23 February 2010

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Karnataka - BJP - Dress Code for Bar Girls what Next?

Karnataka - BJP - Dress Code for Bar Girls what Next?
The BJP government led by the B. S. Yeddyurappa has planned to dress the bar girls ,to fix the dress code for the bar girls as per the Indian culture perceived by the BJP and RSS thinking or inspired by Ram sena chief Pramod Mutalik - a female beater.
So BJP government of Karnataka has decided to fix the dress code for bar girls who serve the drinks in the bar in the state of Karnataka. The state government wants the girls to follow a dress code and has entrusted the task of designing a "decent dress" to a government-run fashion institute in Bangalore.

The government had imposed a ban on live band performances in pubs and bars.
Reality Views by sm -
This is nothing but controlling the fundamental right of bar owners as well as bar girls.
The dress code should be decided by bar girls and the owner of the bar and not the government of Karnataka.
It’s not the duty of Government to control the dress code.
It seems that Karnataka government is inspired by Ram Sena led by the Mutalik.
Pramod Mutalik is person who thinks that he is the protector of Hindu culture and females should obey him and dress like his wishes.
Don’t Know Pramod Mutalik?
Pramod mutalik is a person who has beaten girls in the city of manglore for visiting bar and drinking , he thinks that it is against the Hindu Culture to visit bar and drink.

What Next -
Dress code for Air Hostess?
Dress code for Female Call Center employees?
Dress code for Female Doctors?
Dress Code for Sisters?
Dress Code for Female movie stars?
Dress code for Female collage and school teachers?
Dress code for all Indian Females? [ if win the elections all over India ]

If you are female, remember the importance of voting.
The controlling of females always starts on the name of protection and when female becomes slave of male she her self does not know this.

Below are the 4 dresses from which one will become the future dress code of Karnataka
Bar Girls.


Rahul,  February 24, 2010  

nice artile

~ Lopa February 24, 2010  

This was really heights ! Dress Code for Bar Girls !

sm,  February 24, 2010  

~ Lopa,

sm,  February 24, 2010  


BK Chowla, February 25, 2010  

You may have a point of view, bu what is wrong in having a dress code and if they think it is decent.?
At times let us look at BJP positively also.
Some one said fundamental rights.
Have been protesting when so many of rights are at stake?Education for one?

Anonymous,  February 26, 2010  

Oh my God! I was not aware of this! I think they have not learnt their lesson from Muthalik's blackened face (though I agree that wasn't the right way to punish that fellow).

Yes this is a terrible and dangerous precedence they are setting :(

sm,  February 26, 2010  

first of all do you think it is the duty of government of India to fix the dress code ?
2nd its the right of bar girls and bar owners and if any bar girl feels that the dress code is not good , she can file a case regarding that or she can find the other job in other bar or other sector ?
I think Government failed on all the fronts or govt.of BJP karnataka became successful and number 1 in every front so now as they do not have any job to do they are doing this type of job.
Will you like dress code of school girls be decided by Goverment and not by the school principal and parents ?
When we will learn to respect the job ?

sm,  February 26, 2010  

Yes this is not the job of Government.

sm,  February 28, 2010  

Blog Adda thanks for selecting this post as a spicy Saturday pick

P4ND3Y March 03, 2010  

All i want to say is you should not spread falacies among the readers. You may keep criticising the BJP gov for their acts but don't try to link it with ram sene or any other sene... even bajarang dal is not the part of BJP and don't have any mentions in any of their official books, sites, magazines etc... Ram Sene is not a part of BJP is very much openely endorsed by LK Advani.
You can definitely have a view point, but other who doesnot support it need not to be a fool and a looser.

sm,  March 03, 2010  

I have not said that Sri Ram sena is a part of BJP.
This is the question of Ideology and thinking and which group follows which ideology.
If ideology is same they are part of same branch.
Like Gandhi, Nehru and other is Bose. Two different Ideologies.
Sri Ram Sena may have inspired, gave this idea to BJP regarding dress code.
I do not know where BJP got this idea, or from where this inspiration came from?
This is my guess that inspiration may have came from Sri Ram Sena.
I will be very happy if you will explain me why bar girls need dress code, and why Government should spend tax payer’s money on that.
For me important is dress code policy not who gave idea or where inspiration came from
Thanks for comment.

Neha Shukla,  April 07, 2010  

I doubt that any Government whether BJP or Congress will do anything dictatorial. If the dress was so improper that the Dress code needs to be brought it it's fine. If 'No' then its being too suggestive.
But its true that in the name of liberty people are losing Moral Values these days.

sm,  April 08, 2010  

Neha Shukla,
i was just thinking which dress is good or which dress is bad ?
who will decide it.
For one person skirt is best and other sari, so does the Skirt become vulgar.
When mind is vulgar he can see inside the sari also.
Everything is in mind.
what is in mind, one sees through eyes,
no dress is vulgar.
our thoughts and actions can be vulgar that will also depend on the thinking of person.