19 March 2010

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IPL – No Taxes Common Man – Increased Vat Pay more Tax

IPL – No Taxes Common Man – Increased Vat Pay more Tax
Reality Views by sm -
Does IPL matches are held for social cause?
Do all the profits of IPL matches will be given to the farmers who are committing suicides in Maharashtra?

The Purpose of the IPL matches is to make the profit; it’s a total profit making business.
It has nothing to do with the social service.
Its pure entertainment, just like going to movie or going to drink the wine in a bar with music facility.

The Delhi and Punjab governments had charged entertainment tax on IPL matches.
But Maharashtra Government does not think this way; it has not charged tax on IPL

Maharashtra will host 14 of the 60 scheduled matches of this multi-crore extravagance, but the state will gain nothing.
If Maharashtra government charges tax on IPL matches it is said that Government of Maharashtra will get more than 12 crore Rupees.

On the same time Government has increased the Vat, The increase in vat tax means Maharashtra government needs funds.
Still IPL will not be charged for taxes .
Maharashtra chief minister Ashok Chavan said the state government has not given tax relief to IPL and the issue is still under consideration.

Just hope that BJP will corner the government of Maharashtra and see that IPL pays the taxes.
Otherwise again common man will think that BJP is doing nothing.
one should learn the meaning of Friendship from the politicians.
NCP = Congress
NCP chief is Sharad Pawar.
Yes Friend in need is Indeed.


Neha March 19, 2010  

who says country is going to dogs..it has already gone to dogs..

Insignia March 19, 2010  

Oh interesting!!! Hmm friends help friends!! isnt it? :-P

Swatantra March 19, 2010  

Interesting!! I like IPL as a good business model..

sm,  March 20, 2010  


sm,  March 20, 2010  

yes thanks

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sm,  March 25, 2010  


Rahul,  March 27, 2010  

IPL as a good business model.
will it be taxed ?