28 July 2010

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Part One Fake Encounter by Gujarat Police - who was Sohrabuddin Sheikh

Full Story - Part One - Sohrabuddin Sheikh - Fake Encounter by Gujarat Police - who was Sohrabuddin Sheikh ?

Do not see this case as a Muslim murder, this is what politicians want.
We Indians must learn to see and act as an Indian is murdered by Police
Whatever may happen in India good news or bad news first question people ask or think what is the caste or religion of that person?
Is it not enough he is Indian or Indian was murdered ?

Now Political parties will start blame game, please do not be fooled and pay attention that guilty is punished.
Always remember every political party is criminal in India no party is innocent or honest.

Sohrabuddin [age 38] was criminal belonged to Jharnia village in Madhya Pradesh.
He operated in Udaipur, Ahmedabad and Ujjain.

Sohrabuddin was killed by the Gujarat police in a fake encounter on November 26, 2005. None other than the Gujarat government has accepted this before the Supreme Court. The Gujarat government's lawyer A T S Tulsi told the court, 'The preliminary inquiry has found that it was a fake encounter.'

The sensational admission by the government itself has been intriguing because Vanzara was known as a favourite officer of Chief Minister Narendra Modi and state Home Minister Amit Shah.

The Gujarat police arrested its Deputy Inspector General (Border Range) D G Vanzara and Rajkumar Pandian, superintendent of police with the Intelligence Bureau, and M N Dinesh Kumar (Rajasthan police) on the charge of murdering Sohrabuddin Sheikh.

Who was Kausar Bi?
Kausar Bi was the wife of Sohrabuddin who was also murdered by police.
Kausar Bi, her real name is Shehnabi

Who was Tusli Prajapati?
Prajapati was considered to be a key witness in Sohrabuddin fake shootout case. He was also killed in a shooutout in Gujarat in December 2006.

How Tusli Prajapati was murdered?
Prajapati had written several letters to his family from jail warning that he was receiving death threats from policemen in Rajasthan and Gujarat
He died a fortnight before the police was meant to record his testimony in the Sohrabuddin case.
His death has been acknowledged by the Gujarat police as another fake encounter.

He was brought to Gujarat for hearing in a case. While on his way back, Prajapati tried to escape from custody by throwing chili powder in the eyes of the accompanying policemen, but was killed.

in August 2009, an Ahmedabad metropolitan court ruled that the 2004 killing of young college girl Ishrat Sheikh and three others suspected to be on a mission to 'kill' Narendra Modi, which was also led by DIG Vanzara, was a case of 'fake encounter' by the police.

Mumbai college student Ishrat Jahan, allegedly killed in a fake encounter in Gujarat in June 2004, was kept in the same farmhouse as Kauserbi before they were killed in November 2005. This was disclosed to the CBI by Rajesh Jirawala, the owner of Arham farmhouse on the outskirts of Ahmedabad

Sohrabuddin and his wife started their journey with other 40 passengers,
His bus stopped at 1 am near the Tadola village in Bidar, 20 kilometres short of the Andhra-Karnataka border.
The driver, Misbouddin, says that four men who were not in uniform introduced themselves as policemen.
Each had a gun. They walked straight upto Seats 29 and 30.
They left with three of Misbouddin's passengers in a car with an Andhra license plate.

As the bus continued its journey, those three passengers were taken by the Gujarat police to a farmhouse on the outskirts of Ahmedabad.

Just after Sheikh got killed, his wife Kausar Bi had gone missing.
Rubabuddin, Sohrabuddin's brother, had filed a petition in the Supreme Court claiming that the Gujarat police's encounter was fake and he wanted to know where his sister-in-law Kausar Bi was.
After the Supreme Court's intervention, an inquiry was ordered in March 2007, which eventually forced the Gujarat government to admit in court that it was a fake encounter, and that it was further investigating its officers in the case.

11th August 2009
The Supreme Court asked the Gujarat government to pay Rs.1 million in ex-gratia to the mother and three brothers of Sohrabuddin Sheikh, who was wrongly branded a terrorist and killed by police in a staged shootout in 2005.
Compensation is not enough to teach a lesson to white collar criminals.
Minimum compensation amount should be Ten Crore Rupees, and should be recovered from the white collar criminals by making them beggars by selling their properties if necessary by selling their organs.

Once again this proves that if common man wants justice in India he has to go to Supreme Court of India.
Corruption is our Religion.

[Facts not proven or doubtful] Few People even say that –
He was a police informer who became a deceitful and unreliable others claim that
He was an extortionist who had angered influential people in the builder lobby in Gujarat and the marble lobby in Rajasthan.
Few say he was a terrorist.

The 2007 Gujarat Fake Encounter Controversy started when the police of Gujarat state admitted on March 23, 2007 to the killing of an alleged extortionist
"Sohrabuddin Sheikh" in a staged gun battle
(Such battles are known as an "encounter killings" in India) on November 26, 2005
That time police said that he belonged to Pakistan Linked terrorist group Lashkar-e-Toiba and was planning to murder Gujarat chief minister Narendra Modi.
The government also admitted that Sohrabuddin's innocent wife Kausarbi had been killed by the police and her body burnt in an attempt to remove the traces of the crime.
Gujarat Police in an action-taken-report before the apex court has admitted that Kauser Bi was killed and her body was burnt a few days after her husband Sohrabddin was killed in a fake encounter.

The CID report says Sohrabudin and Kausar, along with a possible third victim, Tulsiram Prajapati, were intercepted in a bus going from Hyderabad to Sangli by Gujarat ATS and Rajasthan police officers late on November 22 night.
The couple were then kept locked in a room of the farmhouse called Disha at Jamiyatpura on the outskirts of Gandhinagar, owned by a certain Girish Patel — also a witness in the Johri report — from Nov 24 to 25.
After Sohrabuddin was taken away, Kausar Bi was removed from the farmhouse on the morning of November 26 on the request of the owner. She was last seen in a white Maruti car with plainclothes policemen from Gujarat, the report says.

"Then, the police officers feared that Kausar Bi would spill the beans. She might have been eliminated. No one knows what happened to her.
Tulsi was let off at that time, as he was an informer of Vanzara. But when newspapers started reporting the fake encounter, expectedly, the news about Tulsi being killed also came out. He was also killed in an encounter in Banaskantha district," Banaskantha district falls under Vanzara's jurisdiction.

CID investigators are silent on abuse and on how she died. The report is in four parts, based on preliminary investigations between September 2006 to January 2007.
May be she was raped , is it not possible ?

The report on the Gujarat fake encounter killings submitted by Inspector General of Police Geetha Johri speaks of "the collusion of State government in the form of Amit Shah, MOS for Home." It says the episode "makes a complete mockery of the rule of law and is perhaps an example of the involvement of State government in a major crime."
Ironically, while the Gujarat government has been resisting a CBI investigation into the murder of three innocent persons by a team of police officers and policemen belonging to the Gujarat and Rajasthan police, the Johri report firmly recommends it: "The entire enquiry should at once be entrusted to the CBI."

A statement by Constable Ajay Parmar, who said he was present when Sohrabuddin was shot, says: "On November 26 at 4 am, Anti-Terrorism Squad officers from Gujarat, including DG Vanzara and RK Pandayan, and Rajasthan Superintendent of Police MN Dinesh ,were present at a place between Ahmedabad circle and Vishala circle toll points.
The report says: "constable Ajay Parmar was asked to bring a Hero Honda motorcycle lying in the backyard of an ATS office here.
Sohrabudin was also brought here.
A sub-inspector of Rajasthan police rode the bike for a short distance and jumped off it.
As it fell, Sohrabuddin was pulled out of the car and thrown on the road.
Four police inspectors fired eight rounds from their service pistols.
Vanzara then asked Parmar to take Sohrabuddin to the civil hospital."

The fake Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter story continues –

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010


BK Chowla, July 28, 2010  

It is a very sensitive subject.Irrespective of his background, the way cbi is going about this case does not sound fair

chitra July 28, 2010  

I was wondering, though the media is agog with news about this case. Memory is short lived I had forgotten wha had really happened . Thanks for the info.shall wait for more.

sm,  July 28, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

sm,  July 28, 2010  


Maya August 01, 2010  

from what i have heard their name had figured in headley's interrogation and they were really planning some terror attack or something

monty,  August 01, 2010  

i cant say that encounter is real or fake bt Sohrabuddin Sheikh deserves it...
boz i saw his terror in udaipur,rajasthan

sm,  August 01, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,,
He was a criminal but in India no one is allowed to murder a person by doing plan.

sm,  August 01, 2010  

It was a real fake encounter and this is accepted my Gujarat government before Supreme Court of India.

Madhav November 02, 2010  

Wow again superb analysis...

Are you press reporter?