01 June 2010

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A friend in need is a friend indeed – Proverb Meaning with Political Story

A friend in need is a friend indeed – Proverb Meaning with Political Story

Reality Views by sm –
Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Meaning of Proverb - A friend in need is a friend indeed

We come to know who our real friend is only in times of need and poverty and government contracts, political help and benefits for our kids.

When someone is rich or holds power he has many friends, but in times of poverty only real friends come to help. This way we come to know in reality who is our friend.

A real friend comes to rescue you when Judiciary can punish you.

A real friend makes, converts your illegal deeds and acts into legal one.

Real friends do the drama of fighting to fool the population, but in reality they are friends and see that no one ever goes to jail.

Story to Understand the Proverb -

Maya and Shibu both are facing criminal charges and CBI is investigating the criminal matters against them.

So when Congress needs the vote, Both Maya and Shibu has to give their vote supporting congress

Otherwise Congress will order the CBI to increase the speed of trial against Maya and shibu and send them to jail for doing corruption.

Friend in Need is Indeed.

So what ever may happen?
Maya and Shibu support the Congress.
Do the drama of fight to fool the Indian People.
Congress will never send Maya and Shibu to jail for corruption as CBI has orders never to speed up the trials otherwise CBI officials may not get promotions.

You save me from jail and I save your government.

You give my son and friends the contracts and I will be silent regarding you not charging IPL tax

Two religious leaders always support each other when they discriminate against the females.
You keep your females in Hijab
And I keep our females always under pressure by beating them on valentine day or ordering them not to use skirt or jeans.
This way both religious leaders enjoy the status and discriminate against the females and treat them as animals.


RNSANE June 01, 2010  

What you write, sm, is very, very disturbing. I would hope that times are changing in India but I guess change is slow. Interesting, sad commentary.

BK Chowla, June 01, 2010  

Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely.What you have narrated is sure true.
CBI has become a tool to settle scores with opponents and the same officers get plum postings, Governor's job.
What I am so disappointed with is that CBI comes directly under the PM and he is known to be an honest man.What will be written in history, only time will tell.

Shabnam Sultan June 01, 2010  

I hope the scenario changes in India.

Anonymous,  June 01, 2010  

Give and take...So simple...No scruples whatsoever!

Sid June 01, 2010  

Superb dude :)

sm,  June 01, 2010  

Yes its sad but its reality.

sm,  June 01, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
Our working system of government is wrong, and what one will do when more than ninety percent are white criminals or criminals.

sm,  June 01, 2010  

Shabnam Sultan,

Rajesh June 02, 2010  

Very beautifully written. Reality bites.

Samvedna June 02, 2010  

India has everything going for it..but corruption always brings us down.....solution lies with the youth only...

chitra June 02, 2010  

stopping by to say hello to you.i was on a vacation.shall be back to get enlightened.

sm,  June 03, 2010  


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