27 May 2010

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India - One More Type Discrimination on Girls by Bangalore Collages

India - One More Type Of Discrimination on Girls by Bangalore Collages -
India - One More Of Type Discrimination on Girls by Bangalore Collages

Reality Views by sm –
Thursday, May 27, 2010

On the name of religion or culture or family honor from thousand of years in India,
Indian females are not treated equally or at par with the male child .

Bangalore is a metro city of India, considered as a city of modern thinking.
If this happens in a metro city, consider what is happening in Indian villages and small towns.

Girls are equal to boys in everything , whenever girls got the right guidance and education we have seen that they perform at par with boys , many times beating boys and winning the competitions or scoring more marks in any exam.

When girls do badly in the eyes of religious parties they are beaten in the pub or they are beaten on the Valentines Day or they are even married of with the donkey.

Religious parties do not like to give equality to females. They want to keep females as a cow producing bulls to rape the cows of India.

Let’s come to the point -

India is a country where to fool the Indian female, they say female is the goddess of education and on the other hand she was forbidden to study.
Wow, what a great politics by males to control the females.
Snake died without breaking a stick.

Last few years in India we are witnessing that girls are getting more marks and percentage in any exams or any stream of studies.

In India admission to the collages are given on the basis of marks or percentage.
So if student has more marks, he or she will be given preference.
Then collages have reservation where few seats , admissions are given to the particular boys or girls of particular caste or religion because they belong to that caste even if they are rich , billionaires or millionaires they are given admission with less marks because they belong to that xyz caste which enjoys reservation .

Now in India few Indian pre-university collages, mainly from Bangalore metro city have started to discriminate with girls, girls are punished for getting more marks and studying hard for the exams.

The reason to punish intelligent girls or girls who score more in exam is that so the boys will get the admission to the collage.

So these collages do not keep equal percentage of marks requirement for male and female students.

MES Pre-University College of Arts, Commerce and Science colleges, has different cutoffs in science and commerce for boys and girls.
Senior assistant of the college, Purushotham, said that the physics, chemistry, maths and biology (PCMB) cut-off for boys is 594, while it is 599 for girls. The commerce cut-off is 553 for boys and 580 for girls.

This way girl is punished for getting more marks.

In another reputed city college—and not for the first time either. “The cut-off is decided depending on the applications received. This year, for PCMB (for the ISCE board), its 89.29% for boys and 92.29% for girls.

At National PU College, officials have been segregating cut-offs based on gender for four years.

I came to read on few blogs and in comments section where many Indians compared this cut off list with the Reservation.

Please do not be confused, this is not reservation, this is discrimination.

There should be only one cut off list for boys and girls. Already we have reservation on caste and religion which is wrong.

If girl is poor and uneducated she is punished and if girl is modern and educated she is punished for doing fashion or expressing liberal thoughts or equality thoughts or actions

Now another sector, education has started to punish the girls for scoring more marks in exams.

For doing this type of Discrimination Do you think concern collages should be fined or punished some way ?

But I think no one will be punished , we will wait until some scholar girls commit suicide for not getting admission into good collage after getting more marks than boys.

Lets Hope this will not happen in India , We will not see that day in India.


Samvedna May 27, 2010  

This is too preposterous.

jamos jhalla May 27, 2010  

This should not be allowed [happen ]in India . We may not be cursed to see that day in our country[motherland]

sm,  May 28, 2010  

The person who started this type of discrimination is a foolish person.

sm,  May 29, 2010  

jamos jhalla,

Insignia May 29, 2010  

Exactly!! It was so ridiculous reading that. And in Bangalore, educationalists are becoming insane.

sm,  May 30, 2010  

yes they are behaving like insane for selfish reasons .

Amrit June 04, 2010  

That is stupid and insane. Is India going on in right direction?

sm,  June 05, 2010  

thanks.its nothing but fear of rising female power and equality

Anonymous,  June 14, 2010  

There has been reservation as high as 1/3 rd for women in large number of indian colleges. Bright male students has to take onto crime for this reason.

sm,  June 14, 2010