15 April 2010

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Is It National Crime to Follow the Company Which Does Not Pay taxes?

Is It National Crime to Follow the Company Which Does Not Pay taxes?
Reality Views by sm -
The company has business of billions of rupees and profits of billions of rupees.
The company is not registered as charitable trust but older brother he has company that is registered as charitable trust with no social service.

The company does not pay income tax.

If possible, by hook or crook or by intelligence they see that state government does not charge them Entertainment tax.

They use the services of cities, they use the services of police force, do not know for this type of service they pay charge or not?

They enjoy the life style of king, they got parties where beauty and wine is present, every one is rich and famous, still they say we do social service.

The company is so big if you purchase the tickets they will send you a very big car to your home, you can drink wine their and watch the games, you can even meet the big beautiful ladies , models and even movie stars, just show the money and you can see the honey.

Never heard company people or owners doing the social service, or visiting the farmer’s house who has committed suicide.

Like the slaves they purchase the players, tomorrow if they will purchase the models will you accept it?
May be they are accepting it and doing it, I am not sure about it.

I do not follow such company, but now I am thinking to follow such company and I am confused?

A company which does not pay taxes, which does not do social service, which does not play national games
Do you think if I follow such a company, I am doing a national crime?

I am confused, as if you are following such a company let me know why you follow that company, so I can also understand and follow that company.

Please educate me,

Thanks for reading, Hope you will educate me


sm,  April 16, 2010  

Everyone knows the company, which game makes lot of money in India.

Admin April 16, 2010  

Very interesting...seems that you think too much on these topics. Just relax and enjoy dear :)
btw, yes..I do follow but only the game and my favorite stars.

Anonymous,  April 16, 2010  

IPL? I find it boring now.

sm,  April 17, 2010  

Uncommon Sense,

sm,  April 17, 2010  


sm,  April 18, 2010  


lara,  May 03, 2010  

I find it boring T20,IPL