08 April 2010

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India - ANALYSIS OF THE MPs OF THE RAJYA SABHA, Upper House 2010 –

India - ANALYSIS OF THE MPs OF THE RAJYA SABHA, Upper House 2010 –

Reality Views by sm –

37 MPs of current Rajya Sabha (out of 219, i.e. 17%) had criminal cases pending against them at time of their election to Rajya Sabha On the other hand, 162 (30%) MPs in current Lok Sabha have pending criminal cases against them.

Out of these 37 current MPs of Rajya Sabha with pending criminal cases, 12 MPs (out of 219, i.e. 5%) had serious criminal cases pending against them These serious cases include attempt to murder, kidnapping abducting, voluntary causing hurt by dangerous weapons etc.

Amongst the MPs with pending criminal cases of heinous nature, Kamal Akhtar (SP) from UP and Ram Chandra
On a comparative note, in current Lok Sabha there are 76 MPs against whom serious criminal cases are pending 76 MPs (14%).

98 (out of 183, i.e. 54%) MPs in current Rajya Sabha are crorepatis

Number of women MPs very low in Rajya Sabha (9%)

Maximum Rajya Sabha MPs with pending criminal cases are from UP with 8 out of 31 MPs having criminal cases pending against them. Followed by Maharashtra with 6 MPs out of 18 MPs having pending criminal cases.

Majority parties have criminal candidates below is the list
Inc - 7, BJP-6, BSP-4, SHS-4, SP-3, JDU-3, AIADMK-1

A total of 98 Rajya Sabha MPs out of analyzed 183 (54%) Rajya Sabha MPs are
Crorepatis. On the other hand, in the current Lok Sabha 315 out of 543 MPs
(58%) are crorepatis.

Amongst major parties, 65% of INC Rajya Sabha MPs are crorepatis, whereas 53% of BJP Rajya Sabha MPs are crorepatis.

Maximum number of crorepati Rajya Sabha MPs are from Uttar Pradesh (17 out of 26, i.e. 65%) followed by Maharashtra
(13 out of 15, i.e. 87%).

Details of 10 crorepati Rajya Sabha MPs with highest declared assets are as given below- 

•Bajaj Rahul - Maharashtra - IND - 3,082,816,330

•Ramaswamy Dr. M.A.M. Karnataka - JD(S) - 2,786,423,000

•Reddy Dr. T. Subbarami - AP - INC - 2,726,470,760

•Bachchan Smt. Jaya - Uttar Pradesh - SP - 2,155,045,337

•Lad Anil H. - Karnataka - INC - 1,880,988,492

•Mahendra Mohan - Uttar Pradesh - SP - 1,106,212,791

•Singh Amar - Uttar Pradesh - SP - 795,136,264

•Karan Singh Dr. - NCT of Delhi - INC - 610,512,447 

•Gupta Dr. Akhilesh Das - Uttar Pradesh - BSP - 531,398,198

•Nathwani Parimal - Jharkhand - IND - 526,593,238

Two Rajya Sabha MPs have declared 0 assets.
These are- Raja D, CPI from Tamil Nadu and Pathak Saman, CPI (M) from West Bengal.

Education and Upper House of India - 

• 8th Pass -2

• 10th Pass - 11

• 12th Pass - 18

• Graduate - 50

• Graduate Professional - 54

• Post Graduate - 54

• Doctorate - 21

• Others -5

• Not Given -4

Total 219

A total of 179 Rajya Sabha MPs out of 219 MPs in Rajya Sabha are graduate

Women representation- Only 21 (out of 232, i.e. 9%) Rajya Sabha MPs are women. 

Party wise break up is given below. 

Indian National Congress (INC) - Male 61 - Female 9

Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) - Male 41 - Female 4

Communist Party of India (Marxist) (CPI (M)) - male 13 - female 1

Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) - Male 13 - Female 0

Samajwadi Party (SP) - Male 11 - Female 1

Upper House, the procedure to select the candidates for upper house, Rajya Sabha is different and special, and then how come criminals are part of this Upper house.

I am a common Indian citizen and I think that if one is criminal his friend is majority times is a criminal.

It’s very difficult to see the Demon and God as friends.

In upper house also we can see that female representation is only 9 percent , here also political parties are not ready to give them fifty percent representation , or at least 33 percent reservation.


Kavita Saharia April 09, 2010  

Even if an average citizen is aware of these things in general a detailed analysis like this is still shocking and embarrassing .

Swatantra April 09, 2010  

Very scary figures.. We have the minimum qualification for all the post. We don't have the basic qualification for the important posts which rules our country..

sm,  April 09, 2010  


sm April 09, 2010  


Sid April 10, 2010  

We should have such analysis in some leading newspapers in India. Good one.

Anonymous,  April 10, 2010  


sm,  April 13, 2010  


sm,  April 13, 2010  


Julia,  April 26, 2010  

shocking thanks for info

Sanjeev Zopfan November 10, 2013  

Great Info. Thanks.

Can you pls provide the link to find the education qualifications of Indian MPs partywise?

Sanjeev Zopfan November 10, 2013  

I found 2 great websites for this type of info (which I required):