16 March 2010

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India – Reservation policy – The Problem and Solution

India – Reservation policy – The Problem and Solution
Does India Need Reservation Policy?
Reality Views by sm -
Reservation in India will never go.
Reservation policy in India is going to stay forever.
India is a democracy and for the voting and to get the votes and to develop vote banks, political business houses will keep the Ghost of Reservation alive forever.

There is no end to the reservation policy in India.
This is reason we As Indias should accept this reality of India, be realistic and demand realistic things from the elected politicians.
And start to demand the reservation based on the economic, collective salary of the family and reservation benefits only for the first two kids then it may be girl or boy.

The problems of Indian Reservation Policy –

1. Caste and Religion based

2. Important is to belong to caste , not be Indian , needy Indian

3. No data available to know who is getting advantages of reservation

4. Same families are using these reservation benefits after becoming rich also

5. The real needy Indians many times do not even know their reservation rights or know how to claim them, because they do not even get the two time meals in India.

6. The upper class and needy Indians are left to die without any reservation and help from Indian government.

Why Political Business Houses Support and want Reservation –

1. To create vote banks

2. To Divide Indian society on the name of caste , religion and gender

3. Are using same policies of British Raj to keep their family Raj forever on India

How Reservation Policy in India will end –

Without bloodshed and revolution – Reservation policy will never end from India.
After that revolution also I am sure Reservation will be again introduced for the families of youth who will sacrifice their life for this revolution or civil war.

Do I support this type of Revolution –?

No I do not support violent Revolution and in India peaceful revolution has no value.

It’s very difficult in India to get good things done by peaceful way, as no one is interested to follow the laws and know and understand the laws.

But still laws like Right to Information Act are keeping the hopes alive that India will change and we Indians will not need civil war to change the face of India.

Which Factors are Necessary to keep Reservation policy alive forever in India -

1. Democracy

2. Poverty

3. caste and religion

If we Indians will keep fighting on the point that
We do not need reservation and bad effects of Reservation ,
politicians will keep dividing us Indians on the name of caste, religion and gender and
will continue introducing new reservations in new sectors one after another

Women Reservation Bill will be passed this year or after 14 years, but it will become the law one day in India.

Solution Regarding Reservation Policy in India -

For the benefit of India we as Indians should support every Reservation and demand that every reservation should be based on collective salary of family and should be available for the first two children of the family and database should be maintained who is enjoying the benefits of reservation, should be available on the internet with the name and addresses of the family with photographs.

This should be applied to the education, jobs, women reservation and what ever reservation policy our elected politicians try to implement in India.

Just think as an Indian and be honest with yourself
Do you think by opposing the reservation bills and delaying the bills what we are getting?
By opposition what we Indians are getting , just delay in making of new laws and in this fight we Indians do not even care to know inside of the new legislation and law.
We are wasting valuable time of our generation as well as next generations.
Just calculate how many hours Indians has wasted in last 14 years regarding this women reservation bill.

With just few modifications to women reservation bill, the women reservation bill will create wonders in India.

With this reservation we Indians should take the opportunity and demand economic reservation in the every type of reservation.

Just 3 clauses – will change the Reservation attitude in India and real and needy Indians will enjoy the real benefits of Reservation policy.

1. Reservation on the collective salary of family, that is salary of husband and wife, and incomes derived from all other sources like gifts or income from joint family property.

2. 2nd is Benefit of the Reservation for only first 2 children.

3. Creation of online database so every Indian will know who is, which family is enjoying the benefits of reservation in education or job or women reservation , or any type of reservation which our Intelligent political business houses introduce in India.

This way all the problems and objections to the Reservation Policy will end.

But we Indians always emotionally keep speaking and demanding without any legal thinking or constructive thinking for the future of India, which will definitely give us positive results.
Wake up Indians and understand the reality of Indian politics.
Political Business Houses are keeping us Indians busy in useless fights,
So if you want to demand something regarding Reservation,
Be positive and demand only
Economic Reservation for the first two kids only.

Otherwise We Indians will keep debating on the need and bad effects of Reservation and these political business houses will keep dividing Indian society on the name of caste, religion and gender.

So don’t be fool and do not waste your energy and applications and brain power regarding cancellation of reservation

Get united and demand Reservation with the Right conditions and laws.

Demand the economic reservation for the first two kids only.

Reality of Indian politics and India about Women Reservation Policy –

Indians are debating do we need women reservation on the same time, 2nd hand all the political business houses are ready to accept this bill
And the political business houses are opposing this bill as bill does not specify the reservation based on the caste and religion of female. Political Business Houses are demanding women reservation based on the caste and religion as soon as Government of Congress agree to this , all political parties are ready to accept this women reservation bill 2010.

Currently 33.3 percent seats in panchayat elections have been reserved for women already.

So we as Indians may file cases in Supreme Court of India to cancel this reservation policy
but in reality this bill is going to stay in India, will become the law in India this year
or after 14 years women reservation bill is going to become the law.

Now question is Do we want Reservation based on caste and religion or
We want reservation based on the collective salary of the family and for the first two kids only

Think for a Minute -

Now it is in the hands of every Indian to waste his energy on the cancellation of women reservation bill


to fight and get such a women reservation bill passed by the elected politicians which will really benefit the females of India and will empower the real females of India not the females of rich political business houses.


Anonymous,  March 16, 2010  

The issue, sm, is NOT whether or not reservation is good/bad; the question is of adequate awareness about our rights and responsibilities. Let us differentiate between a ‘right’ and a ‘privilege’. Reservation is a ‘privilege’ and not a right as many in our society seem to think. Hence it will NOT succeed without establishing basic rights. That is the essential consideration here.

What we should demand from our representatives is not privileges but to respect our rights. When the basic rights guaranteed in our constitution is FULLY implemented, it will usher in an environment where the ‘demands’ for privileges meaningless for many sections of the society at least. What we should fight is against the casual manner in which the constitution is amended in the pretext of empowerment, which in reality will only weaken the foundational pillars of democracy. Without strong institutions it will be virtually impossible to enjoy those privileges thrown at any sections of the society. The role of the Panchayat is different to that of the parliament and assemblies in the Constitutional and hence the effect of reservations will be felt differently too.

If one does not understand the provisions of the constitutions, he/she should make an effort to learn and not simply assume that it might be wrong. The constitution was not produced on a toilet break. Lot of dedicated effort has been put into its preparation and by some of the best and brightest people of that time who read, studied, researched, analysed and compared systems available then to synthesise the best for Indian conditions, knowing our strengths and weaknesses pretty well. Unlike the present set of politicians, they were of the highest integrity and they had great love for this land. They had the foresight to give us a system that if protected well will ensure our progress and endured great sacrifices to give us what we are destined to enjoy today. We are yet to reap the full benefits only because of our apathy to take control of our destiny. It may not be the perfect system but it is still worth our respect and protection as it legitimises our basic rights. Without a powerful democracy, there can not be any meaning for lollypops like reservation however convincing that is.

No one is asking anyone to fight against reservation or women’s empowerment. But one should be extremely careful if the politicians are planning to amend the constitution even for repainting their bathroom door. There are many efficient alternatives to achieve empowerment of any section but once again if the democracy is weakened instead of strengthened through ill-conceived measures, India as a country is going to suffer in the long run but as a whole. Like a profligate son, it is easy to squander all that our forefathers bestowed on us. But it may be extremely difficult to regain all we lose. It could even put us through another 500 years of indignity, humiliation and bondage. Is it worth the indulgence? Just a thought!

Maya March 16, 2010  

The main point is delivery of benefits, and i think once UID projects is put into place, tracking and accounting will be better, and data could be generated if the schemes and reservation are actually benefiting the targeted mass

Samvedna March 16, 2010  

Your solutions are very good and I would like to add one more...reservation only for one generation, from the next they should be barred.

sm,  March 16, 2010  

I know law and I know constitution of India this is reason I am putting here my thoughts.
2nd is elected politicians got lot of power
Please read the Kashavananda bharati case,
42th amendment to constitution of India and 73rd and 74th amendment and I think 46th or 47th amendment. And many more I have just mentioned few here.
I do not suggest the ways which are not possible,
I strongly believe that political business houses make laws which benefit political business house.
Now we as Indians have to see that when political business house make the law, we must strive hard and see that that law becomes beneficial for India.
What happened to the candle light after 26/11?
On the contrary if that time people would have demanded new legislation or police reforms think what change we would have got.
So try to find the positive and try to make the every law beneficial for the India.
Without wasting our energy on that fundamental rights and directive principals.
I do not believe in rebirth and so I always want to see progress of India in my life time.
They have passed the law - right to education where is implementation, just by making a law without responsibility, it does not work.
In India laws are toothless and useless. And they are made only in that way with the loopholes which benefit the corrupt.
For Honeymoon application Superior courts got the time and for the Tada accused and killers, riot accused , bhopal case, riots killers, they are given dates after dates.
Try to understand

sm,  March 16, 2010  

Uncommon Sense, thanks.
Yes I also got lot of hopes from the UID project.
You may know it but still again I mention it here.
The problem with the UID is that to use the facility of UID number, will be decided by the every government department and minister, it will not be compulsory on that department.
This is reason UID number should be made compulsory for everyone, for everything.
Below is the link to my article regarding UID number?


Anonymous,  March 16, 2010  

Hello sm, your frustration is definitely understandable. Your vast knowledge about the various aspects of the public life can indeed make you suspicious of your options very much like Arjuna at the battle ground. However, as you do not believe in rebirths and want to see progress in this life itself, you have to ACT now and continue your work until you get the results that you want, don’t you think?

Is it any use to cry ‘victim’ and say the politicians are powerful, without realising that the power they are using apparently against your interests is that you bestowed them! Kashavananda bharati case that you mentioned is a typical example. The SC has categorically said that the parliament can not alter the ‘character’ of the constitution by its amendments. What more do you want? Even otherwise, the judges are human beings not ‘savoir toutes’ to know everything on their finger tips. That is the counsel’s job to cogently argue the salient points and to persuade the judges to the right outcome.

You are indeed right that given a chance the political leaders will try to keep their business of looting the country afloat, fooling people like you and me with some lollypops of reservation. You also agree that ‘we must strive hard and see that the law becomes beneficial for India’ and that was exactly my point too. You can not just blame the politicians and cry foul. You have to take your control back and get want you want with the same bunch of politicians. You are allowing them to represent you and that is NOT their right but a privilege that YOU bestow on the politician. Trying to find everything in the positive way is commendable and there are very few who could do that and it is great that you are one such. Now, ‘to try and make the every law beneficial for the whole of India’, you need to let the politicians know what you want and what you do not want. You do not ant the parliament to be weakened under false pretext.

You might have failed on many occasions and it is most likely because you did not know your own power over the politicians. But that is not an excuse not to try again. When Thomas Edison failed 20,000 times to find a proper substance for his filament, being a positive person like you, he said, “well I learned that those 20,000 items tested could not be used” and he continued with his tests until he found the most suitable material that he believed existed.

No one needs any hand-out from anyone. Women the least! What one needs is trust in oneself and opportunities to ‘experiment’. But to realise our power within, you need to tune into your own consciousness, for power is immanent in consciousness. When Vedic scriptures say Shakti (the supreme Power) is the consort of Shiva (the supreme consciousness) this is what they mean. When you develop consciousness your knowledge will expand and you will be able to get rid of your helplessness, fear and feelings of insufficiency.

Be open to the input from outside and practice to be strong. You are limited only by your own imaginations. Even if all your apprehensions about the laws and loopholes were right, you have nothing to lose by developing your consciousness; only to gain confidence and in turn all other associated benefits. Be brave, be strong and be action oriented. Dreams are of no use until you start working on them to make it true. Hope for the best but do some thing about it too. There is a saying in Arabic which means, ‘trust in Allah but tie your camel just in case’. Cheers.

sm,  March 16, 2010  

i can only say you know the difference between the power of single finger and power of five fingers collectively.
This is where we Indians lack, there is no unity among the Indians.

Anonymous,  March 17, 2010  

Thank you, sm, for taking my posts in the right spirit. I was a bit apprehensive of the impact of my no-nonsense style on a sensitive person such as you. I also admire your command over the intricacies that we discuss.

Your example of the powerlessness of a finger is very apt. Yes, a finger is just a lump of mass by itself. But when it is ‘connected’ to the palm (that is connected to the hand, which is connected to the shoulder that in turn is connected to the body) it becomes ‘stronger’ by itself. When all the five fingers realise that they are all connected to the same palm, they similarly get empowered. So being ‘connected’ is the key to empowerment, not placement in essence isn’t it?

So, why not get connected to the 400+ million youth of this country as I said before to reclaim the power and to realise the collective destiny? But to start with, you need to be convinced of the ‘platform’ to get connected on, right? So the question is whether you are convinced or not that the constitutional amendment is unnecessary if not dangerous. The ‘women’ empowerment’ currently marketed by a constitutional amendment reserving 33% of the seats is a scam. Why?

This might sound very patronising, but the analogy will make things clearer. There was a little boy of 3 years age. When he heard that his uncle is ‘getting’ married, he wanted to ‘get’ married too. But can he ‘get’ into matrimony at that state/age? Does putting him into matrimony ‘empower’ him or enable to fulfil his responsibilities as a responsible partner? Can he understand the concept of marriage at his level of mental development? Does any such ‘placement’ do justice to the institution of marriage? If he is ‘forced’ onto a woman (aka constitutional amendment) into matrimony, are we respecting the woman’s right to choose? For argument’s sake we can say that he could be married to a similar child, but then we are trivialising marriage as an institution (that is why a separate women-only parliament or assembly becomes absurd too). But things take a totally different perspective when he is allowed to grow up and develops himself into a responsible adult through nurturing and proper care. The he can get married respecting the choice of all stakeholders, right?

Please do not get me wrong. I am not suggesting that women are like 3 year old children. My point is that empowerment should happen BEFORE facilitating entry into the institution, whether it is parliament or marriage (as in the story above). The issue should not be reduced to thinking it as an opposition to ideals of 'equality of sexes' and 'women's empowerment'. Can the parliament and State assemblies be reduced to the status of a recreational club or a 'Rozgar Yojana' to provide participation by all segments of the society? Those who end up there in the parliament and assemblies should necessarily add value or at least should not produce adverse effects down the line. How can people be so naïve to think that an average rural woman of practically no education (as is the case currently) can be an efficient parliamentarian who need to read a lot, study a lot, research a lot, analyse a lot and make up her mind on tricky issues of intricate nature often to be able to have any value-add in the parliament? If the reservation is not to get rural average women into parliament and thus empower them as claimed, what is the reservation for and aimed at getting in whom? Any attempts to use women as pawns in the highly suspicious political environment that we have should be thwarted.

Continued below….

Anonymous,  March 17, 2010  

Continued from above…

Many ill-informed experts have trifled this vital debate by terming it as 'typical male chauvinistic attitude'. Sadly, positions have been taken more on the basis of personal views and/or emotional’ mind-sets rather than on well thought-out logic. Both political and non-political commentators are equally guilty in this regard. The concept of equality of citizens in terms of opportunity to advance is unquestionable. The way it is brought about should, however, never destroy the very foundations of our democratic institutions in any way.

So, reserving seats for women when they are not ready does not empower women, am I right? Then what empowers women? When the basic rights of women (or any other section of our society) as a group within our society are protected, they will avail every opportunity to empower themselves and contribute at the highest levels. Those rights that should not be allowed to breach (as a matter of routine often with patronage from the power that be) include:

Right to be born as a female child;
Right to be fed properly;
Right to be educated;
Right to choose her career path;
Right to compete with others and so on.

Mind you, the constitution has not proscribed any of the sections from right to be an MP/MLA. It is only that our politicians failed all their electorates in ensuring them. So, who or what should be changed?

The politicians;
Their policies/methods; or
The constitution?

Dr. Ambedkar, who headed the Drafting Committee of the Constitution, reported to have said about the Constitution, “It is workable, it is flexible and it is strong enough to hold the country together both in peace time and in war time. Indeed, if I may say so, if things go wrong under the new Constitution, the reason will not be that we had a bad Constitution. What we will have to say is that man is vile”.

The political parties are hell-bent on the amendment. Why? If you do not understand the implications now and acquiesce to their ploys, you will lose your right for ever to change the politicians later. Because the inalienable right that you have now (to change your politician) is derived from the powers of the Constitution. Democracy gives you the right to elect a candidate irrespective of the class, gender, race, region etc. So there is no barrier for any political party to field a candidate from any section of the society. Still, the politicians want the democracy to be changed into a ‘quotacracy’ by amending the constitution. Quotacracy will make you choose one representative from a ‘selective’ group forced on you by a ‘voting machine’ controlled by the power behind. There are no rights in quotacracy only privileges thrown at you to keep quiet and fight among each other whenever that suits the powerful. That is destroying democracy and installing autocracy in stealth.

The question is therefore do you want to preserve your democratic rights or fall for the trap getting excited at the word ‘empowerment’ (used as a platitude to con you) and lose all your hard-won democratic rights in a quotacracy? The choice is yours. It has the power to empower or enslave all Indians.


Admin March 18, 2010  

A very detailed and thoughtful post. Well, I haven't thought much on this reservation subject but yes, I see it as a hindrance to the nation's growth as I believe it won't allow the right talent to show up. People even if less qualified or say anyone falling under this reservation category will be able enjoy the benefits where as the real deserving may be left out which I believe is not at all good. This in turn will indirectly affect country's progress.

sm,  March 18, 2010  

thanks, this is the case of every Indian regarding Reservation.

sm,  March 18, 2010  

You may be thinking India is a democratic nation but I do not.
India is a limited democracy unless and until I am speaking in a language which will not hurt any one I can speak and write.
• Need permission to rename our shops
• Need permission to celebrate valentine day
• Sachin is warned
• SRK is warned
• Mukesh is warned
• Lokmat is destroyed
• Books are banned.
• History Institutions are not safe, destroyed.

The list is unlimited.

Do you accept the fact that India is Limited Democracy?
Do you accept the fact that Indians are not united?
After 26/11 people came out on the road with candles why, because it was the first attack made on the 30% Rich Indians.
Can you guess and tell me the date or year when Reservation policy will end from India?
Do you think in India has any leaders with the right thinking, who thinks Reservation should end?

Face the Reality of India.

No political party is even talking about Economic Reservation; forget your demand to cancel reservation.

NCP has demanded now Maratha Reservation in this?

Do not run behind the dreams which will waste the energy of Young Indian youth.

It’s better to get United and Create the force group and demand, the Reservation based on the economic status of the Family.

If you will demand the cancellation of Reservation this group will never be formed as politicians have already divided us Indians on the name of caste and religion.

2ND is majority Indians are selfish or uneducated or do not care about India, for them their salary is Important.

Think on the facts and ask the question
What is solution and how we Indians will get United against corrupt, political business houses and officials.

“We cannot seek achievement for ourselves and forget about progress and prosperity for our community... Our ambitions must be broad enough to include the aspirations and needs of others, for their sakes and for our own.”

Anonymous,  March 19, 2010  

Hello sm, you have rightly identified the ‘common’ response of an average Indian, such as:

“It has not worked in the past!”
“Nothing will change!”
“There is no unity” and so many another ‘negatives’; Sad isn’t it?

What at issue is NOT reservation. It IS about the collective callousness of educated people in which they are surrendering their power, while claiming all the way that the politicians are not trustworthy. If it were your company and the CEO is mortgaging its assets without your knowledge or duping you, worse still to his/her own family, will you say, “it is not worth wasting my energy”? The ‘unlimited’ grievances that you rightly mentioned if allowed to go unchallenged, it might come to a point when you will not even have freedom to grieve. Do you think that is in the interests of anyone, progress and prosperity of the community, or achievement in any sense of the word?

About ‘reservation’ in educational institution, in jobs and in law-making institutions, you have earlier answered (and rightly too in my opinion) that they are all different issues to one another. Women’s reservation brought about by changing the constitution unnecessarily will be dangerous. It is a SCAM.

Here is another analogy for those who are not convinced. You are building a house. The engineer has given you a plan and you have entrusted the plan with the builder. The building came up in such a way that wall on all sides were uneven and the roof can not be set. Your builder showed up and suggested that he should dig the foundation because according to him to make the wall of equal height the foundation should be slant. If you agree to his/her suggestion and go ahead, what is the guarantee that the whole building will not collapse without a firm and even foundation!

It is perhaps not that easy to differentiate the issues involved. Many prominent intellectuals, regularly writing for the media too fell for the trap hearing the word ‘women’s empowerment’. But many have now realised the peril in the way it is being advanced and that is a relief. Writing in ‘The Indian Express’, Tavleen Singh (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/a-travesty-of-womens-empowerment/590500/) and Madhu Kishwar (http://www.indianexpress.com/news/unsettling-politics/589006/0) have taken up the real issues at stake to some extent. If the people of India acquiesce to the constitutional change without understanding the ramifications in the future (out of trust for their politicians or lack of courage to stand up), there is no guarantee that the changed parliament/assemblies will not be used to subvert the democracy further. Every Indian, particularly the educated should therefore think it through very seriously. Any slip-up in choosing it properly will mean disaster not for any particular section of the society but the whole country. Asking the same questions endlessly and discussing on the solutions without understanding the underlying problems to a level of what is know as the ‘analysis-paralysis’ and/or complaining about the politicians till the cows home may not give you back what you lose. Just a thought! Cheers.

sm,  March 19, 2010  

About company example,
We can not compare it, as once we transfer the property and company to someone else, he becomes the owner.
2nd point is that here they are doing it everything legally and openly nothing is hidden.
I myself feel that females be given 50% reservation in parliament with the lottery system of election seat, so this way political parties in advance will not know which seat is reserved and they will find it very difficult to get their daughter or wife win that election seat.
I do not call this reservation women empowerment, I consider and see it an opportunity to bring all Indian females and families into the politics.
Today IPL and television drama is the main topic of home, for the betterment of India; Politics should be the main topic of each home.
Today majority educated people of India do not even know who the corporator, elected servant of the area is.
I do not complain about the politicians, when Indians are uneducated and not interested and want to vote only for their caste people,
I do not blame them
When voting is below fifty percent in elections it clearly shows that in that town or city more than fifty percent population is uneducated.

Anonymous,  March 20, 2010  

You are very fast nearing ‘the’ truth, sm!

Now you agree that ‘reservation’ is not ‘empowerment’. What was the reservation for? When women’s reservation is marketed as women’s empowerment, it is a SCAM, right?

Since when did a scam become legal?

And what is legal? Something that is permitted by law, am I right? Now, reserving seats in parliament for any particular group is not permitted by the constitution and constitution is the law related to that. So how do you say that reserving seats for women is legal?

You have also provided the answer too. “You ‘feel’ that females be given 50% reservation in parliament with the lottery system of election seat, so this way political parties in advance will not know which seat is reserved and they will find it very difficult to get their daughter or wife win that election seat.”

That summarises the problem with India. When one needs to ‘think through’, he/she just tries to ‘feel’ what is right or what is wrong. Until that attitude changes, educated Indians will continue to feel:

They are powerless, yet do not vote;
Politicians are different creatures and/or they do not have anything to do with politics;
It is not worth their time and/or energy to stand up for their rights, and so on.

If you start thinking through, you would have agreed that the women’s reservation bill was not only unlawful from a constitutional perspective but it is also grossly improper on a variety of aspects as listed in an earlier post.

Similarly what is done openly need not be right either. You listed earlier a few instances you disagreed with (rightly so in mu opinion too) such as:

“Need permission to rename our shops
Need permission to celebrate valentine day
Sachin is warned
SRK is warned
Mukesh is warned
Lokmat is destroyed
Books are banned.
History Institutions are not safe, destroyed”.

They were all done openly, nothing was hidden. Do you really believe that the constitutional framework is to be altered in such a way as to weaken the democracy to ‘bring all Indian females and families into the politics’? That will be a real shame on all Indians.

It requires great courage and intellectual honesty to admit that one’s view was in error. Many intellectuals of India can afford not to have it or camouflage his/her views to be interpreted either way. One such intellectual applauded the occasion of passing the women’s reservation bill in the RS as a victory for democracy in India. After a few days of so, he said that he was always against reservation of seats for women in the parliament. What he applauded as victory of democracy was that hooligans could not disrupt the voting. Fair enough! What about the sophisticated crooks murdering democracy by that same vote that he called a victory for democracy? Another intellectual, whom I considered one of the foremost, wrote a similar article eulogising the bill. A week later he wrote another ridiculing the quota system in the parliament in such a way that it would not be clear on which side he was. Women were by far the most straight-forward. Either they supported the bill or disagreed with it.

But there is really some improvement. You know that ‘more than fifty percent population is uneducated’ (and hence it will be easy to see that they should be sent to educational institutes to learn and not to parliament only to enjoy the privileges). You have realised that reservation is not empowerment. You may realise that ‘to sell reservation as empowerment’ is deception. When you start thinking through the full implications of the scam, you will also realise that the constitutional framework should not be allowed to be altered in such a way that the pillars of the democracy is weakened if not destroyed in stealth.

Truth thus will be liberating. Would you like to write another article on that when you do realise the truth? That will help many of your followers. Just a thought! Cheers.

sm,  March 20, 2010  

Women Reservation -
It depends on the person how he or she wants to utilize the given opportunity and empower oneself and the society.
2nd is currently we can see that what empowerment politicians are doing it.
With the reservation female empowerment will happen, but slowly not in a one day or one year or few years.
But for me I think and go into the deeper and think that this reservation will empower the complete Indian society, every home and every female will talk about the politics.
This is reason we need 50% female reservation in the parliament.
By just giving vitamin pills, someone does not become the true body builder,
With this reservation we are giving females the opportunity, and when they will use this opportunity, how they utilize this opportunity will tell us how the females get empowered and
What will be the effect of this reservation on the society as whole we have to see it?
I do not see anything bad in this reservation; there are more chances that India will get something good from this women reservation.
Empowerment does not happen automatically it needs the opportunity,
So first we are giving them opportunity,
Then females of India have to do hard work and prove themselves and in Panchayats many females have shown their capabilities successfully.
This is not scam , just this is how we have to look at the reservation.
In short I will again write it down,
Females easily do not get election tickets . Even Educated males do not get tickets normally who get the election ticket everyone knows it in India.
When qualified males do not get the opportunity and election ticket ,
How do you think females will get the election ticket.
With this woman reservation , opportunity is created for females.
After getting this opportunity female have to do hardwork , understand the politics and show their capacities to nation and society.
Miss P is a weak girl but beautiful and educated.
Her brother C wants that his sister P should be very healthy and intelligent and she should win the Miss India competition.
So what the brother should do to make his sister P , win the competition.
If Brother gives her present as a Gym school, beauty Parlor , health food companies
Will she win the competition ?
Will it empower her ?
No .
Brother has to give her opportunity and freedoms .
A chance to participate in the competition
And then sister has to do hard work, and study and participate in competition and then prove herself to the family as well as society that the brother was right she just wanted the opportunity.
With this reservation we are opening the doors of opportunity for the all Indian females.
This may or may not empower them as only opportunity does not empower them, it needs hard work and study
But currently in India problem is that Brothers, males are not ready to give her this opportunity.
So without this chance how can we say this will empower her or not ?
Without experiment how can you say that this will not empower her ?
But one can not deny the best benefit Indian society will get from this reservation,
Is that Every home will start to talk about politics and this will at home from the young age Indian kids will start to learn about the politics.
Female empowerment will happen with this reservation but it will depend on the female
It’s our duty as a brother to give her that opportunity and see that she gets success in this.
By just giving vitamin pills no one becomes healthy , it needs efforts. And hard work. And opportunity.
Women Reservation is an opportunity for the females of India and when they will get the chance ,
After that Indian society will know the benefits of this women reservation.
Without experiment and testing nothing can be said is bad or good.
One benefit will happen that more and more Indian families , females will talk about the politics.
This will change the main topic of discussion in majority homes.

sm,  March 20, 2010  

The benefits will go to the next generation of India.
Currently in India at which age normally youth talk about politics whose family is not into the politics.
Majority families have only one topic and dream, get the education, get the job and forget the India and Indian politics, reason is that they do not understand the ABCD of politics also.

Without giving opportunity and taking the examination, how can you say student is intelligent , he got empowered with the education.

Like this how can one say Women Reservation will not empower the females or how much it will empower them ?

First lets give the females of India a chance , a opportunity and then after five years one can review the performance and empowerment of society.

Anonymous,  March 21, 2010  

“For, sweetest things turn sourest by their deeds,
Lilies that fester smell far worse than weeds”
- Shakespeare

Here is a country, claiming to set examples for other developed economies by marketing that it has facilitated women to have easy access to the highest seats of law-making even when it does not even have clean toilets for its ‘teeming millions’ of rural women. It is reported that ‘lack of sanitation in rural and slum schools is a major reason for the high dropout rates among puberty-age girls’! And judge the ‘sense of priority’ of the people who support a fraud on emotional ground! Of course, the parliament indeed has its toilets, well maintained too!!

Indians are said to be an ‘intelligent’ race. Isn’t it then unfortunate that people are not able to differentiate between ‘real’ solutions from strongly-marketed con options? If the majority of Indians are so naïve to ‘feel’ that they can light a candle with a firefly (jugnu), then Winston Churchill was right. He believed that Indians could not rule themselves. Well, I am not sure whether that would be such an honour!

But never mind…. One can only wake up those who are asleep; not someone who wants to pretend asleep or who are outright dead.

The good news is that many of the young, net-savvy Indians are waking up. India’s future is in the hands of such intelligent, right-thinking citizens working ethically and caring for the community as a whole and not making sections of the society fight among each other.

Here is an ‘ode’ that is doing rounds on the Internet. It may lighten up or even enlighten as the author seems to have put more than one layer of meanings into it. If it does not sound funny, it is not probably meant to be. Enjoy!

SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

Men and women of India, lend me your years,
Let’s praise the lord and wish the queen with cheers,
We will soon bury our democracy in grand fashion,
And start putting quotacracy in full motion.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

Dr Kalam did not find us empowering,
He sent our bill for profit back, enquiring,
We were not amused by his checking,
So, we had to send him packing.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

Mr. Shivraj Patil is the most pliant and cool,
But he was rejected by Mr Karat the fool,
We played the women card as the tool,
Presto! Everything fell in place like stool.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

The CEC has been a thorn since Sheshan,
And blocked all our plans with passion,
We moved along so far with great caution,
But no more; now we are on our mission.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

Somehow we put an admirer as the CEC,
Things started to get real easy,
Wouldn’t care if his records look messy,
Ignore such talk like the gibberish of the crazy.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

While the president’s wearing our jacket,
And the CEC already in our pocket,
Let us put the power plug in the socket,
Pass women’s reservation bill like a rocket.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

The communists never trusted the constitution,
The BJP is committing suicide as the opposition,
The rest are only interested in weird distribution,
So, we can destroy the parliament as an institution.
For SoniaG wants to empower the nation!

Amen! Brutus is an honourable man!!

sm,  March 24, 2010  

come to reality of India.
understand what is democracy and how it works.

Anonymous,  April 01, 2011  

political abuse of reservation must be banned.

Anonymous,  April 01, 2011  

shiksha lachaar hai ,des behaal hai, reservation policy bakbaas hai

sm,  April 01, 2011  


Unknown July 01, 2011  

You have a few very rational ideas- I will sure incorporate them in my next post about how reservation issues can be addressed more effectively.
Thanks for visiting and commenting on

SM July 01, 2011  


Anonymous,  August 23, 2011  


Anonymous,  September 01, 2011  

the main conclusion of reservation is that it is breaking the limbs of the country

we will have to make some changez related to this topic

Anonymous,  September 01, 2011  

its great

SM September 01, 2011  


Anonymous,  September 03, 2011  

I am sure Anonymous has watched the movie Aarakshan..
Reservation is like a carrot on a stick held by politicians sitting on the donkey. They will never get the true benefits of reservation for whom it was implemented..

Anonymous,  November 09, 2011  

reservation is death of merit

Tarun January 04, 2012  

if the blog is still alive i wish to make a detailed remark on reservation policy.

Tarun January 04, 2012  

Its unfortunate but the reservation debate in india is always high on sentiments and low on facts

Tarun January 04, 2012  

is the blog alive?

Tarun January 19, 2012  

I begin by listing down the commonly held beliefs about reservation policy and then responding to these.
1. Reservation is meant to help the poorest of the poor.
2. There has been no positive impact of reservation, hence it should be discontinued.
3. India is a secular and emocratic country based on the principle of equality enshrined in our constituion hence why discriminate on the basis of caste gender or religion, hence why reservations.
4. caste based discrimination is a thing of the past why should the present generation should be made to pay for the wrongs done by past generations in terms of reservations.
5. If at all, the reservations based on economic status should replace those based on caste.
6. caste based reservations have increased the caste consciousness.
7. reservations seriously compromise merit and hence hamper national development.

well i will address these issues one by one but first friends kindly add or delete any arguments that you think appropriate for taking this discussion forward.

Rachit January 24, 2012  

Reservations if maintained will hamper our country growth and will cripple our country. You just resonated my words, my emotions !

Weakest LINK

rudreksh February 05, 2012  

Yes,I agree that reservation were necessary in old times as the people of sc and st had no chance of raising their social status.But now sc/st have become a brand.The children of parents (who are sc/st and have taken benefit of this reservation)are also getting undue advantage as it has become hereditary and the real talent are not getting chance of general category. This reservation is now passing from generations to generations and government should stop it

RAJAT MAHAJAN,  April 16, 2012  


Anonymous,  April 23, 2012  

The current reservation policy of India is pretty faulty...

Reservation should be made only on the economic basis and while doing so merit should not be compromised.

Yes, there are many economically backward people among the SC, ST and the OBC category... But, it is the creamy layer among them that is taking advantage of the reservations and the real objective of the policy of helping the backwards is not fulfilled...

Similarly the poor belonging to the upper castes etc cannot get any help coz they belong to the upper caste after all...

Anonymous,  May 27, 2012  

The average Indian is uneducated, short sighted and a beneficiary of the reservation system, hence a politician elected by him/her will further such policies as reservation based on one's caste.

The only hope is to vote with your feet and leave the country. The 'good' of the country is within you... so it's not a betrayal of any sort. Those whom you care about, help them leave too. The country is the people - not those shapes on a map. Let the SC/ST/OBC cure other SC/ST/OBCs and our beloved politicians - and fly their planes and guard their families and do R&D and play cricket and defend our country.

If you are patriotic, just leave... if you are sensible, just leave

Anonymous,  July 26, 2012  

really feeling ashamed to be an indian.... this policy of reservation is damn rediculous... this bloody sc's bc's and bloody politicians r like stray dogs in our country.... wat the hell r they doing ... an sc student who gets just 40 % marks gets the job.. and a general student who may get even 70 will not get the job ...... wat do u really expect from the general category students.. shud they score 99 %... even then they will not get the job, instead a donkey sc will get the job with jst 40%.... wat shud i say guys.. really i hv no words...... jst want to end with "ye bharat mera nahi hai aur ye koi mahaan bhi nahi hai,,,, the most racist coutry of the world in real terms, the most disgusting country"

Anonymous,  August 10, 2012  

I don't say that reservation should be eradicate completely but it should have a right parameter. It should be allow for those who are really needy but if we see the present condition then there is a discrimination on the basis of caste, religion & sex.In the education sector , to some extent it is ok that reservation is allowed to study but when these persons who got job on the basis of reservation are cheating the societry so reservation should be allowed to those who have really need of it.

Anonymous,  September 08, 2012  

isn`t reservation doing harm to our education system? i mean our education system is liberal just to say. but the truth is reservation has made it much more hollow in a literal sense.

Unknown December 07, 2012  

@smgood point.. I am working on reservation project.. can you spare a discussion with me?

Unknown December 07, 2012  

@ sm,
can i spare a discussion with you ?
I am working on a project for the same topic.

SM December 08, 2012  

@tanuja namde

Yes you can put questions or ask regarding it.

Anonymous,  December 21, 2012  

hey , i got a project regarding this issue

Unknown March 26, 2013  

thanks for your views, it should not remain in this blog, let u convert this writings into speech's....

Anonymous,  August 04, 2013  

It is said that reservation is required for the hatred people and to safeguard them from the upper caste. But now a days it is often seen while on the way or in train or bus that people from upper cast is often being tortured and people from lower caste now have been rich or it can be said a tycoon also lough at the people from upper caste due to their poverty. What a ridiculous - the democratic way of democratic India; Long live.