06 June 2010

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A greased mouth cannot say “No “- A Proverb Meaning with Political Story of IPL, Lalit and Sharad –

A greased mouth cannot say “No “- A Proverb Meaning with Political Story of IPL, Lalit and Sharad

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Sunday, June 06, 2010

A greased mouth cannot say “No “

Meaning of Proverb –

1.The person who has taken bribe can not refuse any request of the bribe giver.

2.The person who takes bribe once becomes the slave of the bribe giver forever.

3.The person who takes bribe becomes the slave of money forever and starts to dance to the tune of bribe giver.

4.A prostitute can reject a customer but bribe taker can not reject his master that is bribe giver .

Understanding the Proverb a greased mouth cannot say “No “
Using political story –
Story of IPL , Lalit and Sharad –

Few years back Lalit understood the nature of foolish Indians, and gave the Plan of IPL to a cricketing Boss Sharad .

Then they started the IPL cricket matches. As With the help of Lalit , Sharad became the chief boss of cricketing world, Sharad sanctioned the plan immidiately.

As plan was given by the Lalit , Sharad made him the Boss of IPL with unlimited powers .

Lalit was intelligent and honest with Shard and both earned lot of money from IPL, they made lots of money, gave jobs and contracts to friends.

Then Lalit started to see that they dreamed of thousands but IPL became the No.1 sport and saw the opportunities of making black money into white money, and hundreds of ways to earn money.
Like demanding money if someone wants contracts, demanding money if someone want to play in IPL like this thousands of reasons .

Like this Lalit made unlimited money , by legal and illegal ways, but slowly people who did not get the money as well as respect in the company started to expose the IPL corruption .

When IPL got the beauty queen in controversy, suddenly Indian people started to take interest in the IPL fraud and corruption , as India is a sex starved country .

Because of media a good politician resigned but anyways he got the promise from his bosses that he will resign but they must expose the corruption of IPL,
Because of this the machinery which was sleeping and was ignoring the corruption of IPL has to take action on IPL .

Because of this Lalit found himself in trouble .

But Lalit was Intelligent he kept all the documents of earlier frauds and corruption .

He informed the cricketing world as well as Bosses Save him otherwise he will expose the documents which will show to the world how corrupt is every cricketing boss .

But Cricketing bosses did not agree tried to over come his power, but when he Lalit released the little bit news about their corruption , they became afraid , they saw the documents .

And Sharad Promised to the Lalit that Lalit will be never punished.
Both promised to the company that we will play the drama of fight and will see that no one goes to jail.

Once you do a corruption, opposition party has papers this way the person who does the corruption, takes bribe becomes the slave of money and bribe giver.

Jai Ho IPL.
They realized that Indian population took interest in the IPL fraud because of females, so they are deciding to keep away females from IPL in future.
Females will be hidden part of IPL no one will know it.


BK Chowla, June 07, 2010  

This is a bundle of corruption in which most of the politicians have used back door entries for personal benefits.
Who has been made an idiot?

Insignia June 07, 2010  

Tamasha and drama for the audience....

sm,  June 07, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
Yes we all became Idiots but we will not stop watching cricket for a second also.

sm,  June 08, 2010  


Piper .. June 08, 2010  

Commercialism and dramatics are the main agendas here. I`m sure you realize that :)

sm,  June 08, 2010  

Piper ..,
Yes everyone just want to make the money.

Rahul,  June 24, 2010  

This is a bundle of corruption
we all are fools