11 June 2010

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Short Biography of R. D. Burman

Short Biography of R. D. Burman -

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Friday, June 11, 2010

Name - Rahul Dev Burman

Born - June 27, 1939(1939-06-27), Kolkata

Died - January 4, 1994 (aged 54)

Rahul Dev Burman is also known as Pancham da or Pancham. 

R. D became as famous as his father S.D. Burman.

Both were great and both enjoy still today also fan following all over the world.

R.D influenced the way and style of music making in India which is still followed in India by Indian music makers.

Why R.D Burman was called as Pancham?
Pancham means Five.
It’s said that when R.D. was child and he cried that time it sounded in the fifth note (Pa) of the Indian musical scale.
Another story is that When Ashok Kumar saw him crying and it sounded like Pa, he nicknamed him as Pancham.

R D studied at Ballygunge Government High School, Kolkata.

For me I will say R.D made the magical music .Whenever, what ever he made it became a heavenly music.

From child hood he started to compose music.
When he was nine years old he composed his first song, Aye meri topi palat ke aa, which his father used in the film Funtoosh (1956).
The tune of the song Sar jo tera chakraaye from Guru Dutt's movie Pyaasa was composed by R.D as a child.

R D Burman started his career as assistant to his father, Sachin Dev Burman.

Pancham married Rita Patel in 1966, but they were divorced in 1971. He then married Asha Bhonsle in 1980.

Pancham gave music for regional films - Bangla, Oriya, Tamil, Telugu and Marathi.

Pancham composed music for 331 films.

Out of his 331 released movies 292 were in Hindi, 31 in Bangla 3 in Telugu, 2 each in Tamil & Oriya and 1 in Marathi. RD also composed for 5 TV Serials in Hindi and Marathi.

R D Burman did playback in eighteen movies composed by him.

He also acted in the film Bhoot Bungla 1965 and Pyar Ka Mausam 1967.

Few Names of Movies where Pancham Gave great music.

1.1942: A Love Story - 1994

2.Ijaazat -1987

3.Saagar - 1985

4.Betaab - 1983

5.Love Story - 1981

6.Hum Kisi Se Kum Nahin - 1977

7.Khushboo - 1975

8.Aandhi - 1975

9.Sholay -1975

10.Aap Ki Kasam - 1974

11.Yaadon Ki Baaraat - 1973

12.Mere Jeevan Saathi - 1972

13.Jawani Diwani - 1972

14.Parichay -1972

15.Apna Desh -1972

16.Hare Rama Hare Krishna -1972

17.Raampur Ka Lakshman - 1972

18.Seeta Aur Geeta -1972

19.Amar Prem -1971

20.Mela -1971

21.Caravan - 1971

22.Amar Prem - 1971

23.Buddha Mil Gaya - 1971

24.Kati Patang - 1970

25.Pyaar Ka Mausam - 1969

26.Padosan -1968

27.Teesri Manzil - 1966


jamos jhalla June 12, 2010  

After a long gape I have Read about R.D.BURMAN Looks+feels good

sm,  June 13, 2010  

jamos jhalla,,

Rahul,  June 29, 2010  

RD love him

Anonymous,  June 12, 2012  

this is not an autobiography ....... this is a biography ............it would have been an autobiography had Panchamda said these in his own words and all by himself ..........