20 May 2010

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Land Mines a Deadly Weapon – Under Standing Land Mines

Land Mines a Deadly Weapon – Under Standing Land Mines -
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Thursday,May 20, 2010
Land Mines a Deadly Weapon – Under Standing Land Mines
It is very easy to make land mine, very cheap to make and use land mines.

Normally mines placed in ground by hand but mechanical machines can be also used to bury mines in ground.
Land mines are explosive devices that are designed to explode when triggered by pressure or a tripwire.

Arm forces used the mines to decrease the moving speed of enemy army as well as destroy their tanks.
A land mine can be triggered by pressure, movement, sound, magnetism and vibration.
When mines are laid in group, then it is called as mine fields. There are many types of mines, but most important are
Anti-personnel (AP) mines and Anti-tank (AT) mines
Anti tank mines contains more explosive material than the anti personal mine.
As more explosive material it needs more pressure to explode.
Anti personal mines use the pressure of a person’s foot as a trigger but tripwires are also used.
Modern anti vehicle mines use a magnetic trigger to enable it to a detonate even if tires did not touch it.
Advanced mines are capable to recognize the friendly vehicle and enemy vehicle, thus own army can use that mine field, it will not blast, mines explode only when the enemy vehicle or tank comes into contact.

What is Detonator?
Detonator is a small amount of explosive used to ignite larger amounts of explosive.
Ignite = Good example is our gas stove in kitchen, we use pencil like igniter to start our kitchen stove burner.

What is Magnetic Mine?
Magnetic Mines are equipped with magnets; they get triggered when they come into contact with large number of metal.

Blast Mines –
Mines are buried few inches in ground and are triggered with a pressure of more than five kg, as soon as some one steps on pressure plate mine gets triggered.
Main use – Not to kill but damage when purpose becomes to destroy fully and kill it becomes the anti tank mine.

Once land mines are buried in ground they stay active for more than fifty years.

To find and clear the mine is a very slow process, to find a mine machines are also used as well as dogs and metal detectors

Which type of explosive material is used in mines?
Mainly TNT AND RDX is used
TNT: Trinitrotoluene, a high explosive.
Chemical explosives, nuclear explosives etc. Different types of explosive material is available and used as per the need of army .

Plastic is used in the land mines so it becomes very difficult to find a land mine using metal detector.

156 countries have signed the Ottawa Treaty, as per this treaty signatory countries agreed not to manufacture, stockpile or use anti personnel mines.
China, India, Israel, Pakistan, Russia and the United States have not signed this treaty.

Maoists used the land mines to create fear and panic. To restrict the movement of CRPF Jawans.

Good example – Watch the Border movie, you will get the full idea how land mines work. Death, sacrifice of Sunil Shetty, as he carries land mine with him near the Pakistan tank and puts below the tank.


Neha May 20, 2010  

ok, now this is the first time I am reading about mines..I never knew, rather never paid attention to this thing ever!

RNSANE May 21, 2010  

This just gives me chills. I abhor war and I wish that we could have a peaceful world. I guess that is so pollyanna of me. I see pictures of childre hurt by the detonation of land mines years after they were laid and it just breaks my heart.

Piper .. May 21, 2010  

sm, this was a very informative post.
You know, when I was serving in the Indian Army, I was often called on de-mining projects. The indian army, during the course of the Indo-Pak wars in the 60`s and 70`s , had laid down several of these mines all along the LOC. But over time the mines have shifted because of erosion etc. Now, no one knows where these mines are!! So the army undertakes de-mining procedures, where they try to figure out the location of these mines and remove them. Needless to say, many soldiers lose their legs by stepping over these mines accidentally! And as a doctor, I had to accompany them for the immediate first aid! Can you even begin to imagine the horror of it all??!!!!

sm,  May 21, 2010  


sm,  May 21, 2010  


sm,  May 21, 2010  

thanks for sharing your experience.

Insignia May 22, 2010  

I did have a vague idea. More often than not, it has killed innocent civilians

sm,  May 23, 2010  

yes it has killed innocent civilians

Rahul,  May 29, 2010  

this was a very informative post.