13 May 2010

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India - Understanding Khap Panchayat – Indian Style Taliban System of law

India - Understanding Khap Panchayat – Indian Style Taliban System of law

Reality Views by sm –

Khap order , and judgment is nothing but a contempt of court and judiciary.
Insult to Indian Democracy .

What is Khap Panchayat?

In ancient India, villages were governed by council of five members; this council was called as Panchayat.
A unit of seven villages was called a Thamba
12 Thambas would form the unit of 84 Villages
Mainly these types of Khap are present from Northwest India down to Madhya Pradesh, Malwa, Rajasthan, Sindh, Multan, Punjab, Haryana, and modern Uttar Pradesh.

Khap is a group of villages united by caste .In ancient times these groups were united to increase their power.

All boys and girls within a Khap are considered as siblings.
Khap panchayat governs the khap formed by same gotra (clan) families from several neighboring villages.

Love marriages are not permitted within Khap villages .It is considered as a sin.
Same Gotra marriages are not permitted and if any boy and girl try to marry, normally Khap Panchayat kills the boy and girl and even family of boy and girl is punished.

Khap panchayat controls the lives of villages, what khap says one has to obey it without questioning.

The political unit of Khap was defined as a group of 84 villages.
Khap Panchyat is also a political unit who controlled and administered villages.
Every village elected there own panchayat.
All Khap or Sarv Khap represented all the Khaps.

The khap leader gave the justice as he felt correct as per his understandings and knowledge.
He was like the king of village.

In these meetings elders discussed everything and decided and young people have to obey them blindly, then decision may be wrong or right.

Khap Panchyat does not believe in Democracy and Supreme Court of India, for them their old customs and traditions are more important, if they get chance I am sure they will again start the Sati system in Khap villages. Like this many other old customs.

The reason to write about khap panchayat is that one of the educated by books and uneducated or selfish political leader Navin Jindal has said he supports the khap customs

He promised to the Khap panchayat that he will talk with the senior leaders of congress or law ministry to amend the constitution and Hindu marriage act, so the khap village Panchayat can lawfully punish the boys and girls who do love marriage, or who marry in same Goatra.

Normally Khap panchayat gives death punishment to the boys and girls who fall in love.
If they run away, families are punished and boycotted.

Ban the Khap Panchyat in India or declare them as court of Justice and give them legal status of High Court of India.

Currently Khap Panchayat does not enjoy any legal status.
Even Police also obey the orders of Khap Panchyat which are not lawful as per Indian law.

A recent landmark judgment by the Additional Sessions Court at Karnal in the Manoj-Babli “honor” killing case, in which five accused were given the death sentence, sent shock waves among caste panchayat leaders, as it reminded them that they were not above the Constitution.

Khap panchayat is nothing but caste panchayat where Upper class people rule .Rich and Powerful use the law as they fit right for their own fun and pleasure and ego.

The caste panchayat leaders have decided to stifle any voice of assertion from the backward sections. On April 21 more than 20 houses of Dalits were burnt down at Mirchpur village, in the presence of a police force, allegedly by thugs belonging to a dominant caste, resulting in the death of an 18-year-old handicapped girl and her ailing father

Khap Panchayat is a Talibani system of law .
Ban Khap Panchayat and Show To The World that in India we are ruled by Democracy and Indian Constitution.
No one is above Constitution

Updated on Monday, January 17, 2011 –

The khap panchayat led by Battisa Khap Council head Baba Suraj in Bhenswal village passed the order which claimed that wearing jeans had a "bad effect" on young women and eve-teasing incidents had increased due to their objectionable clothes".

The panchayat formed a five-member committee of women to implement the ban in the village.

Before this ban they have already banned the use of mobile phones by unmarried girls in the district.

Khap Panchayat argument is that use of mobile phone and jeans provoking eve-teasing and encouraging young couples to elope.

It seems that the village males can not control themselves when they see the girls wearing jeans.
Before the invention of Jeans may be there were no rapes and no incidents of eve-teasing.

I am not master of Indian history but I know our Mahabharata also there are instances when boy and girl ran away,
Did they also use mobile and jeans?
Hope you know the story of Arjun, Krishna and sister.

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chitra May 14, 2010  

Khap Panchayat ruling is sending chills down my spine. How will these people change? How long will it take? It's barbaric.

Swatantra May 14, 2010  

Quite useful.. Is it still exists..

R. Ramesh May 14, 2010  

:) hey thanks friend for staying connected:)

sm,  May 14, 2010  


sm,  May 15, 2010  

thanks, they still exist, and this month they even threatened MPS and MLAS if government do not change the laws, and protect them.

sm,  May 15, 2010  

R. Ramesh,

Insignia May 17, 2010  

There has been news reports about honor killing. When will these people learn?

sm,  May 18, 2010  

They will never learn without action

Pooja,  May 18, 2010  

It's barbaric

Anonymous,  May 18, 2010  

is khap panchyat are against the two different cast marriages also?

Anonymous,  January 21, 2011  

Same clan marriage should not be done but if happens so it should not barberic .
Manuj singh dhaka

sm,  January 21, 2011