29 May 2010

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A.R.Rahman – short biography with Copied or Inspirational Songs List

A.R.Rahman – short biography with Copied or Inspirational Songs List –

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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Birth name - A. S. Dileep Kumar , Also known as A. R. Rahman, ARR, AR

Born - January 6, 1966 (1966-01-06) (age 44) Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

Occupations - Composer, record producer, music director, singer, instrumentalist, arranger, programmer

He has won fourteen Filmfare Awards, four National Film Awards, a BAFTA Award, a Golden Globe, two Grammy Awards, and two Academy Awards.

Rahman was born in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, and India to a musically affluent Mudaliar Tamil family. The word Mudaliar means first citizens or first ones .
Mudaliar also Mudaliyar, Mudali and Moodley is a title used by Tamil castes.

Why A.R.Rahman became Muslim, converted to Islam ?
The story is that the younger sister was sick , one of friend told the family of Rahman that pray at the mosque and she will became healthy. After this Rahman and his family started to pray at the mosque and took the vow that if sister recovers from illness the family will became Muslim, will accept the Islam .
As the younger sister recovered from illness, along with other members of his family then converted to Islam in the year 1989 at the age of 23 and changed his name to Rahman

Below is the list of Copied Song by A.R.Rahman .
Tamil copied songs by A.R.Rahman –

Movie Name – muthu
Song Name – Kuluvaalile
Copied from original Song - Like a virgin (Madonna) and Rescue Me by Fontella Bass

Movie Name - Muthu
Song Name - Thillana thillana
Copied from original Song - Deep Forest

Movie Name – Jeans
Song Name - Anbe anbe kollaathe
Copied from original Song - Passion (Peter gabriel – Last temptation of Christ)

Movie Name - Indian
Song Name - Telephone manippol
Copied from original Song - All that she wants (Ace of base)

Movie Name - Indian
Song Name - Akkadannu naanga
Copied from original Song - Paul Young's 'Love of common people

Movie Name - Gentleman
Song Name - Paakaathe paakkaathe
Copied from original Song - Hilele hilele (Osibisa)

Movie Name - Gentleman
Song Name - en veettu thottathil
Copied from original Song – naadhavindhu (Thirupugazh)

Movie Name - Gentleman
Song Name - Paarkadhey
Copied from original Song – Osibisa number 'Kelele'

Movie Name - Mr.Romeo
Song Name - Mellisaye
Copied from original Song - Theme music (Ennio Morricone -For a few dollars more)

Movie Name - May Maadham
Song Name - margazhi poove
Copied from original Song – Suprabhadam

Movie Name - Iruvar
Song Name - Hello Mr. ethirkatchi
Copied from original Song – Dave Grusin's Memphis Stomp

Movie Name - Mudhalvan
Song Name - Shakalaka Baby
Copied from original Song - 'Flight IC 408' by State of Bengal and the track 'Aint talkin bout dub' by Apollo 440.

Movie Name - Minsara Kanavu
Song Name - Poopookkum osai
Copied from original Song – Lebo M's 'Rhythm of pride lands: Kube

Movie Name - Karuthamma
Song Name - Thenmerku paruvakkaatru
Copied from original Song – Dr Alban, 'Om we rembwe ike

Movie Name - Baba
Song Name - Ekamevadhvitheeyam - Theme music from Baba
Copied from original Song - Al Capone (The Untouchables)


Admin May 29, 2010  

Thanks SM for this nice info. Well, AR Rehman is certainly one of my favorites. nice story you shared. whatever maybe, he has made India proud. These things then don't matter much to me..at least ;)

Samvedna May 30, 2010  

whatever it is , but he makes good music:)

Insignia May 30, 2010  

No!! Not on ARR!! I just adore him. Yes, the song Margazhi Poove has the subrapadham base in the beginning. But he brings happiness with his music.

Anonymous,  May 30, 2010  

u all are filthy bastards!!!! get a lyf....

sm,  May 30, 2010  


sm,  May 30, 2010  


sm,  May 30, 2010  

After calling me bastard if you are feeling happy, I do not mind.
Just think what you get after calling me bastard.
I can see your pain, try to help others and I am sure you will feel happy.
My dear friend truth is always bitter.

sm,  May 30, 2010  


sm,  May 30, 2010  


Anonymous,  May 30, 2010  

Most of the songs doesn't hav any similarities..WTF..

sm,  June 05, 2010  


Pooja,  June 06, 2010  

Thanks SM for this nice info.

RNSANE June 27, 2010  

Well, you know, I don't recognize any of the music in the Indian films though I enjoy it all, and all the singing and dancing. It seems, even in the saddest of movies - war, famine, etc - there's got to be a musical number!!

sm,  June 28, 2010  

If songs are removed from the Hindi movies , one has to really think what remains in the Movie.

RNSANE June 30, 2010  

Well, whether it's Bollywood or Hollywood, there are a lot of films that are a total waste of time. In my youth, I would sit through anything but, at 65, I feel my remaining time on earth is limited and I'm not going to waste it sitting through a crummy film!

sm,  June 30, 2010  

one should get full satisfaction after watching the movie.
yes we have to be very careful when selecting movies.
I will suggest do not watch My name is Khan.
you may not like it. if you want watch DDLJ.

Anonymous,  July 06, 2010  

good research! interesting to hear the original pieces that were copied from.


sm,  July 06, 2010  


Anonymous,  January 28, 2011  

Even kahin toh from jane to ya Kane na is copied from trick of faith.

sm,  January 28, 2011  


Anonymous,  February 15, 2011  

I dont think the one who posted these have any knowledge about music...
You are writing suprabhatham is copied as margazhi pooove means what you are trying to do..
Dude anyone knows that the starting bit is suprabhatham for the song margazhi poove...that is for the feel of the morning time...rahman is using this type of bits every where in his music for the feels..and most of them are bit of Ragas..and you have to understand beats are nobodys proprietory..I can show you 100s of songs with same beats in hindi films...does that mean its copied..?
and the tweeting on the starting of kuluvalile is not the propritory of any composer..you can hear it in films when they show scenes in jungles..

morever whatever list you have provided are craps..thats just because of the similarity in ragas...I would recommend first you google how people composes music..is all improvisation of ragas...

If you are good at listing then you can find out many songs other than the listedones which are having same similarity...

ARR's music is definitely versatile...

sm,  February 15, 2011  

thanks for educating me.

Anonymous,  February 20, 2011  

very nice collection
good jod

in my view if a person can copy song
so he can be composer

sm,  February 20, 2011  


Flex March 04, 2011  

I've got another one. Roja's "Pudhu Vellai Mazhai" has remarkable similarities in style, tempo and melody to Yanni's "Quiet Man"

sm,  March 04, 2011  


Anonymous,  March 13, 2011  

Hmm! I thought every music director copied music as there is only 7 tunes according to Sa,re,ga,ma.. etc.And also music is not composed n produced by one man as music is universal n God gifted soul!Anyway.i like Pritam Chakraborty though he copied songs-Yumlembam Roshan.

sm,  March 13, 2011  


Anonymous,  June 12, 2011  

There are more songs copied (money minted) by arrahman, for example the film "Inthian" (Kamal/Shankar) exploits most of Michael Jackson's "History" album and his old singles. It is the commercial world and nost youngsters are hearing his tunes for 'their life first time' and so dont know what he is cheating with.

sm,  June 13, 2011  


GOWTHAM,  August 14, 2011  


Destination Infinity August 14, 2011  

There are always adaptations and inspirations for everyone. The best ones just know from where to take and how to adapt it (perhaps make it even better). His tunes are just awesome :)

Destination Infinity

sm,  August 15, 2011  

Destination Infinity,thanks.

Anonymous,  September 17, 2011  

wat ever it is every song entertained us. so pls dont talk rubbish about a.r. sir . except shak laka baby no song is similar

a.r.fan September 17, 2011  

wat ever it is every song and its bit entertained us maximum . so pls dont talk some rubbish about a.r.sir .

sm,  September 17, 2011  


Anonymous,  December 07, 2011  

Hey buddy,
did a good job there but i do agree that except for a few songs which match the others do not match exactly but one thing for sure! it's a shame that indian music composers have lost their originality and are now earning fame and money copying themes and songs from international music. especially Anu malik, and even RD Burman was 'inspired' from international music!!! I guess some people are just not ready to digest the truth and thats why they are insulting you! Keep up the good work! And to all A.R.Rehman fans, he definetly is one of the greatest musicians India has given but i am sure he would go a long way more if he can create his own stuff like he did for slumdog millionaire...

madhu January 21, 2012  

hi sm, first let me ask u, wat are the benifts that u get from these research. please don't mind me. your research is stupid. if u see to ilayaraja songs, it would also somewhat imitates msv sir. if arrahman sir is a copy cat, would can he get 101 awards?. please let a genius to be a genius. dont try to bring bad name to him. just stop all ur researchs.got it?

Anonymous,  April 21, 2012  

hey thanks man i knew he has copies but i did not know from where....

Anonymous,  April 21, 2012  

We used to talk abt annu malik for coping from english songs...now a r rehman also.....shit man..A.R.REHMAN has fooled us....we all used to like him...now what...i request all indian composer please compose ur own tunes..if u cant please stop composing and find another job

Anonymous,  April 21, 2012  

one anonymous is saying only 2 songs are copied...ha ha ha...u idiot...you have copied 1 or 10 songs its the same case..that you are a thief of tunes.....you cant compose ur own....we have not expected this from a r rahman...shit to him
great research my frnd keep it up

best life April 21, 2012  

a r rahman rocks , love his all creations .

Anonymous,  April 22, 2012  

Realise that all music is composed of only 7 notes.There may be similarities in music composed all over the world.There is no need for AR to copy ten songs if he can compose another thousand songs of his own.No western music idol has even a fraction of the talent that AR has.No other composer in the world has produced music in this much different genres as AR does.Be ashamed of yourself making this list to defame the world's best music composer.Be proud that he is an Indian.Don't go for all false means to make money.Kindly delete this page and repent yourself.

Anonymous,  May 14, 2012  

A.r.rahman sir is genuine and his compositions are 99 percent original and he never copy/paste any song from anywhere but he gets the ragas for en veetu thottathil,minsara kanna from padayapa that are commonly noted by carnatic singers(said himself by rahman in an interview) and so it is legal...
And sometimes ilayaraja,MSV,R.D.burman may top a.r.r, but western musicians & singers cannot play music like a.r.rahman and even no Michael jackson,no madona,evriest priesley and no others only a.r.rahman is the best to this two decades...
A.r.rahman is sachin of music and
sachin is a.r.rahman of cricket...
When sachin say that he was inspired of gavaskar's batting and having few of gavaskar's strokes in sachin's batting,Would u accuse sachin for playing some drives of gavaskar? U can't do,likewise the a.r.rahman's music can resemble other tunes accidentally but not intentional...
And you anti a.r.rahmans must be exiled out of this india.
I love u rahman jai ho!

Anonymous,  May 30, 2012  

New York from the movie Sillunu Oru Kaadhal resemble i was made for loving you baby by kiss

Unknown July 28, 2012  

Whoever it is if a person copied from some source, it'll be gr8 if admitted. Apple is an innovative company and a very few people know it. Microsoft, which copied Apple's OS and Windows is known to everyone who knows about a computer.
Now, for the people who don't that Windows is a copy, that's a great product. But once they knew it, it's not a product at all.
Coming to Rehman's songs did he ever admit that a particular source inspired him?
Every author must include references fro where he created the article. This means the respect to the person who created this. Who knows Einstein if everyone copied his formulae and never mentioned his name. He's not a direct inventor of any product. But, his research is the key to many products we are using now.

Anonymous,  August 01, 2012  


Anonymous,  August 25, 2012  

good keep it up...jjjj

Anonymous,  October 06, 2013  

The conversion story by rehman was the biggest lie ever told.Its not that they converted because it seems his sister was sick but for the fact that his mother herself was a born muslim and after his father passed away rehman's mother forced everyone to convert to her family faith.

MAN OF FACTS April 28, 2015  


Unknown March 03, 2018  


Such a immature comment this person, he says AR is better than all the western musicians, what the hell? LOL.... Go be in south india, where everything is copied, that is the best place do you stay!

SATANisGOOD September 27, 2019  

HE can Never Sell his Songs in AMERICA...
But No One is Going to Care about INDIA...
If They Did AR RAHMAN Would be BANKRUPT..

ANON March 31, 2021  

I am a Rahmaniac for sure, but don't be dishonest. He's copied more than his fair share. Anyone that can't see that isn't listening!! His best album of the 2010s Vinnaithandi Varuvaayaa, nearly every song was potentially copied from various sources. And he never gave credit publically, though again none of those musicians have said anything(they are also very popular and powerful to),He's done a lot of great original albums to and many musicians have also been inspired by him. He is still a great musician, just not as all time great as people make him out to be. Definitely not better than the Yannis, Michael Jacksons, and Ilyaraja. But that's fine to, his music has still inspired a lot of people and thats all that matter. I am still a fan of his and if your not thats cool!

SM April 05, 2021  

agree with you anon

ANON April 14, 2021  

Glad you can see it just wish people could see the truth a little more and not get offended.