03 June 2010

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How to Block Incoming Calls or Calls from Unwanted Persons?

How to Block Incoming Calls or Calls from Unwanted Persons?

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Thursday, June 03, 2010

Below are the few methods how we can block incoming calls on our cell ?

Method One -

Every mobile has a function of creating Group.

First step create a group called as Black list, or demon or ignored or any name which you like.
Then add the unwanted phone numbers into this group.
Then choose the ring tone which is 1kb smallest duration ring tone, another option is keep this group on silent mode.

The above idea works on every mobile phone, cell phone.

Method Two -

Understanding Call barring feature –
This feature is available in nearly every Nokia mobile phone But still you have to check does this function is available in your cell.

What is call barring?
Call barring (network service) allows you to restrict the calls that you make or receive with the device.
Call Barring - Enables you to restrict or bar certain or all types of calls to and from your mobile phone, i.e. outgoing calls, outgoing international calls, incoming calls.

Call barring password is required to activate or deactivate the call barring service which allows you to restrict the incoming or outgoing calls.

Call barring is a network service, your network operator Tata, Reliance or Airtel or service provider provides you barring password.

How to locate call barring function?
Press Menu, and select Tools > Settings > Phone or security settings > Call barring service.

Once you click the call barring then you will get following options –
Outgoing calls, international calls, incoming calls etc.
Choose the option incoming calls – then you will get 3 options
Activate, cancel or check status,
If you are first time using this, select check status and it will show you service is not active.

How do I use the call barrings on my Nokia device?

Select Menu > Ctrl. panel > Settings > Phone > Call barring.

You can restrict the calls that can be made or received with the device (network service). To change the settings, you need the barring password from your service provider. Call barring affects all call types, except emergency calls.

Call barring and call forwarding cannot be active at the same time.

To bar calls, select from the following:

• Outgoing calls - Prevent making voice calls with your device.
• Incoming calls - Prevent incoming calls.
• International calls - Prevent calling to foreign countries or regions.
• Incoming calls if roaming - Prevent incoming calls when outside your home country.
• International calls except to home country - Prevent calls to foreign countries or regions, but allow calls to your home country.

To check the status of voice call barrings, select Options > Check status.

To stop all voice call barring, select a barring option and Options > Deactivate all barrings.

To change the password used for barring voice, fax, and data calls, select Options > Edit barring password Enter the current code, then the new code twice. The barring password must be four digits long. For details, contact your service provider.

Call barring affects all calls, including data calls.
Call barring and call diverting cannot be active at the same time.

The difficult task is how to get the call barring password from our service provider?
If you are staying in India, I do not need to say anything.
This will just depend on your hard work, how many times you can make the call to the service provider.

Indian Service Providers do not easily provide this, they will even lie to you that we do not know about this, this facility is not available with us.
Even they will tell you lie that ask the nokia to give that password.
Be ready to tell the service provider that how is it possible your passwords are with another company?

Method Three -

Some mobile phones provide the facility of using 3rd party software which will help you to block the incoming or outgoing calls.
I have never used such type of cell phone, so I can not write more about it.
But they are available in market in India so if you are planning to buy new one ask the shop owner about it. Nokia model N72 allows using third party software’s.
Few names of the software’s.
Call Filter, Handy Blacklist, Interactive Voice Call Master, Smart Call Manager etc
Everything depends on which model you are using, does it support or which OS mobile phone is using?

Do not do anything in mobile if you are not sure about the password, as they stop the functioning of mobile phone.
So if you trust the person who is giving you info and password then do it, use them.

Remember call barring password is 4 digit, many sites I have found they say here is password for call barring, 12345, it’s a waste of time.

Barring password and Pin password are two different passwords.
The security code supplied with the phone protects your phone against unauthorized use. The preset code is 12345.
The PIN code supplied with the SIM card protects the card against unauthorized use. The PIN2 code supplied with some SIM cards is required to access certain services. If you enter the PIN or PIN2 code incorrectly three
Times in succession, you are asked for the PUK or PUK2 code. If you do not have them, contact your local service provider.
The module PIN is required to access the information in the security module of your SIM card. The signing PIN may be required for the digital signature. The barring password is required when using the Call barring service.
Select Menu > Settings > Security to set how your phone uses the access codes and security settings.

Everything depends on the model of mobile phone .So please read your mobile manual.

Blackberry users can use the application called Efficient Call Blocker. This program will allow you place numbers in the software and when those numbers show up on caller-id, then it auto-ignore it.

Method Four -

If your cell phone allows you to choose the ringer sound for each entry in your phone book, you can put the number you want to block in your address book and then set the ring for that number to 'no ring' or silent mode It's not the same as blocking the number, but you won't know when they call.

The primary objective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC Registry) is to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC).
To register/de-register their request for NDNC registry may dial 1909 or SMS to 1909 with keywords 'START DND' for registration and 'STOP DND' for de-registration
Please call 1909(toll-free) from your Airtel Mobile or Landline Phone
SMS "START DND" to 1909 from your Airtel Mobile

According to NCPR, a mobile customer in India can stop all the unwanted marketing calls and messages

All the service providers will have the same set of instructions to register for the do not disturb service.

You can activate DND from your mobile by just calling 1909 and selecting the options, or by sending a simple SMS to 1909.

This message is similar to all the mobile network operators in India, and check out the various companies and their registration process to start your DND service.

Fully Blocked Category

Send SMS at START 0 to 1909 or Call at 1909

Customers- Customers (landline and mobile) who do not want to receive commercial communications can dial or SMS to 1909 (toll free) and register in either of the two categories:

Fully Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS
Partially Blocked Category- stoppage of all commercial Calls/SMS except SMS from one of the opted preferences

For registering option using SMS, for 'fully blocked category', write "START 0" and send it to 1909. For 'partially blocked category', send SMS 'START' with one or multiple options from the list of seven categories.

There are at present 7 preferences to choose from- Banking/Insurance/Financial Products/Credit Cards-1, Real Estate-2, Education-3, Health-4, Consumer goods and automobiles-5, Communication/Broadcasting/Entertainment/IT-6, Tourism-7.

For example: To receive messages relating to only Health products, then send SMS "START 4" to 1909. Similarly, for receiving messages relating to Real Estate and Education, send SMS "START 2,3" to 1909.

On successful registration, customer will receive an SMS confirming exercised options and a Unique Registration Number within 24 hrs. The registration will be effective within 7 days of placing the request with the service provider.

If customer receives UCC even after 7 days of registration, he can register a complaint with his service provider within 3 days of receipt of such UCC by dialing or sending SMS to 1909. Customers will have to provide the telephone number or header of the message from where the call or message has been received, short description of such call or message along with the date of receipt of call or message.

For complaint through SMS, customer has to send SMS "the unsolicited commercial communication, XXXXXXXXXX, dd/mm/yy" to 1909. Where XXXXXXXXXX - is the telephone number or header of the SMS, from which the UCC has originated.The telephone number or header and the date of receipt of the unsolicited commercial SMS may be appended with such SMS, while forwarding to 1909, with or without space after comma.

Service Provider will take action on complaint and inform the complainant within 7 days of lodging of complaint. Customers may check registration status of his complaint through the link "UCC Complaint Registration Status".

Customers not registered with NCPR can also identify the commercial calls because they will all come from numbers starting with '140'. This is a series specially earmarked for telemarketers.

And if you are already registered, and then

Check your NCPR (old DND) Subscription status here.

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Admin June 04, 2010  

Hi SM...this is very useful post for me. Thanks for sharing this post with all of us. Keep doing the great work :)

RNSANE June 04, 2010  

Unwanted calls are always a problem. I still get them on my home phone even with the National Do Not Call Registry. It is most annoying. Good post.

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Amrit June 04, 2010  

Useful information. One could also use Google voice or a feature from service provider that asks caller to announce the name and gives you option to accept or reject the call- Privacy Manager as it is called. I find it annoying though.

Bikram June 04, 2010  

any chance you can find how ot do it on the sony xperia I am having so many problems getting this fone sorted... Now thinking why did i get it :)

sm,  June 04, 2010  


sm,  June 04, 2010  

congrats for your book.

sm,  June 04, 2010  

thanks for adding information.

sm,  June 04, 2010  

thanks for asking,sure i will write one post regarding sony xperia and will let you know also.

Piper .. June 05, 2010  

:):) very useful information, esp for someone like me who detests talking on the telephone! :)

sm,  June 05, 2010  

Piper ..,

chitra June 06, 2010  

thank you so much sm,
Iam book marking this page as I need to read it again and again. i feel the first one is the easiest for me.Too much technical things i need time to understand.
I appreciate u for taking so much efforts

BK Chowla, June 06, 2010  

Thanks, I must do some thing about it. I am fed up

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sm,  June 07, 2010  

BK Chowla,,

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That was reaalyy useful info. Thank u for putting that up!

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Domain name April 19, 2012  

Wow...exactly what I was looking for...you saved my time and energy on unwanted calls, thanks

Unknown May 29, 2012  

Hi folks,

Here are dial codes to activate and deactivate incoming call barring on your nokia with airtel connection.

Incoming call barring: Dial, *35*1234# and press call. Your incoming calls will be barred.
Activate incoming: Dial, #35*1234 # and press call. Your incoming calls will be barred.


Anonymous,  December 08, 2012  

i am not on a plan i just pay for my calls for about 3year now but DODO wants me to change to a plan idid not agree so they put CALL BARRING on my mobile cant call anyone im paid up i dont owe anything how can they do this help me thank you

Unknown December 11, 2012  

I wanted to block incoming calls.

Unknown July 07, 2014  


Chaudhary Ajay Sharma November 02, 2015  

I had successfully changed the barring password stop not able to use service.

Anonymous,  August 13, 2016  

this info is NOT helpful. i receive prank calls from out of the country and wish to BLOCK this number. but get no answers from this page

SM August 16, 2016  

you can use the apps they are available

Karan.Pk,  March 13, 2017  

Hello sir/mam, I want to bar my all incoming calls for few times only.but it asks me password of4 digits which is continuously getting wrong. I've tried following- 1111, 1234, 0000 but it's not working. Can anyone pls help me.

I'm using the intex cloud 4g star mobile.