16 May 2010

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Part One - Rajesh Roshan and His Copied Inspirational Songs –

Part One - Rajesh Roshan and His Copied Inspirational Songs –

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Rajesh Roshan
Full name - Rajesh Roshan Lal Nagrath

Born on 24 May 1955 in Bombay, Maharashtra, India

Profession - music composer

Rajesh Roshan is uncle of bollywood star Hrithik Roshan and brother of film director and Actor Rakesh Roshan.

English Songs Copied By Rajesh Roshan –

Movie Name - Man pasand
Song Name - Rahne KO Ek Ghar Ho ga
Copied from original Song - Wouldn’t it be loverly from The 1956 Broadway musical 'My Fair Lady' later made into movie.

Movie Name - Man Pasand
Song Name - Hoton pe geet jaage
Copied from original Song - I could've danced all night from my fair lady .

Movie Name - Kaash
Song Name - Kya hai tumhara naam, Alladin Alladin
Copied from original Song - Tevye's Dream' from Fiddler on the Roof

Movie Name - Aap ke deewane
Song Name - Aap ke deewane
Copied from original Song – Swingtown from Steve Miller band

Movie Name - Kaala Pathar
Song Name - Ek raasta
Copied from original Song - 'Jolene' from Dolly Parton

Movie Name - Des Pardes
Song Name - Aap kahen
Copied from original Song - 'Bhooli bisri' by Mehdi Hasan

Movie Name - Jurm
Song Name - Marne ke darr se
Copied from original Song - Madonna's La isla Bonita

Movie Name - Jurm
Song Name - Jab koi baat
Copied from original Song - From the song 'Here the whistle blow...a hundred miles'

Movie Name - Sabse bada khiladi
Song Name - Bharo maang meri bharo
Copied from original Song - Enigma's 'Hallelujah'

Movie Name - Kishen Kanhaiya
Song Name - Soot boot mein
Copied from original Song - New Orleans' song 'Iko iko'.

Movie Name - Khote Sikkey
Song Name - Jhilmil sitaaron ne kaha
Copied from original Song - the classic, 'Raindrops keep falling on my head'!

Movie Name - Kala Bazaar
Song Name - Yeh paisa bolta hai
Copied from original Song - Sabri Brothers' qawali, 'Paisa bolta hai'

Movie Name - Dastak
Song Name - Pal bheet gaya
Copied from original Song - Gypsy Kings' 'Soy'

Movie Name - Kudrat
Song Name - Tujhe dene ko
Copied from original Song - Gypsy Kings' 'Caminando Por La Calle'

Movie Name - Khel
Song Name - Na Hai Zameen
Copied from original Song - Sending all my love', by the band 'Linear'

Movie Name - Khel
Song Name - Mujko chaand chaahiye and Ek baat maan lo tum
Copied from original Song - OST of the movie Blues Brothers. The song is 'Minnie the moocher'

Movie Name - King Uncle
Song Name - Taare aasmaan ke
Copied from original Song - Kenyan track, 'Jambo bwana', by Them Mushrooms

Movie Name - Swarg Yahan Narak Yahan
Song Name - Phoolon ka yaaron
Copied from original Song - Pet Shop Boys' 1987 single, 'It's a sin'

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Admin May 17, 2010  

This is not shocking to me. I think we people have become used to all these. Bollywood has reduced to copywood. Almost everything today in bollywood is a copied stuff. We have lost our originality. Sad but true..

Insignia May 17, 2010  

Voila!! Anymore list left?

sm,  May 17, 2010  

thanks yes you said it Bollywood has reduced to copywood.

sm,  May 22, 2010  


shilpa,  May 23, 2010  

Bollywood = copywood.

Anonymous,  April 16, 2012  

This is crazy. Today as I was watching a youtube video on Iranian Civilization, I found the background symphony of the documentary video resembling "Dil ne dil ko pukara" from the movie Kaho na Pyar Hai (Music director: Rajesh Roshan). Here's the link:
(timing- 8:25 to 9:38). No prize for guessing who copied whom.

Copywood, please give me a break !