02 March 2010

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Does BCCI is Charitable Organization or Commercial Organization?

Does BCCI is Charitable Organization or Commercial Organization?

Reality Views by sm -

BCCI is a registered charitable institution.

How can some one give permission to the BCCI as charitable institution?

Cricket is not our national game.
Hockey is our national game

Establishing cricket coaching, playing commercial matches making profits of millions and billion of rupees, arranging 20/20 matches, staying in five star hotels and live life like a king, how can it become a charitable public work.

Where do we find the charitable purpose of BCCI?

One will ask what the problem is if BCCI is registered as a charitable Organization.
BCCI, is registered under Section 12 (A) of the Income Tax Act as a trust, was availing of an income-tax exemption under Section 11 by claiming to be a charitable organization. It had said the promotion of cricket is a public utility.

As per the changes made in the Finance Act, 2008-09, a “charitable purpose” includes relief for poor, education, medical relief, and the advancement of any other object of general public utility.
As a charitable organization the organization pays very less taxes as good as no taxes.

By claiming and getting the status of Charitable Organization BCCI has saved more than Rs 100 Crore of taxes.

How does promotion of Game becomes public utility, furthermore this game is not our national game.

What BCCI has done for the cricket, how many school grounds they have created?
What Social good BCCI has done for India?

What Indian Cricket Team or BCCI head has done for the farmers who are committing suicide?
Which type of Social Service BCCI has done for India, Indian Poor People, and Education?

If BCCI is a charitable organization then every hospital, every insurance company, every medical professional should get 100% tax relief, because no one does the social duty like them.

A charitable trust is one which is established for the benefit of the public as a whole or is devoted to an activity for public good.

Truth is that BCCI is just a commericial company like Tata, Reliance and Wipro.
And they should pay the taxes.

India needs to change the law of charitable trust and organizations,
Current laws are very confusing and any intelligent lawyer will prove in the court that BCCI is charitable organization.

Like the BCCI don’t know how many Organizations, companies are not paying taxes to India and evading taxes of millions of rupees.


Neha March 02, 2010  

I didn't know BCCI was registered as a charitable trust..phew!!!! pathetic!

chitra March 02, 2010  

you have good analytical skills. I do stay away from this sport as I lost interest since the match fixing episodes few years back.

Samvedna March 03, 2010  

I didn't know BCCI was registered as a charitable trust....quite an eyeopener this post of yours!!!

sm,  March 03, 2010  


sm,  March 03, 2010  

after fixing episodes lot of Indians lost interest its good that this saved their hundreds of hours

sm,  March 03, 2010  


Insignia March 04, 2010  

What are you saying? Is it registered as a charitable organization?????

Unbelievable. How low people can stoop to grab money

sm,  March 05, 2010  

the problem is weak laws,if laws are not clear this happens.

Admin March 10, 2010  

SM, I am quite amused after knowing it all. To say BCCI as a charitable organization, I mean how on earth is this possible?? This is truly shocking to me. Yes, I agree BCCI is bullying everyone. Absolutely nothing like charity here. Totally commercial..I must say.

sm,  March 16, 2010  


NC Sinha February 24, 2012  

BCCI is a crass commercial organisation that should be heavily taxed and all necessary restrictions as applicable to such commercial organisation should be imposed on it. There is absolutely nothing charitable about it.

pankaj kumar singh,  April 06, 2012  

The fact that bcci has been reluctant to clear tax dues after the exemption offered to it under the it act has been taken away since 2007-08 goes on to suggest about the sorry state of affairs. It is high time now that the law should be implemented strictly and the bcci be compelled to clear all its tax dues.