarapur Atomic Power Station (TAPS) is located in district Thane in Maharashtra. With a total capacity of 1,400 MW

The Rajasthan Atomic Power Station (RAPS) with 6 reactors has a capacity of 1,180 MW
Additional capacity is under construction at Kudankulam (2 x 1,000 MW) and Kaiga (1 x 220 MW).

On August 25 Lower house passed Civil Liability for the Nuclear Damages Bill, 2010 .
Now Upper house has also passed this bill .
Opening up of the nuclear commerce would increase India nuclear power capacity but I just hope the electricity produced by private operators will be cheap and will reach to the Indian Villages.
Otherwise it will be produced and consumed by politicians and city people only ,keeping our Indian villages in black .

Few important points regarding
Civil Liability for the Nuclear Damages Bill, 2010

This Civil Liability for the Nuclear Damages Bill, 2010 is based on American nuclear damage policies.
The special fund will be created regarding damages and compensation.
Operator’s liability is Rs.1500 crore along with the 300 million dollar Special Drawing Rights (SDR)
The victims can claim damages up to 20 years.


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Destination Infinity May 31, 2011  

I too had the same doubt - why the average power produced per nuclear reactor is less in India?

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