05 June 2010

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S D Burman Short Autobiography with Copied or Inspirational Songs list –

S D Burman Short Autobiography with Copied or Inspirational Songs list –

Name - Sachin Dev Burman
Born - October 1, 1906
Birth Place - Comilla, Bangladesh, or British India
Education - BA from Calcutta University
Died - October 31, 1975 (aged 69) at Bombay, Maharashtra, India

S.D.Burman was also known as Burman da, Kumar Sachindra Dev Barman, Sachin karta
S.D. was the second son of 'Ishanachandra Dev Burman', Raja of Tripura
S D Burman composed music for more than 99 movies, including Bengali films.
His son Rahul Dev Burman also achieved great success as a Bollywood music director who married Asha Bhosle

Below is the list of copied song by S.D. Burman –

Movie Name -Solva Saal
Song Name - Ye bhi koi roothne ka din hai
Copied from original Song – 'Ya Ghozayel' or arab feast by Rahbani brothers and sung by Lebanese singer Fairuz.

Movie Name - Taxi driver
Song Name - Chahe koi khush
Copied from original Song – Italian folk tune, 'Tarantella'.

Movie Name - Jewel Thief
Song Name - Yeh dil na hota
Copied from original Song – River Kwai March from the soundtrack of the David Lean classic, The Bridge on the River Kwai

Movie Name - Insaan Jaag Utha
Song Name - Yeh Chanda Ruus Ka
Copied from original Song – 'Barefoot Girl' from the compilation 'Music for an Arabian Night'

Movie Name - Sagina
Song Name - Saala main tho
Copied from original Song – Italian track, 'Chella LlĂ ', by the Renato Carosone.

Movie Name - Munimji
Song Name - Jeevan ke safar mein raahi
Copied from original Song – Mexican hat dance

Movie Name - Chalti ka naam gadi
Song Name - 'Ek ladki bheegi bhagi si'
Copied from original Song – 'Sixteen Tons'

Movie Name - Chalti ka naam gadi
Song Name - 'Hum the woh thi'
Copied from original Song - 'The Watermelon song'

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Saturday, June 05, 2010


Amrit June 06, 2010  

I think S D Burman was the best music directory industry had. He may have copied some songs but in the big scheme of things, he has got a long list of popular and ever green songs. Songs of movies like Guide, Bandini, Tere Mere Sapne, Prem Pujari cannot be ever made again. His list is too long.....

So I disagree with your post.

SM June 06, 2010  

Yes SD was great musician i agree with you.

But just he got inspired from few English songs in few songs.
Regarding Chalti ka nam gadi movie it is said the Kishor Kumar told SD to copy english tunes as he loved them.

kk,  June 07, 2010  

never knew he also copied

Anonymous,  June 08, 2010  

Copying is what we learn right from our birth.So i think copying is not wrong.one who he is talented only knows the art of copying .One thing here i wanted to convey to sm is, your articles too are copied, collected from somewhere , but i prefer to visit your site and read all the articles , because you are the talented and you know what part of copied matter is to be presneted in you site.Through this piece of infomration i got an opportunity to listen to the original music, Thanks sm.

sm,  June 08, 2010  


Pooja,  June 12, 2010  

thanks for sharing
great information

Upendra S June 20, 2010  

The songs for Chalti Ke Naam Gadi and Munimji are barely related if at all. I don't think they can be even consdiered copies. The Munimji song especially is miles away from Mexican Hat Dance.

sm,  June 20, 2010  

Upendra S,,
will try to put a mix of that both song.

Mrinal Devburman December 06, 2010  

Just like 'Chalti Ka Naam Gaadi' songs copied because of Kishore, there was always a reason for Sachinda to copy. I am reproducing here reason of copying of 'Sar jo tera chakraye' by Dada who did it under pressure of Guru Dutt:
‘Sar jo tera chakraye’ by Rafi
Guru Dutt chanced to see a maalishwala (masseur). The checked ‘lungi’ (loose garment tied around waist), the jaunty cap, and banian, the paraphernalia of glass bottles of oil . . all of it seemed so right for the characterization. And so the role came to life.
As did the song ‘Sar jo tera chakraye’. Guru Dutt had picked up a bunch of 78 rpm records of English songs during his visit to England. There was one tune he liked a lot, and he decided to graft it on to Pyaasa. It was from the film Harry Black and the Tiger, which, though Guru Dutt did not know it then, would be released later in India. S. D. Burman, who was composing the music for the film, was asked to copy the song note for note. Of course, Dada Burman was very upset by the instruction. He came to me and said, “What is this that Guru is asking of me, public mujhe marega. Please explain to him, he listens to you, let me put in a little of my own tune into the song . . . change it a bit . . .’
But Guru was adamant– the tune would have to be copied hundred percent in the mukhda at least. ‘Let him do what he wants in the antara,’ he decreed and Burman Dada had to be content with that.
However, the music director waved his baton effectively enough to blend the tune with his own melody in such a manner that no one really noticed the surgery, and the song remains a hit even today. ‘In fact, later, when the producer of Harry Black and the Tiger visited India, he heard the song and not only failed to recognize the tune, but commended Dada on it’ Abrar laughs.
(Source: ‘Ten Years with Guru Dutt – Abrar Alvi’s Journey’ an authorized biography by Sathya Saran, Pages 71 and 72)

sm,  December 06, 2010  

Mrinal Devburman,,
thanks for adding information

Anonymous,  December 23, 2010  

I listened to the song 'ek ladki bheegi bhaagi si'.
only the background whistling matches, not whistling but it is kind of trumpet sound or something that repeats during the song, only that part. the entire song sounds completely different. anyway inspiring and similarity is another thing and copying is different.

sm,  December 23, 2010  


Moti Lalwani,  May 10, 2011  

Yes, he was the best music director that this country has ever produced. He was responsible for introducing atleast 8 new singers to our film industry. They are:

1.Kishore Kumar: 1946 in Aath Din, ‘Banka sipahiya, banka sipahiya’
2.Meena Kapoor: 1946 in Aath Din,
‘Kisi se meri preet lagi re, mein kya karoon’ (Solo)
‘Ek nayi kali,sasural chali’ with Chitalker
3.Raj Kapoor: 1947 in Dil ki Rani, ‘O duniya ‘O duniya ke rehne waale’
4.Hemant Kumar: First Hindi song, 1952 in Jaal, ‘Yeh raat yeh chandni’
5.Hridyanath Mangeshkar: First Hindi song, 1952 Babla, ‘Leheronke rele sang, naiya mori khele’
6.R. D. Burman: First song in 1958 in Guru Dutt’s Gauri, which was shelved later
7.Danny Denzogpa: 1972 in Yeh Gulistan Hamara, ‘Mera naam aavo, mere paas aavo’
8.Anuradha Paudwal: 1973 in Abhimaan, ‘Shiv Shloka’

SM May 10, 2011  

Moti Lalwani,,
thanks for adding more information.

Unknown January 03, 2014  

Just recently found out that his grandmother 'jateshwari', queen of Tripura was a Manipuri. No wonder he looks like one.
-Chelsea Sagolsem