20 June 2010

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Short Biography of Bappi Lahiri and His copied or Inspirational Songs List –

Short Biography of Bappi Lahiri and His copied or Inspirational Songs List –

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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Name - Bappi Lahiri or Alokesh Lahiri

Born - November 27, 1952

Occupations - music director & singer

Birth Place - Calcutta, West Bengal , born in musical family

His relatives from his mother's family include Kishore Kumar and the S. Mukherjee.
Bappi began to play the tabla at age of three.

He is famous throughout India for his trademark gold ornaments and sunglasses.
He was the secret benefactor that provided superstar Akshay Kumar with his first opportunity as a hero in the movie Khiladi.
About Bappi we can say he is the king of Indian Disco songs.
But Bappi has given great song for Ghazals such as,

• Kisi Nazar ko tera intezaar aaj bhi hai (Aetbaar)
• Aawaz di hia (Aetbaar)
Bappi Lahiri is married and has two children. His wife is Chitrani, daughter Rema and son Bappa. Bappa Lahiri is a music director.

Portions of his song "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai" composed by Lahiri for the 1987 Indian film "Jhoothi."were included in a 2002 single "Addictive" by American R&B Singer Truth Hurts.
Copyright holders Saregama India, Ltd. sued Interscope Records and its parent company, Universal Music Group to the tune of more than $500 million.
A Los Angeles federal judge subsequently barred further sales of the CD unless and until Lahiri was listed on the song's credits.

Following is the list of copied or inspirational songs of Bappi Lahiri –

Movie Name - Armaan
Song Name - Meri jaisi haseena
Copied from original Song – From Dr Hook's When you are in love with a beautiful woman

Movie Name - Amaanat
Song Name - Tujse milna milkar chalna
Copied from original Song – From Khaled's 'El arbi

Movie Name - Aaj Ke Shahenshah
Song Name - Hum dono akele hon
Copied from original Song – French track, 'L'Amour Est Bleu'

Movie Name - Aandhiyaan
Song Name - Duniya mein tere siva
Copied from original Song – Pakistani track, 'Bas ek tere siva' composed by Robin Ghosh, for the film, 'Dooriyan'

Movie Name - Brahma
Song Name - Haske Guzare Zindagi
Copied from original Song – Beethoven's Fue Elise

Movie Name - Bhavna
Song Name - Dekho Din Ye
Copied from original Song – The Sherman Brothers , 'It's a small world (after all)'

Movie Name - Chalte chalte
Song Name - Dur dur tum rahe
Copied from original Song – 'Raindrops keep falling on my head' by Andy Williams.

Movie Name - Dance Dance
Song Name - Mera dil gaayega zoobie zoobie
Copied from original Song – Modern Talking's 'Brother Louis

Movie Name - Dance Dance
Song Name - Dil mera todo na
Copied from original Song – UB40's 1985 hit single, 'Don't break my heart'

Movie Name - Disco Dancer
Song Name - Koi Yahan Nache Nache
Copied from original Song – 'Video killed the radio star'....by Buggles

Movie Name - Disco Dancer
Song Name - Jimmy Jimmy Aaja Aaja
Copied from original Song – T'es OK, T'es Bath by the disco band named 'Ottawan'

Movie Name - Thaanedaar
Song Name - Jabse huyi hai
Copied from original Song – 'April in Portugal'

Movie Name - Thaanedaar
Song Name - Tamma Tamma
Copied from original Song – Mory Kante's tama tama

Movie Name - Ghayal
Song Name - Sochna Kya
Copied from original Song – Lambada

Movie Name - Hum sab chor hain
Song Name - Saawnli saloni
Copied from original Song – Pakistani pop band Vital Signs' 'Saawnli saloni

Movie Name - Tarzan
Song Name - Jee le le
Copied from original Song – Osibisa number Kelele kelele

Movie Name - Tarzan
Song Name - Mere paas aaoge
Copied from original Song – 'Chirpy chirpy cheep cheep' by Mac & Katie Kissoon

Movie Name - Teri Baahon Mein
Song Name - Kitne Phool
Copied from original Song – Elvis Presley's 'Wooden Heart'

Movie Name - Shart
Song Name - Tera mera mera tera
Copied from original Song – Culture Club's Karma Chameleon

Movie Name - Sailaab
Song Name - Palkon ke tale
Copied from original Song – The heat is on' from the OST of Beverly Hills Cop

Movie Name - Suraksha
Song Name - Dil tha akela
Copied from original Song – ABBA's track, 'Hasta Manana' from the album Waterloo

Movie Name - Jyoti
Song Name - Chidiyaan chun chun
Copied from original Song – Calypso track titled, 'Mary Ann' by Roaring Lion

Movie Name - Pyaara Dushman
Song Name - Hari om hari
Copied from original Song – From the song 'One way ticket'. By Neil Sedaka

Movie Name - Loverboy
Song Name - Baahon mein leke
Copied from original Song – Barbra Streisand's , 'Woman in Love'.

Movie Name - Yodha
Song Name - Whole day whole night
Copied from original Song – 'Mary Ann' by Roaring Lion


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BK Chowla, June 20, 2010  

Thanks, very nice post.
I emmember having been to Bhappi's house in Juhu once.It was a site to be in his drawing room full of awards.

sm,  June 20, 2010  

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Shail Raghuvanshi June 21, 2010  

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sm,  June 21, 2010  

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Insignia June 23, 2010  

Its nice to see that Bappi got credits for "Thoda Resham Lagta Hai". How about the songs he has copied??

sm,  June 24, 2010  

We Indians do not follow laws we love to break them.

sm,  June 26, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

Ajith Prasad Edassery April 29, 2011  

He's the biggest copy cat of Indian music industry and after all that copying for which he never gave credit, how could he sue a foreign company to get credits for "Thoda resham"? Shameless copy cat...

sm,  April 29, 2011  

Ajith Prasad Edassery,,

Anonymous,  August 10, 2013  


DO you know which english song "jalim Duniya" from Wardaat is copied from?


Anonymous,  January 21, 2014  

can you PLEASE tell me which song Bappi copied for "zaalim Duniya" - thanks


Unknown June 08, 2015  

Can you tell from which song, Bappi Lahiri made Aayeh Bahon Mein... Movie: Bhavani Junction?