05 March 2010

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Important Facts Regarding Vidarbha Region - Vidarbha State A possibility

Important Facts Regarding Vidarbha Region - Vidarbha State A possibility

Maharashtra - Creation of New State – Vidarbha – A difficult Task for BJP

Back to History –

Nagpur division became a part of the British Raj's Central Provinces in 1861.
Amravati division, formerly known as Berar, was added to the Central Provinces in 1903.
After India's independence in 1947, Central Provinces and Berar became the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh.

In 1956 Vidarbha was transferred to Bombay state along with all Marathi-speaking areas. In 1960 Bombay state was split along linguistic lines into the states of Maharashtra and Gujarat.
Marathi-speaking Vidarbha became part of the state of Maharashtra.
Vidarbha occupies 31.6% of total area and holds 21.3% of total population of Maharashtra. It is the eastern region of Vidarbha Maharashtra state made up of Nagpur Division and Amravati Division.
Eleven Districts Vidarbha Region Maharashtra –
1. Nagpur
2. Amaravati
3. Akola
4. Buldhana
5. washim
6. Yavatmal
7. Wardha
8. Chandrapur
9. Gadchiroli
10. Bhandra
11. Gondia

A New Marathi Speaking State – Vidarbha Two Marathi Speaking Chief Ministers in India.
Below is the Photo of Vidarbha Region – A possible new state

It borders the state of Madhya Pradesh to north, Chattisgarh to east, Andhra Pradesh to south and Marathwada and Khandesh regions of Maharashtra to west.
A majority of Vidarbhians speak Varhadi a dialect of Marathi.
The region is famous for growing oranges and cotton.
Vidarbha holds two-thirds of Maharashtra’s mineral resources three quarters of its forest resources and is a net producer of power, electricity.
There are more than 32,000 farmer’s suicides in Maharashtra in a decade, of which 70% being in the 11 districts of Vidarbha region.
Gondia district is unique in Maharashtra in the sense that the entire area of the district is occupied by metamorphic rock and alluvium.
Vidarbha is represented at national level by 10 Lok sabha seats.
Vidarbha is represented at state level by 62 assembly seats.
Vidarbha has total population of 20,630,987 according to the 2001 census of the government of India
1956 :- “Vidarbha State” with Nagpur as capital was recommended by Fazal Ali commission (appointed in 1953) for reorganization of states in India.
1960 :- On 1 st of May the "Vidarbha state" , recommended by Fazal Ali commission for reorganization of states, was merged with , newly formed Maharashtra State .
In 1988, former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi had realized the injustice meted out to the region had appointed now NCP leader PA Sangma to ascertain the feasibility of restoring statehood and, interestingly, he had also recommended its separation.
In 1996, a delegation of senior Congress leaders including working committee members and AICC general secretaries like Ahmed Patel, Ghulam Nabi Azad, Meira Kumar, K Karunakaran, Rajesh Pilot, Balram Jakhar, Mukul Wasnik, Vasant Sathe, NKP Salve, Sudhakarrao Naik and several prominent leaders from Vidarbha, besides Muttemwar had met with then PM HD Deve Gowda and submitted a representation for restoration of Vidarbha's statehood as recommended by SRC.
Only one national party - BJP has officially included demand for separate vidarbha state , in its national manifesto.
But their friend political party Shiv Sena is against the creation of new state Vidarbha.
MNS is also against the formation of new state Vidarbha.
Vidarbha's economy is primarily agricultural and also the region is rich in forest and mineral wealth.
The main cash crops of the region are cotton, oranges and Soya beans. And traditional crops are sorghum (jowar), pearl millet (bajra) and rice.
All Maharashtra's tiger reserves are located in Vidarbha.
Many olden Scriptures mention Vidarbha as the location of:
Rukmini-haran (kidnapping of Rukmini) by god Krishna. Rukmini is described as the princess of the Vidarbha kingdom. Later Rukmini became one of the chief queens of Krishna. 2nd is the story of king Nala and Damayanti .
The Gadchiroli district of Vidarbha has large population of tribal people.
Notable Indian figures from Vidarbha include
1. Vinoba Bhave,
2. Baba Amte,
3. Ram Ganesh Gadkari

In short understand small states in India -
Remember creation of small state is a division of powers of chief minister and political parties .
It is not division of India. Making small states does not mean we are giving then Independence.
Support Vidarbha State
Support Creation of Small states 

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Samvedna March 06, 2010  

though I dont agree that with small states development is better..but I have lived in Vidarbha and seen how neglected that part is, so may be dividing the state is better.

sm,  March 06, 2010  


lostworld March 06, 2010  

congrats on the blogadda pick:) great post!

Neha March 06, 2010  

diving the state - again..it is not going to help..we are just breeding few more corrupted politicians..new state means new PM and opposition..few more netas and all..no ways..

sm,  March 07, 2010  


sm,  March 07, 2010  

thanks, here problem is just think for the progress of India,i am not talking about division based on the language,
it should be on the location,needs and future of the next generations.

Sid March 07, 2010  

Creation of smaller states when done for the right reasons can lead to good (eg Uttaranchal) but in some cases can lead to further retardation (eg Jharkhand).

Anyways considering the state Vidarbha is currently in.. A new state may be the right choice.

Dude can you shed some light on farmer suicides and some public/private help initiatives?

Insignia March 08, 2010  

Interesting. But creation of more states might lead to more corruption and neglect, isnt it?

sm,  March 08, 2010  

Sid thanks for suggesting topic i will write a article regarding this farmers ,public private initiatives.

sm,  March 08, 2010  

creation of small states will reduce the corruption.
Common man will get access to CM office , it will become more easy for him .
The amount of CM fund will be reduced,
competition among same language speaking people will increase as there will be 2 Marathi speaking CM and both will compete for progress.

just think about benefits of small classroom ,
like that small states, more attention.
and if you read govt financial results you will find all the small states making progress as well as the frauds and corruption in small states is easy to find .
It becomes difficult when the state is big .

teddy,  March 08, 2010  

dividing the state is better.

vaibhav a girde{VAG} February 22, 2013  

good going dude..i'm medical student from wardha..we will unite and fight non politically..lets take step to unite..contact me on my email id...

Anonymous,  November 22, 2015  

I agree but there are lots of problem we are gonig to face .firstly we have develop our vidharbha in such a way we are not dependent on others for help also we have currently facing many problem the biggest problem is job and education .

Anonymous,  March 28, 2017  

if we want to developed our region, then we have to go for it btw it is a better choice to divide into small states and help to developed our country soon