17 May 2010

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Maoists Strike Again - 50 Dead Blow up the Bus in Dantewada

Maoists Strike Again - 50 Dead Blow up the Bus in Dantewada
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Monday, May 17, 2010

Maoist guerrillas blew up a bus in a forested stretch of Chhattisgarh killing At least 35 special police officers (SPOs) and civilians were killed, it is feared that nearly 50 people died in this attack.

The bus was destroyed completely by a powerful landmine as it made its way on the Dantewada-Sukma Road in Dantewada district, about 450 km south of Raipur and blast created 10-feet deep crater
This place is the part of Bastar which is heavily forested and where tribals live.

This is first time that Maoists killed the civilians; this clearly sends the message to locals that do not travel with police or CRPF persons.

Before this attack their leader Koteshwar Rao alias Kishenji demanded the central government stop the anti-rebel Operation Green Hunt and the 'killing of oppressed people'.

The Present Dantewada district came into existence in 1998.
According to the ancient story of Ramayana, Ram had taken the shelter in Dantewada during his exile, that time this place was known as Dandkaranya.

Below is the Dantewada Map


Anonymous,  May 18, 2010  

I wish you had written more.
The Maoists, seem to be the new problem child, that is not getting the deserved attention that it surely seems to warrant...

sm,  May 18, 2010  

I will try to write more on this topic.

RK,  May 19, 2010  

wish you had written more.