09 July 2010

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My sins against gender stereotypes

My sins against gender stereotypes -
Reality Views by sm –
Friday, July 09, 2010

This is my first Tag on this blog. IHM has asked me to do this Tag.
She says, “Please list at least ten things you have ever wanted or done which your gender is not supposed to.”
It is titled: My sins against gender stereotypes.

We have all had gender stereotyping stuffed down our throats at some part of our life or another. It is the assumption that certain jobs, skills and interests are meant for a particular gender that stinks up to high hell.
Many bloggers of repute are now outlining the things they’ve done or would like to do that transcends gender barriers.

Here is my list - My sins against gender stereotypes

1. Like cooking
2. Like clean home and cleaning the home.
3. When I was in school I was in Scholar Batch so studied with girls and participated in Bhondla which I enjoyed it. "Bhondla is the specialty of Maharashtra's culture. It unites ladies and provides them some moments of enjoyment. Morning school was for girls and afternoon school was for boys . And a special batch of boys and girls , mixed batch was started in morning session.
4. I do not like driving and do not hesitate to sit behind the girl if she is driving only if I have confidence that she knows driving as good as me or better than me.
5. I like Pink color
6. I like the chocolates
7. I like diamonds.
8. I like silk
9. I like flowers
10. I like romantic movies.

The girls who like the things which boys like are called as tomboys and boys who like the girl things are called as Sissy boys. And there is new term also Metro sexual males.

Tomboys and Sissy boys society looks at them differently.
Boys who love the girl things may become target of society as well as friends.

If we carefully read ancient stories one can easily find the great males and their love for girly things or the things which they have done.
Arjuna and Krishna is a good example I think
Arjuna – staying one year story
Krishna - distribution of Amrut story and calming of Shiva.

I believe that male or female both enjoy all things which are beautiful which gives us happiness and freshness.
Everything depends on the child hood and parenting skills of parents and studies. Higher studies and book reading habits.
It is important that which type of books one is reading if someone is reading wrong type of religious books then he may end up becoming terrorist.

People are afraid to go against the society and how backword or liberal is society on that depends the choices of male and female.

When I started to write this tag I thought its very easy but as I started to write down this tag I found it very difficult.

This is like a serial Sach Ka Samna. And also this is my first tag found it very difficult.

Thanks IHM for asking me to write this Tag.


Indian Home Maker July 09, 2010  

Thank You sm! This tag has shown how many of us don't fit into any stereotypes, because each of us is unique.

I think metrosexual men have been made popular (and cool) by men like Beckham and Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan etc. These men do what they please from loving their bodies and good clothes to showing how they feel, cooking and caring.

Enid Blyton made it okay for girls to be Tom Boys, although I feel it's wrong to use labels and create more stereotypes, like one need not be a metrosexual man, a tom boy, a sissy - we can just be ourselves.

BK Chowla, July 09, 2010  

sm, very well written

sm,  July 09, 2010  

Indian Home Maker,,
very well said
one need not be a metrosexual man, a tom boy, a sissy - we can just be ourselves.

sm,  July 09, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

chitra July 09, 2010  

I am happy you have expressed what is in your mind very clearly. Good work sm

Shesha Chaturvedi July 09, 2010  

Bravo- a wonderful post. And where in one of my post (mystery unresolved) i tried to differentiate men from women, you have provided altogeather a different perspective letting the world see a person as a whole beyond male/female criterea in terms of personal wants and likes. Its all about a person being him/herself and what he likes and loves to do ignoring the gender bias. Loved the Post ;)

sm,  July 09, 2010  


sm,  July 11, 2010  

Shesha Chaturvedi,,

Anonymous,  July 13, 2010  

And I will be eternally thankful to the person who tagged you. It is so nice to know a little bit more about you. Since you don't discuss that in your blog usually! :)

So agree with our ancestors being more liberal than us with all our modern concepts. If only we had interpreted our scriptures right...

sm,  July 15, 2010  

Indian home maker , that is IHM she ask me to do this .