28 May 2010

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Pakistan – Terrorist Attack Two Mosques – Nearly 2000 Hostages

Pakistan – Terrorist Attack Two Mosques – Nearly 2000 Hostages -
Pakistan – Terrorist Attack Two Mosques – More than 1500 Hostages
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Friday, May 28, 2010 - 3.40 pm.

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Today, Gunmen armed with grenades attacked two mosques belonging to a minority Islamic sect, Muslim Ahmadi community during Friday prayers in the eastern Pakistani city of Lahore.

Britain's Sky News reported that about 2,000 people were inside one of the sites at the time of the attack.

The Express Tribune newspaper reported that four blasts were heard at one of the mosques.

The mosques were several miles apart from each other in two residential neighborhoods in Pakistan's cultural capita

Geo Television reported five people had been killed in one of the mosques, in the Model Town area, with 10 injured.

Founded by Ghulam Ahmad, who was born in 1838, the Ahmadi sect has a number of unique views including that Ahmad himself was a prophet and that Jesus died aged 120 in Srinagar, capital of Indian-ruled Kashmir.

Ahmadis are known as Qadiani, and have tens of thousands of members.

The Ahmadis believe that Muhammad was not the final prophet, but they call themselves Muslims. This is against the view point of majority Muslims.
The government has declared them a non-Muslim minority and they are prohibited from calling themselves Muslims or engaging in Muslim practices such as reciting Islamic prayers.

Many Islamist militants believe it is permissible or honorable to kill non-Muslims, or even those Muslims who do not share their extreme views.

"Firing is still going on. The attackers are on the roof of the mosque and they are shooting at police. One of the attackers climbed atop the minaret of one of the mosques, firing an assault rifle and throwing hand grenades, TV footage showed.

Update 1 -
Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) Punjab has claimed the responsibility for the attack, Geo News reported.

Police and paramilitary forces have surrounded the two mosques and taken up positions on roads and roof tops around the mosques.
Security forces have nearly completed the operation at Model Town. Ten
people have been reported killed and several injured in the attack at
this place. Seven terrorists attacked Model Town mosque and police
have killed five one of them escaped.

At least 30 persons killed in this attack.
Seige of the model town mosque ends.


Anonymous,  May 29, 2010  

Was just watching the news. I think the death toll is now between 60 to 80.
All the name of religion...

BK Chowla, May 29, 2010  

More important the death toll for Pakis is understand the devil they gave birth to

SM May 29, 2010  

On the name of religion, this is happening from thousand of years.

SM May 29, 2010  

BK Chowla,,
thanks. This is happening like the story of BHASMASUR and God Shiva.

Insignia May 29, 2010  

I just read that their constitution had declared them non-muslims in 1979. Oh my god!! their own brothers dont accept them. What has the world come to!! Its so gory.

sm,  May 30, 2010  

yes you are right

Poonam,  June 06, 2010  

very sad , saw it on tv