20 March 2010

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India - Women Reservation Bill 2010 and empowerment of females – A detailed Analysis

India - Women Reservation Bill 2010 and empowerment of females – A detailed Analysis
Reality Views by sm -
What is the meaning of Empowerment ? How one is empowered ?
Not being able to participate or make your voice heard, due to oppression,
caste, gender or just lack of strength, is something that does not go well together with a democratic society
From ancient times in India power , power of rule is associated with the male
and females are associated with the kitchen , food making and baby making cow.
How do we identify and integrate the social and economic needs of the women if we do not accept them as the important factor in decision making .

Regarding Women Reservation in India , many Indians are confusing this reservation with the empowerment.
By just eating the vitamin pills one does not become the Body Builder and healthy person.
Empowerment refers to increasing the spiritual, political, social or economic strength of individuals and communities.
It often involves the empowered developing confidence in their own capacities.
Empowerment is then the process of obtaining these basic opportunities for marginalized people, either directly by those people, or through the help of non-marginalized others who share their own access to these opportunities.
It also includes actively thwarting attempts to deny those opportunities.
Empowerment also includes encouraging, and developing the skills for, self-sufficiency, with a focus on eliminating the future need for charity or welfare in the individuals of the group.
This process can be difficult to start and to implement effectively, but there are many examples of empowerment projects which have succeeded.
Empowerment includes the following, or similar, capabilities:-
1. The ability to make decisions about personal/collective circumstances
2. The ability to access information and resources for decision-making
3. Ability to consider a range of options from which to choose (not just yes/no, either/or.)
4. Ability to exercise assertiveness in collective decision making
5. Having positive-thinking about the ability to make change
6. Ability to learn and access skills for improving personal/collective circumstance.
7. Ability to inform others’ perceptions though exchange, education and engagement.
8. Involving in the growth process and changes that is never ending and self-initiated
9. Increasing one's positive self-image and overcoming stigma
10. Increasing one's ability in discreet thinking to sort out right and wrong

How much Indian females are empowered ?
In how many homes females are the decision makers ?
Who decides the dress for the females ?
Who choose the husband for the females ?
Who decide the education of the females ?
Who decide with whom the young girl should do friendship ?
Who decides where female should do the job or which kind of job she should do ?
How many families think about sending daughters into politics ?
Like this I can write many more examples , but this is enough.

The point is that females in India are seen as a weak and not intelligent , and males think that they are the protectors of the females.
In every movie and in every television serial in India you can see this , male is rescuing the female , and male is the decision maker in everything .

in India we follow patriarchy , our society is male dominant , and it is one of the duties of the male to protect the females as they are weak

the women in India live their lives behind the men. It is true on the street, in the household and in the political arena.

The reservation bill, introduced with the 73rd amendment, guarantees certain seats in these Gram Panchayat (GP) offices to women in an attempt to empower them.

It depends on the person how he or she wants to utilize the given opportunity and empower oneself and the society.
2nd is currently we can see that what empowerment politicians are doing it.
With the reservation female empowerment will happen, but slowly not in a one day or one year or few years.
But for me I think and go into the deeper and think that this reservation will empower the complete Indian society, every home and every female will talk about the politics.
This is reason we need 50% female reservation in the parliament.
By just giving vitamin pills, someone does not become the true body builder,
With this reservation we are giving females the opportunity, and when they will use this opportunity, how they utilize this opportunity will tell us how the females get empowered and
What will be the effect of this reservation on the society as whole we have to see it?
I do not see anything bad in this reservation; there are more chances that India will get something good from this women reservation bill 2010.
Empowerment does not happen automatically it needs the opportunity,
so first we are giving them opportunity,
Then females of India have to do hard work and prove themselves and in Panchayats many females have shown their capabilities successfully.
This is not scam , just this is how we have to look at the reservation.
In short I will again write it down,
Females easily do not get election tickets . Even Educated males do not get tickets normally who get the election ticket everyone knows it in India.
When qualified males do not get the opportunity and election ticket ,
How do you think females will get the election ticket.
With this woman reservation , opportunity is created for females.
After getting this opportunity female have to do hardwork , understand the politics and show their capacities to nation and society.

Women are not treated equally. Women in India are still second-class citizens in India.
With this reservation we are opening the doors of opportunity for the all Indian females.
This may or may not empower them as only opportunity does not empower them, it needs hard work and study
but currently in India problem is that Brothers, males are not ready to give her this opportunity.
So without this chance how can we say this will empower her or not ?
Without experiment how can you say that this will not empower her ?
But one can not deny the best benefit Indian society will get from this reservation,
Is that Every home will start to talk about politics and this will at home from the young age Indian kids will start to learn about the politics.
Female empowerment will happen with this reservation but it will depend on the female
it’s our duty as a brother , as a male to give her that opportunity and see that she gets success in this.
By just giving vitamin pills no one becomes healthy , it needs efforts. And hard work. And opportunity.
Women Reservation is an opportunity for the females of India and when they will get the chance ,
after that Indian society will know the benefits of this women reservation.
Without experiment and testing nothing can be said is bad or good.
One benefit will happen that more and more Indian families , females will talk about the politics.
This will change the main topic of discussion in majority homes. The benefits will go to the next generation of India.
Currently in India at which age normally youth talk about politics whose family is not into the politics.
Majority families in India have only one topic and dream, get the education, become doctor and engineer get the job and forget the India and Indian politics, reason is that they do not understand the ABCD of politics also.
Without giving opportunity and taking the examination, how can you say student is intelligent , he got empowered with the education.
Like this how can one say Women Reservation will not empower the females or how much it will empower them ?
First let’s give the females of India a chance , an opportunity and then after five years one can review the performance and empowerment of society.

So when we talk about women reservation in India , do not think about the empowerment ,first think about the laws and ideas about this reservation, after five years one will know the benefits of this reservation to the females as well as to the Indian society.

Then and only then one can say clearly how much Indian society is empowered and how much Indian female is empowered .

It is wrong to say Women Reservation bill will not empower females of India.

Yes it will empower the females of India , but this is not right time to discuss the empowerment ,
Now we have to think How this Reservation bill is drafted , What should be the provisions of Reservation Bill ?
so females of India will get more benefits out of this Reservation bill
In the beginning this reservation benefits will be enjoyed by rich masses and females including politically connected females, but with the passage of time , more and more females will come into the politics.

reserving seats for women are necessary to break the vicious circle of male dominance in Indian politics.


chitra March 21, 2010  

My goodness though we speak so much about empowerment never understood it so deeply. You have explained it so elaborately and thanks to you. I agree with you it is not taking a pill and becoming like a body builder. Attitudes must change first. It pains me, the way many women are treated in the society and they suffer in silence. Will the bill or empowerment help these ladies unless they want to get of the chains?

sm,  March 22, 2010  

if this reservation bill becomes the law, then opportunity will be created for females and then they can think about breaking the chains.

Gul,  May 09, 2010  

Attitudes must change first

Anonymous,  May 29, 2010  

good info u gave but .people never digest truth

Anonymous,  May 29, 2010  

good information you collected and analyzed. citizen of the world never digest the truth and practicality. that's why change attitude of yours.

teddy,  July 07, 2010  

good information

garima July 07, 2010  

Good read ! Let us all encourage women and empower them to stand up against all the attrocities of the society. Women empowerment is also a part of Millenium Development Goals….


Globally more than 173 Million people stood up against poverty and other goals (MDG’s) in 2009, a Guinness World Record!

Let us break this record in 2010!

Be the voice for the millions of poor people living across India.


Join us on Facebook at www.facebook.com/unmcampaignINDIA and check out the photo album section for the event pictures.

Follow us on Twitter at http://twitter.com/unmcampaignIND

sm,  July 08, 2010  


sm,  July 28, 2010  


Gyanroshni,  September 27, 2010  

Adequate representation is important for inclusive development. But taking the examples of dummy leaders like rabri devi do you really think a women who could not protect her right of having her man as her's only (polygyny in muslims) will be able to protect the interest of the country??

sm,  September 27, 2010  

Do not compare Rabri with other females.
Not every female got the Husband who can give her thrown.
Once Reservation comes such females will get competition from poor and middle females
also who are denied election ticket as the ministers son is back from USA and Uk completing his education and entertainment.

Gyanroshni,  October 02, 2010  

Thanks Sm..
Ur observation is comendable... Women do need reservation to empower them. But something more should follow along with it- social and educational empowerment so that no more rabri devis who our at the helm of power yet powerless b created. True object behind reservation can be achieved only by educational empowerment of women.

SM October 02, 2010  


Anonymous,  March 14, 2011  

nice articles. so happy to come across such a nice blog. i thought all blogs are filled with just copy paste matter. but this one of urs is nice. keep up the good work

sm,  March 15, 2011  


usha,  April 27, 2011  

these day women are getting closer to the men counterparts in almost all walks of life, this is a tremendous achievement rather change we notice these days, being women i always have felt great and would want all women folk to feel the power and energy of women. good post

sm,  April 27, 2011  


Anonymous,  May 22, 2011  

i think tere should be a reservation for women in the lok sabha and rajya sabha

sm,  May 22, 2011  


NEERAJ J,  July 23, 2011  

According to me womens must deserve the best

sm,  July 23, 2011  


Venkatesh,  November 19, 2011  

Women are obviously different from men. Interested women need education, family support and ethics. Definitely not reservation. Reservation except for the poor in any form other than economics will only encourage caste/gender/religious hatred which we are experiencing already in day to day life.

shanthamalaiayyappa@gmail.com July 02, 2012  

wonderful.one should able to read the entire process in this connection,definetly your efforts on women bill will present in the next sesstion and get finalise will defintly solve the social problems of our country and fulfill the dreams of half of the millions of indians.
i will the follower of you in all aspects of your thinking

shanthamalaiayyappa@gmail.com July 17, 2012  

shanthamalai may bless the bill of constitutional 108 th pending bill before the parliament in mansoon session , without passing the bill the question of participation of women in the todays politics is unimaginable what kiran bedi stated in this cotext is true for all the indian womens , if reservation provided i will enter the politics.