01 July 2010

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Sharad Pawar Becomes ICC President Do you think Sharad Pawar should resign from post of Agriculture, union minister in the Indian government?

Sharad Pawar Becomes ICC President Do you think Sharad Pawar should resign from post of Agriculture, union minister in the Indian government?

Reality Views by sm –
Thursday, July 01, 2010

Sharad Pawar becomes the ICC president for next 2 years.
The term of ICC president is for 2 years.

Sharad Pawar is seventy year old Indian politician.
Pawar is the second Indian to head the ICC after Jag Mohan Dalmiya, who was at the helm from 1997 to 2000. Pawar is the seventh ICC President, succeeding Englishman David Morgan who concluded his two year term.
From 2008 Sharad Pawar was working as a vice president of ICC.
Pawar becomes the president at a time when Indian subcontinent will organize the World Cup 2011.
Sharad Pawar served as the BCCI president between 2005 and 2008.

The question is now can Sharad Pawar do the justice to his both jobs that is
Job One - Union Minister, Minister for Agriculture
Job Two - President of ICC

Both jobs require full time attention, furthermore he is old and he does not have cricket knowledge. The quality he got is nothing but sweet talking which is used by Indian politicians. Do the sweet talking and forget about performance and frauds.

Working as an assistant is always different, leading is different.
We have witnessed how in India prices of food items are rising and government
Failed to stop the price rise.
Even warehouses for food items in India are used for storing of wine or something else and food items are kept outside warehouse.
In this type of corruption, fraud I have not read anyone was punished in India.
BCCI failed to stop the corruption or fraud or whatever you call it which happened in the IPL tournament matches in last season.

Do you think the job of Union Minister is part time or ICC job is part time?
No, both jobs are full time and need 24 hours of attention.

Why do we blame when cricketers do advertisements while playing cricket matches
If cricket players are not allowed to do part time extra job, why then head of the ICC or cricket board is allowed to do two full time jobs.

The time has come ICC should frame rules and regulations regarding the age, experience for the post of ICC president.

Everyone in India knows how much time he spends for the cause of his agriculture ministry in India.
Even one has to look his attendance at the ICC meetings in the past.
ICC meetings generally last two days. Two full days.
Now I am sure Sharad Pawar will bring ICC head office to Mumbai or Delhi so he can attend the ICC meetings. Once it was in London, now it is in Dubai and next step is Mumbai or Delhi.
In 2005 ICC head office was shifted to Dubai from London.
In 2011/2012 ICC head office shits to Mumbai forever.

Sharad Pawar is an intelligent person. He will do the justice to the ICC; ICC will not suffer any losses.

But what about Agriculture Ministry, in India politicians do not have any accountability regarding their role and duties.

Agriculture ministry will suffer and Indian population will suffer.
Now time has come Sharad Pawar should make his daughter a cabinet,union minister and he should resign from the post of Agriculture Minister for the love of India and for the love of cricket.


Anonymous,  July 01, 2010  

No matter we think or not the reality is He is now ICC president and will be Agriculture minister too.

chitra July 01, 2010  

Stopping by to say Hi ...take care.

BK Chowla, July 01, 2010  

Hope he will devote some time in the ministry too

sm,  July 01, 2010  

yes he will keep both jobs

sm,  July 01, 2010  


sm,  July 01, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
yes lets hope he will pay attention.

Bikramjit Singh Mann July 02, 2010  

Ah well we all know he should, cause no way he can do both .. but the problem is WILL he ... I doubt it . NO one in his position would do it.

SO He is not going to leave either of them... money and more money is the motto of our people...

lostworld July 02, 2010  

Only in India can a minister manage several portfolios when he/she isn't qualified for either ! :D

sm,  July 02, 2010  

Bikramjit Singh Mann,,
very well said
money and more money is the motto of our people...

sm,  July 03, 2010  


Update Gk July 06, 2010  

Recently Reddy brothers are in news as they wer under election commission scanner ..post an artcle on them..

sm,  July 06, 2010  

Update Gk,,
Reddy brothers, they are in news regarding illegal business.
Will try to write a article regarding that.

Admin July 08, 2010  

Well written. Hmm...yes, it looks as if money making is the main motive behind all these esteemed positions. Ultimately the decision has to be made by Mr. Pawar himself. Whether he wants to hold both the posts or not. And once he decides to quit one post, that will do a whole lot of good for him and hopefully for our country too :)

sm,  July 08, 2010