07 June 2010

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Does Pune City need the Metro?

Does Pune City need the Metro?

Reality Views by sm –
Monday, June 07, 2010

No , Currently Pune city does not need metro.

Following are the Reasons I do not support Metro for Pune.

Pune Municipal Corporation has always wasted the money of Tax payers.

First just tell me the name of Project which Pune Municipal Corporation has successfully completed on time.

BRT - Millions of money wasted, No use.
A small kid can also tell you on small road where 2 vehicles can not go safely how the BRT will become successful. BRT needs one road separate permanently reserved for BRT Bus.
Anyways the people who wanted to earn money they earned money.

Pune city is growing and expanding rapidly.
Pune needs good quality transport.
But Pune does not need Metro.

Just compare the Best from Mumbai and PMT bus service from Pune.

Population of Mumbai = Number of Buses Run by Best.

Population of Pune = Number of Buses Run by PMT

In past I read that for 25 Lakh people Best got the 1800 good quality Buses on the roads of Mumbai.
And Pune PMT for 25 Lakh People there are only 250 or 180 Buses PMT got.

I am not sure today how many buses PMT got for Pune city But i am sure they are very less in number and many buses need to be repaired daily or they just run once or twice on roads each week.

Just run the 1800 PMT buses in the Pune city and then if that fails we can think and decide about the Metro for Pune.

Metro is very costly project.
For a one road to make, complete PMC needs 3 to 5 years
How many years they will need to complete the Metro Project?

They say Pune citizens got the opportunity to express their feelings, sorry but go to the Pune city population and they will tell you
We are not aware about the Metro,
Even you will find many guys who do not know what Metro is.

You have done nothing to educate the Population of Pune city.

Give me the link, internet site where I can read all about the Metro Pune Project.

Nothing is available.

Pune Metro is nothing but a one more desire of Rich Pune citizens.
As they go to Paris and London and dream that in our city also we need metro.

First give the Pune Citizens Good Roads, Good walking path, and Good cycle road. On road, water, WC facilities in slums.
Then dream about Metro.

Do you know what will be the environment impact because of metro?
How many trees will be cut because of metro?
How many people can travel at the same time in metro?
What about the Parking Place which metro will need ?
Which Buildings will be demolished for the project of Metro?
How much money will be paid to Building owners and societies whose building will be demolished?
What will be the increase in the taxes ?
How much will be the ticket of Metro ?

Nothing is available No Information is Available .

Do you think Delhi Metro is successful ?

Currently Delhi metro is on testing phase .
Everyday we can read that Delhi metro cancelled trains.
Delhi metro is running late .
'A technical snag in the communication network affected train services between 10 a.m and 4 p.m. This resulted in cancellation of 10 train trips on the Dwarka-Noida/Anand Vihar line,' a Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) official told IANS.

Delhi required the Metro – The reason is that Common Wealth Games will be played in Delhi in October 2010 , for these games thousands of foreigners will visit the city so Delhi city required the Metro , as Foreign Population and citizens are not used to travel in third class buses which we Indians are used to travel proudly .

BRT project in Gujarat was successful But Pune BRI people went to Gujarat for studies and still PUNE BRT project failed

This clearly shows that the BRT Pune project was handled by uneducated people and organizations .
Who wanted to make money by hook or crook
Do you know who is responsible for BRT Project Failure in Pune city ?

Before supporting Metro for Pune city
Get the answers for the above questions.

Before Brining Metro in Pune city, PMC needs to do following things .

1. Make the Good and Big Roads
2. Develop special cycle roads
3. Increase the number of PMT , PCMT Buses
4. Run only Volvo Buses in Pune city
5. Give the Contract to Best [ Mumbai ] for the development of PCMT Buses
6. Improve the walking paths

After this asks the Pune citizens do you need Metro ?
Do you want Metro ?

Pune Metro will open the doors for corruption
So if you support the Metro then keep your eyes and ears open otherwise

We will have to say once more

Tel Hi Gale Tup hi gale Hathi Rahile Dhupatane

This means that

Oil and Ghee , Butter both wasted and we got only empty vessel .

Jail Ho Corruption Jai Ho PMC


BK Chowla, June 07, 2010  

From the drawing board stage to the execution of the project, it takes years.
The way the four wheeler traffic is increasing in India, every city will need a metro.

Insignia June 07, 2010  

As chowla sir mentioned, the way the vehicle population is growing, every city would need a robust Metro system. If they are starting off now, then means they are planning ahead.

Just look at Bangalore, no one would have dreamt it would turn choc-a-bloc. And we are waiting for metro!!

sm,  June 07, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
Every city needs the metro,but it is last option.before that we must develop road, bus, cycle , walking path systems all the modes of transport.

Isha Shiri June 08, 2010  

Hello SM

Subway lines are expensive to build, really should evaluate whether something is really essential for the population.

I was very happy with your comment, thanks.

I wish you peace

sm,  June 08, 2010  


sm,  June 08, 2010  

Isha Shiri,

Admin June 09, 2010  

Yes, I have been hearing a lot on this metro project here in Pune. Having been here for 2-3 years, I think there is no need of such metro projects. The local tranportation looks quite good. No such problem except at times...I don't find any proper conveyance to travel to important places. Anyways, it still is better. This metro project is not well suited to match with Pune's existing geography. It is not possible to implement it in anyway possible. Even if it does get approval, it will create all sorts of problem.

sm,  June 10, 2010  


Maya June 10, 2010  

chennai metro was a total disaster,, nobody travels in it... thats what hppens without total planning

sm,  June 11, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,,

Shesha Chaturvedi June 12, 2010  
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Shesha Chaturvedi June 12, 2010  

i have never been to Pune, but i've heard its about beautiful weather, greenery and good roads.. Less crowded amongst the developed cities.i don't know much!
But yes, there is a dire need to develop the cities throughout the country for lowering the burden on the metro cities and for evenly distribution of population.
agree with you totally every city needs the metro,but before that we must develop road, bus, cycle , walking path systems all the modes of transport. :)

sm,  June 13, 2010  

Shesha Chaturvedi,,
Yes weather is good.
Pune is losing greenery as well as quality of roads.

Anonymous,  June 16, 2010  

To begin with, I fail to understand the logic between the metro being a substitute for good roads, buses and WC facilities. So the objection that you raise about "give us these things first" is forceful but somewhat unnecessary to I feel.

Moving on, your questions about time line, environmental impact, cost, parking space, stations, compensation, fare structure are all available in the DPR which is publicly available. Well, not on the internet but then assuming that something doesn't exist if it's not online is slightly naive, isn't it?

Coming to the point of questioning the success of Delhi metro. I don't know where you're located but I can say with a bet of about 1 trillion pounds (although I don't have that much) that you aren't in Delhi and very likely haven't talked to people who use that metro. From the last 2 years that I spent in metro I didn't hear a single complain, not even one complain from anyone about the metro.

As for the assumed demolition that DMRC will do in Pune, Delhi metro operated on minimum displacement scheme so you can guess how much will be compromised in Pune.

Interestingly, you propose Volvo buses for the city which are more hazardous to the environment in the long run than a metro. I am sure an activist who studies issues in "details" has thought about this aspect. So, may we know the rationale please?

About corruption, the only way to not have corruption is to not involve any public money. Is that the alternative you're suggesting?

About the environmental impacts, there's a section in the DPR that might help clear your doubts.

For the first section, 503.94 crores are allocated for land acquisition. And the details are also there in the DPR.

Earnings to cover the cost aren't entirely tax based. There are property development earnings with larger FSI, again available in the DPR, if you make an attempt to read it.

I can go on with the details but I would advise that before spreading such (mis)information on the internet please spend a day, which is the maximum it will take, to study the DPR and then post something here. Won't be a bad idea after all.

sm,  June 16, 2010  

thanks for comment.
Point – One [To begin with, I fail to understand the logic between the metro being a substitute for good roads, buses and WC facilities. So the objection that you raise about "give us these things first" is forceful but somewhat unnecessary to I feel. ]

Answer is only = If you do not have Roti and Bread eat the Pizza
The person who is riding cycle for him what PMC is doing ?

Point Two –
Moving on, your questions about time line, environmental impact, cost, parking space, stations, compensation, and fare structure are all available in the DPR which is publicly available. Well, not on the internet but then assuming that something doesn't exist if it's not online is slightly naive, isn't it?

Answer –
Why it is not on internet.
Is that private business or public business?
Does this project does not involve Tax payers money?
A person needs privacy in public business when he wants to do corruption.
Where is DPR, if you got one why you do not post it?
I know it is there, why DPR is hidden?
What is the use of PMC website, what is the use of Political websites?

Part 3 –
Delhi Metro –
I did not say it is failed, it just started and we have to see that how it works.
If it is working, people are enjoying then fine no problems.

Part 4 –
About Volvo –
Volvo Bus gives comfort, I do not say purchase Volvo, but something which gives pleasure to common man and Volvo gives pleasure to common man.
About environment please check that
How many PCMC buses follow the environment norms and I am sure you will be shocked?

Part 5 –
Regarding corruption
Only way is openness and easy, free and detailed information regarding the project should be given to public.
And questions of public should be answered in a week of time.
Today I do not find information regarding Metro Project, a simple document
Then how much information we will be given in future regarding this project.
You can guess it.

Anonymous,  June 16, 2010  

Your essential question seems to be that the DPR isn't publicly available. As far as I know it is but it's not on the internet. The reason why I can't post it is simply because it's an 82MB document. A simple RTI query will definitely get you a DPR which has answers to all the questions.

And I am still confused about the roti bread pizza point. They are NOT substitutes. Metro is meant for people who're using cycles too. If you're telling me that they can't afford the metro as well then I am not sure what exactly can they afford and how much population of this sort exists in Pune. Metro ride would be about 200 rs a month (maximum) and I think that's a fairly affordable amount for most people in Pune.

And if you advocate volvo buses for comfort, buses which are hazardous to environment in the long run, then are those comforts meant for cycle riders in Pune?

If you're really keen, I will upload the DPR somehow / somewhere and you can download it but wouldn't it have been a lot nicer if you made an attempt to procure the DPR first, studied and posted your concerns rather than going all-out against the PMC?

sm,  June 17, 2010  

Thanks .

Roti equals foot path
Pizza equals Pune Metro
I want foot path = for our environment and our health

When I am fit I can walk or cycle then why I should travel in Metro?

If PMC gives us good footpath, walking road and good cycle track I am sure majority people will start to use them.
In a Green World don’t you think this is very important to develop the foot path first then metro.
Metro is required but not before the Foot path .

In January 2010 Volvo introduced Volvo CNG buses in India.
Built at their plant near Bangalore in Hoskote, the Volvo 8400 CNG City Bus features a high-performance CNG engine and a new Ecolife transmission which promises a more comfortable drive plus air suspension. The intelligent automatic gearbox offers better mileage, while an even stronger retarder system ensures a jerk-free ride. The bus also features a host of safety systems including electronic braking system, anti-roll system, disc brakes, anti-skid protection, hill start aid with gradeability, poor brake performance warning, etc.
Like this type of Buses we need to purchase for the cities .

What is the reason one has to file the Right to Information application regarding Public affair .

The people who supported BRT that time , ask them what happened to BRT and what is their opinion now .

I am still positive , but I am afraid that the failed persons are again starting a new project .
This is like company who can not make a cycle is now making a car with the tax payer’s money.

When millions of money is wasted and no one is punished , I simply think that every officer and political party has got their own due share of corruption.

Once the project starts DPR can change using the loopholes of laws this happened in Delhi Metro also.

Anonymous,  June 17, 2010  

sm, Thanks for your patience in replying to my comments but I am afraid that I still am confused by your arguments, to be really honest.

If a is a substitute for b then either a happens or b happens. Now, here is why metro and foot paths are not substitutes.

1) The requirements and targeted audience are different.
2) People won't travel long distances on foot paths and cycles while metro is intended for that.
3) Metro attempts to lessen the vehicular traffic and hence have no impact on foot paths.

So, while your demand for good foot paths and cycle tracks is legitimate and a need of the hour that does not create any ground for opposing the metro. The correct, rational and a logical demand would go like - We want foot paths, cycle tracks and metro.

Metro serves entirely different purpose. Your claim that people will use cycles and not metro if there are good cycle tracks is erroneous at best and I don't think we need to spend time on why that's not true. A large number of people using scootys, activas and many pedestrians will in fact use metro rather than choosing to cycle 15 kms one way, and make no mistake there are thousand of that kind.

I like your usage of "Green World" but I am sure you must be equally puzzled as I am with the use of green as these days there's hardly anything in the market that's not green. So, we need to quantify the "green-ness" to make a scientific enquiry into which is a better green source. In that sense, I also appreciate your knowledge of Volvo engines but there are a few points that might help in this regard -

Volvo runs on petrol / diesel.
Metro runs on electricity.
Train transport is the most efficient transport in terms of energy consumed per km per person.
Air traffic is the most inefficient one, followed by private cars followed by buses.

Given India's oil dependency, emissions of buses and metro's efficiency, I would be extremely surprised if you don't change your stance regarding metro at least on this ground, if not anything else.

About corruption and politician's share, of course you are entitled to have that opinion but that does not make a rational argument against metro as long as you don't back it up with evidence.

And DPR is publicly available, it's not there on the internet doesn't mean it doesn't exist. RTI query is for that purpose only. Any public information can be sought under RTI. If you are uncomfortable with that then I would guess you expect PMC to distribute copies of DPR to people or upload it on the web. The former is infeasible and the latter could have been done but hasn't been done. But those who wanted the DPR have managed to get it nonetheless.

Are you keen on having it, I can upload it for you, hoping that you read it without prejudices and biases.

sm,  June 18, 2010  


Every city needs development.
How the development should be made.
Road, foot path are the basic needs of every city.

Does PMC got the unlimited money for spending on each project, and result is zero benefit for the citizens of Pune city

You said it correctly foot path, Road and Metro should start at the same time, but here problem is those people who got authority does not have that will ?
These people just want to make the money by starting new projects

When Foot Path is not present Roads are not in good condition,
Where the tax payers money should be spend on
foot path, Road or Metro?

How many years it will take to complete the Pune Metro Project?

When PMC failed in everything, as a citizen why we should trust them.

For Pune Metro Politicians of Pune city will take the loans.

Who will pay for those loans? How PMC will recover the loan amount to pay back the loans. to banks ?

Metro may or may not give benefits to citizens of Pune city but final truth is that
what ever may happen, People of Pune will have to pay the loan amount , and for that PMC will increase the taxes or price of Metro Ticket .
In both the cases again citizen is cheated .

What we should do then as a citizens ?
In India we do not have accountability for politicians for their failure

DPR is a document which can be changed by politicians any time.

first a city needs foot path or Metro?
It is possible to start the both projects on the same date,
But in that if only one project should be started,
then which project should be started first ?
Foot Path, Road or Metro ?

I am not against Metro.

First give the Foot Path then talk about Metro.

No one knows about Metro ask the politicians about this they will fail to answer technical questions as well as financial questions.

Why Not Under ground Metro?
Why above the Ground Metro?

A project which starts in confusion ends in confusion.

We are talking about 21st Century progress and PMC does not even know how to up load DPR on the net, a simple document.

I am not against the Metro,
I am opposing it because I can see one more time PMC is going to waste the tax payers money.
I know the usefulness of metro.
Just fear on the name of Metro, we will lose millions of Rupees and purpose of solving the traffic problem will be there after the completion of Project.
As it is very difficult to predict the progress of any city.

PMC equals failure.

If you want you can use WinZip and split file and send me. Yahoo allows sending 25 MB file with each mail.
I will try to write a post on that DPR.

If I am not sure about the project, I do not have information, the party, PMC who is starting the project is failure,
In this case how can I support and say yes Pune Needs Metro.
I am very poor person I can not afford to pay more taxes without any benefits.

Currently PMC and political parties are fighting on ground or under ground metro

When they wanted to purchase the buses for Pune city, Politicians fought for many months just like 7 year kids, on the point = should we purchase 1 door or 2 door bus, does door should be on right or left side of the bus ?

So I am afraid and worried about the tax payer’s money and Metro Project.

They said BRT will solve the problem of traffic , now there is no BRT but we have wasted money.

Tomorrow metro project starts , does not complete on time, what we will do then ?

If metro project is completed and still traffic problem is not solve what we will do ?

For this awareness , openness and honesty is required , which I do not see in these people.

sm,  June 24, 2010  

June, 24
Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) gave the green signal to the proposal to build a 14.925-km corridor of the Pune metro railway from Vanaz (Paud road) to Ramwadi (Ahmednagar road).
The Vanaz-Ramwadi route is the second corridor of the Pune metro rail project. The first corridor, which has not been taken up by the PMC and PCMC general bodies yet, has been planned between the PCMC building and Swargate.
The general body also resolved to execute a monorail project on the high capacity mass transit route in the city.
With the NCP, Congress and BJP backing the proposal, 65 votes were cast in favour. Seven members of the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena opposed the proposal. The Shiv Sena, which has 21 members in the House of 144, staged a walkout before the proposal was put to vote. Many corporators were absent.
MNS leader Kishore Shinde said, “Pune needs a comprehensive traffic plan. Unless that is ready, we cannot approve the metro proposal.”

April 23, 2010
The PMC standing committee had decided to build the metro railway on the Vanaz-Ramwadi corridor last month. The project will cost Rs 2,281 crore (including taxes). The civic body will contribute 10 per cent and get 40 per cent from the state and the Centre and source the rest from private players.

Anonymous,  July 12, 2010  

There is no need of metro for pune.
first devlope the roads, bus transportation and mainly the traffic sence of pune. Traffic police are useless in pune, cant cantrol the traffic and just in hurry to earn money from the public neither to penalty them.
Improve all these and there will b no need of metro.

sm,  July 14, 2010  


Mahendra,  November 01, 2010  

Pune Definitely needs a metro. Everyone who suggests that Delhi Metro is a failure needs to actually travel to Delhi and test it themselves before conceeding to the opinions voiced in the news papers(which are not worth even the quality of paper they are printed on!!!!) I have travelled to Delhi and in the metro. PUNE DEFINITELY NEEDS A METRO SOONER THE BETTER.

sm,  November 02, 2010  

please say the reasons why you support the metro in pune city.
if someone drinks milk and becomes healthy does not mean every one needs milk to be healthy.

do not compare it delhi.
how many articles you read supporting Pune Metro.
did you see the plan of Pune Metro ?
Can you say Pune Metro Project will be corruption free ?

Can you guarantee pune metro project will be completed on time ?