30 July 2010

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Part 2 - Fake Encounter, Sohrabuddin Sheikh Case - Who is Amit Shah?

Part 2 - Fake Encounter, Sohrabuddin Sheikh Case - Who is Amit Shah?

Amit shah is a politician from Gujarat who belongs to BJP, affiliated with the Bharatiya Janata Party.
He is 46 years old.

He was born rich. His father Anilchandra had left behind a bunch of share certificates of India's blue chip companies worth crores.
Before he turned fulltime politician he was a stockbroker and veteran of co-operative banks in Ahmedabad. E.g. chairman of the Ahmedabad District Cooperative Bank.
Before growing in the BJP he established himself in the co-operative banking sector, financial sector. If you will carefully see in Indian politics it’s necessary to control the financial organizations, companies.
His house in his native place is worth seeing for its architectural beauty.
Amit Shah was a Vishwa Hindu Parishad office bearer also.
He was a Home Minister in a Narendra Modi Gujarat Government.
He is currently under arrest as the prime accused for kidnapping and murder of Sohrabuddin Shaikh who was killed by the state police in a false encounter.
He is an important member of Chief Minister Narendra Modi's core group.

When Supreme Court of India ordered the investigation to be transferred to the Central Bureau of Investigation Only then was Amit Shah's involvement in the case revealed and he was eventually arrested.
The CBI has asked Amit Shah 37 questions on Sohrabuddin Sheikh's death. The CBI's questioning comes amid a wealth of revelations.

While handing over the case to the CBI, the state CID had deleted evidence linking Amit Shah in the case; ex-DGP OP Mathur, currently the director of the newly-created Raksha Shakti University of police sciences, has been indited for this criminal deletion of evidence
After the original records revealed that Amit Shah had made 331 calls to Vanzara and other police officers around that time, he was named as the prime accused in the case
Criminal lawyer Ram Jethmalani will be representing Amit Shah in the case
After his arrest, Shah was charge sheeted for murder, kidnapping and extortion. He was grilled by the CBI in Sabarmati Central Jail.

Gujarat cadre police Officer Geeta Johari –

In 2006, Johri, on the instructions of the then director general of police P C Pande, formed a team and sent it to Hyderabad and other places to investigate how Sohrabuddin was killed. The Supreme Court had ordered the DGP to conduct an inquiry.

She builds the case and before government of Gujarat or senior police officers could influence the probe, change the report Geeta Johari sent it directly to Supreme Court of India.
Till then, Shah was not within the ambit of the investigation.
Later Johri was made the commissioner of Rajkot.
The report submitted by the Johri clearly recommended the CBI inquiry into this case.

This is the correct way how police officers should work in India. Even I will suggest police officers should start the blogs, writing down day to day activities on their blogs.

The British had no illusions about the Indian Police when they set about recreating a police structure after the uprising of 1857. They clearly stated:

The police in India are all but useless for the prevention of crime, sadly inefficient in its detection and are authoritarian in the exercise of the power vested in them. They have, moreover, a generalized reputation for corruption and oppression.

India is a democratic nation, we have judiciary, no one has right to kill any human, how ever criminal or Gunda is that person.
The purpose behind the killing is that to create terror in a society, and then do whatever one wants, as Indian society is very afraid about police and judiciary.

Yes he was a criminal, but who gave you right to murder a human being?
As a police officer you must see that Judiciary gives him life imprisonment or capital punishment.
As a police officer you are not god of India, Civil society is afraid of you as well as political parties and judiciary.

The fake Sohrabuddin Sheikh Encounter story continues –

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Friday, July 30, 2010


chitra July 30, 2010  

You have loads of information. Appreciate the Great lady.

sm,  July 30, 2010  


BK Chowla, July 30, 2010  

Thanks for the details, but Amit shah case is becoming too political.

Insignia July 30, 2010  

That lady had guts.

sm,  July 31, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

sm,  July 31, 2010  


hemal July 31, 2010  

hey mate, long time actually.. you not active on IndiBlogger?

miss you there mate, come back soon...

and btw, you have improved.. good to see that..

sm,  July 31, 2010  

I will try to visit more on indiblogger.

sm,  August 05, 2010  

The CBI had July 23 produced a 30,000 page chargesheet and accused Shah of murder, abduction and conspiracy in the staged shootout case.
Amit shah has been in judicial custody in Sabarmati Central Jail. Since July 25 when he surrendered
A special court has rejected the CBI's plea for a five-day custody of former Gujarat Home Minister Amit Shah in the Sohrabuddin Sheikh encounter case Shah will remain in judicial custody for now till his bail application is heard on August 11.
The plea was rejected by special Judge A.I. Raval.

Jai August 11, 2010  

Could the author (& some readers here) also read up this article by Ashok Mailk:

sm,  August 12, 2010  

I know Sohrabuddin was a criminal,he worked for don.
But India is a democratic nation and it is duty of police to arrest criminal and it is the duty of judiciary to give capital punishment.
Police has no right to kill criminals.
Suppose tomorrow common citizen will kill the Indian criminal or terrorist what will happen ?
Will he get reward or he will be arrested by police ?