16 July 2010

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Do you think RSS should be Banned Now? RSS workers Attack Aaj Tak, Headlines Today News channel .

Do you think RSS should be Banned Now? RSS workers Attack Aaj Tak, Headlines Today News channel ?
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Friday, July 16, 2010

I will be updating this news time to time.

RSS shows the world the real culture of India. RSS attack Aaj Tak News office.
Saffron brigade attacks Headlines Today office, capital of India ,Delhi Few goondas murdered the freedom of speech openly in presence of everyone .

The headline today news channel exposed the saffron connection regarding malegaon bomb blast.
At the time of attack it is reported that Police was also present.
The activists tried to enter using force into the building. But they were prevented from entering the offices of the media house.
The TV Today's Hindi channel Aaj Tak had recently reported the alleged links of some RSS activists to Mecca Masjid blast accused. They had even done a sting operation on senior RSS leader Indresh Kumar.
In a blatant attack on the media's freedom of speech and expression, the activists broke glass panes and destroyed property in the process. A large mob gathered outside the office building and shouted slogans in support of their leaders exposed by Headlines Today's expose.

If you are visiting from Europe or USA or UK for Common wealth games please think before coming to India know about your security and then visit.If you are female i know you are powerful but take more care.
Common wealth Games will not show you real face of India.Just remember seventy percent Indians earn only half US dollar or Euro.


Readers Dais July 16, 2010  

My opinion is that not only rss, in a secular state like india, its better not to have any parties or groups on the basis of religion, let there be a ban on all religious parties.

Samvedna July 17, 2010  

I feel that there should be ban on all radical parties like MNS and muslim league too.

Anonymous,  July 17, 2010  

it should be banned right now. is it not attacking on religious places???? so wht's the diffrence between those people, who is calling themself jehadi n RSS. same, no diffrence. neither islam nor any religion says , kill to innocent people.

sm,  July 17, 2010  

Readers Dais,,
Yes I agree with you religion and politics should not be mixed religious parties should be banned.

sm,  July 17, 2010  


sm,  July 17, 2010  


Indian Home Maker July 17, 2010  

Religion and politics should be totally disconnected. This is disgusting.

BK Chowla, July 17, 2010  

The story carried by Headlines Today--is there any evidence or is again a political game played by anti-Hindu groups with support of the media?

Anonymous,  July 17, 2010  

it should be banned right now. is it not attacking on religious places???? RSS is misguiding to Hindu youth towards Jihad

Anonymous,  July 17, 2010  

It should be banned. It is a political terror group

sm,  July 17, 2010  

Indian Home Maker,,

sm,  July 17, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
How can 100 Hundred or more Gundas go and attack the office.
India is a democratic nation not a barbaric nation.

sm,  July 17, 2010  


ms,  July 17, 2010  

To Mr. Chawla Sir,
Why do we believe that all our own people -- the media, the politicians, intellectuals, artistes-- are Anti-Hindu?
Why Sir? Why do u believe that Hindus are always against other Hindus? What do they gain from this?

sm,  July 19, 2010  


Insignia July 19, 2010  

Not only them, there are many other fanatics who must be banned

sm,  July 21, 2010  


Anonymous,  December 28, 2010  

ALL this anti-hindu propaganda by congress puppets and the congress media will cost them heavy..
BJP is proving their patriotism by supporting development ..
Today most developed states and fastly developed states in India are ruled by BJP.
Congress is looting this country since Independence and appeasing the muslims and Christians for votes and neglecting the majority hindus..
All this mud-slinging on hindus will only unite hindus more and more..
SO keep on doing this..
Remember that RSS is 5 times bigger than Entire Army, navy and airforce combined.. you can ban them but everytime it has been banned it became more strong and the courts are there to protect the rightful just like they did last time.

sm,  December 28, 2010