23 April 2010

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Cheerleading - What is cheerleading? Know about Cheerleading

Cheerleading - What is cheerleading? Know about Cheerleading
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Cheerleading is a profession, is a sport , in which the groups of persons dance, jump, do some acrobatic exercise, tosses, human pyramids, for few minutes in the games with intervals to make the spectators feel energetic, to increase their interest in the games, to support their favorite team by shouting and encouraging.

This group is called as a cheerleading group; the persons who take part in this activity are called as Cheer Leaders. This is total fun and entertainment.

Cheerleading is not porn.
Cheerleading is a sport.

In Japan, cheer leading sport is called as ŇĆendan.

Cheer leading is an American sport.
Cricket is British Game. Cheer leading sport originated in the USA and Cricket in the England in the 16th Century.

It is believed that cheer leading was started by the Thomas Peebler, in the 1870s at Princeton University when he was student. Later he joined University of Minnesota in 1884 and their again started this activity of cheer and yell.
However, in the year 1898, a medical student Johnny Campbell led a group of guys in cheering for their team. Their Yell
Rah, Rah, Rah! Sku-U-Mah! Hoo-Rah! University! ... ... Minn-e-so-Tah!" - was recorded
It became very popular and today this cheer is remembered and used.
Seeing the Popularity of this yell among Students University of Minnesota officially started a squad for cheering at games.

In 1903 the first cheerleading fraternity, Gamma Sigma was founded

Cheerleading began as an all-male activity.

But from the year 1923 slowly females started to take over this sport from males and today majority cheerleaders are females but still males are also part of cheer leading groups.
This was the period of World War II, and as more and more males joined army, more and more females joined the cheerleading squads and slowly cheerleading became the sport dominated by females.
National Cheerleading Association (NCA) was started in the year 1947 by Lawrence Herkimer to teach cheerleading at the Southern Methodist University in Texas.
In 1967, [International Cheerleading Foundation] World Cheerleading Association started cheerleading competitions.
In 1978, America was introduced to competitive cheerleading by the first broadcast of Collegiate Cheerleading Championships on TV, by CBS.
In America, nearly every school and every collage has a cheerleading squad.
There are more than four million cheerleaders in the USA alone and more than two million cheerleaders in other countries.
In Competitive Cheerleading, Cheerleaders take part in Cheerleading competitions and compete to win awards or trophies.
Traditional cheerleaders usually stand on the sidelines to cheer their teams and encourage their team to win the game as well as encourage supporters to support their team.

Know About Cheerleading Stunts –
Cheerleading stunts – There are many types of stunts.

Arabesque - A stunt in which a flyer, held in the air, extends one leg directly behind her, lowering her chest parallel to the floor.

Basket Toss and Toe Touch - A cheerleading move where a flyer is thrown high in the air by a group of bases and caught in the cradle of their arms.


sm,  April 23, 2010  

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Insignia April 23, 2010  

Thanks for the information. I have read a few things about cheer leading elsewhere too. Its a serious affair for American Cheerleaders

Admin April 23, 2010  

Thanks SM. Great post. very useful and informative. Keep up the excellent work :)

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RNSANE July 03, 2010  

I'm looking back at some of your articles, sm, to which I can relate and I enjoyed this one on cheerleaders. My two younger sons played high school football and Alex ( the one who just got married ) went on to play for American River College in Sacramento. Cheerleaders are an important part of the enthusiam and fun of the game. They are out there, in their little outfits, leading the yells and encouraging fans to pour out their hearts in support of the team, to push them to greater efforts. Sometimes it is bitter cold! They really do add to the spirit of the game. Cheerleading is really a talent. It requires dancing and gymnastic ability.

Alex never dated a cheerleader - although they always like the football players. He said they were just "too taken with themselves." He liked a regular kind of girl - like his beautiful, Laura.

sm,  July 04, 2010  

Cheerleading is really a talent. It requires dancing and gymnastic ability.