05 February 2010

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India - Shah Rukh Khan, SRK Dares - Shiv Sena Vs My Name Is Khan

India - Shah Rukh Khan, SRK Dares - Shiv Sena Vs My Name Is Khan -
Reality Views by sm -

No one has expected that SRK, Shahrukh khan will challenge Shivsena a political party to whom everyone fears and tries to stay away from them and do immediately as ordered by Shiv Sena .

India is a democratic nation, so everyone has a right to say what ever he or she thinks or believes, then it may be right or wrong it does not matter until that statement does not defame someone or threaten someone.
Democracy does not mean that one can threaten any one openly and proudly through print media, electronic media not once but again and again.
In India I always say we do not have democracy, we got mob rule in India.

SRK is the owner of IPL cricket team Kolkata Knight Riders.
Recently IPL hold the auction of cricket players, and no one purchased the Pakistani cricket player.
After that SRK commented over involving Pakistani cricketers in the Indian Premier League,
After this all controversy started, as Shivsena ordered SRK to say sorry, and apologize for his comments regarding Pakistani player’s inclusion in IPL 3.
Unexpectedly something different happened and
SRK dared, shivsena by openly declaring that He has not made any mistake, he will not say sorry.
On 12th February 2010 a movie named as my name is Khan is releasing in which SRK is the main actor.
Shiv Sena has warned to SRK that if he does not say sorry, Shiv Sena will not allow the screening of movie my name is khan.
Sanjay Raut , the Shiv Sena party member said that , let SRK make this statement in Mumbai city , they said that this is not SRK speaking but the Khan is speaking , khan is speaking.
Further They said that the home of SRK is in Mumbai and not in Pakistan.
Even Shiv Sena has told multiplex not to screen or show the movie , and people have already seen the effect in Mumbai city as majority Multiplex owners removed the posters of My name is Khan and thinking that not to show the SRK movie My name is khan in their multiplex to save the multiplex from damage.

Reality Views by sm -

India is a poor country and 80% Indians earn daily only half American dollar, we got many problems but in India now political parties will make SRK controversy a big issue, media and everyone will spend many hours daily discussing who said what and what SRK said.
In the end result is zero,no one will get nothing only Movie will make the profits and media owners will make profits.
SRK will say sorry to shivsena or India and suddenly we will get the news that SRK and shivsena solved their problem and movie is releasing.

In the year 2004 Shiv Sena invited Pakistani Cricket Player Javed Miandad, who is the relative of Bombay blast main accused Dawood Ibrahim.
Javed Miandad’s son married the daughter of Dawood Ibrahim one of the most wanted criminal in India.
Before the year 2004 India has seen many terror attacks from Pakistani Terrorist including Kargil war.
Why Double Standards ?

Normally I try to avoid writing about this type of marketing tricks, now after this controversy what will happen ,

Suppose in Maharashtra , movie MY Name is khan , is not shown what will happen ?
No one will suffer any financial losses, as SRK is very popular in India, England and USA as well as Muslim nations

The SRK controversy has nothing to do with the movie , so do not be fooled and think that My name is Khan , movie has to do something with this controversy.
Without any reason , Shivsena is targeting the My name is Khan movie,
Shiv sena is angred regarding the comment of SRK and pakistani cricket players, about IPL cricket then it is natural that they should boycott or threaten the IPL matches and SRK owned IPL team but not the movie My name is Khan.

Why this type of controversies now and then happen in India ?
Currently In India we got many laws to stop this type of controversies ,
but reality is that those all the laws are useless and even if Shivsena members are arrested they will come out of jail in few hours and will celebrate and do the harm which they say will do it.

India need good laws, which will create the fear in the eyes and minds of criminal people.
But Indian laws are so good that in India every honest person is afraid of police and judiciary.

Last question -
Does SRK will say sorry to Shiv Sena before the 12 the February 2010 and will prove that SRK and Shiv Sena controversy was nothing but a marketing trick or SRK will fight for Freedom of speech with Shiv Sena.
Which until now in India no one has dared, even if someone dares we know in the end without any judicial result both parties become friends or forget the problem.
If this happens , other thing will happen ,
It will help the Rise of MNS .

Below is the Photo showing Raj Thackeray, Udhav Thackeray, former Pakistan cricket captain Javed Miandad, Shiv Sena supremo Bal Thackeray

Update 7th Feb 2010 -
SRK returned to Bombay from visit to the US and Britain Saturday after promoting 'My Name Is Khan' with director Karan Johar and actress Kajol which is releasing all over world on 12th February.
Now Shivsena has declared that they do not have any objection with movie my name is khan. And SRK commented that if Shiv Sena Chief orders him to visit his home, SRK will go their and explain him the matter.
Was it Marketing Trick to Promote My name is Khan
in this controversy, MNS benefited, Movie Benefited , only Shiv Sena did not get any benefit from this controversy.

Update 10th February 10, 2010 Shiv Sena Vs My name is Khan vs SRK
First Shiv Sena said they will oppose, later Shiv Sena said that it will not oppose the screening of my name is Khan
"Let Shah Rukh release the film with the blessings of the Italian woman (Sonia Gandhi) and Yuvraj (Rahul Gandhi) without any protection and let it run in any theatre anywhere in the country. Sena will not oppose it," Sena chief BAL Thackeray said in an editorial in party mouthpiece 'Saamana'.
One of the Ministers Shared Pawar visited Shiv Sena to request them not to oppose IPL
After this now again Shiv Sena has taken U turn and declared that they will not allow any one to screen the movie my name is Khan.
After this Shiv Sena party members attacked and damaged the booking windows of the Mehul Theatre and Shreyas theatre.
Now Shiv Sena has clearly challenged the Chief Minister of Maharashtra as well as Mumbai police.
For security reasons Mumbai Police have arrested more than 300 Shiv Sena party workers.
This time BJP party has seen the movie my name is khan before its release
Again our Indian laws fail to create fear in the eyes of law breakers.
India is ruled by mob rule not by the democracy.
Does Sharad Pawar give Shiv Sena new life and new power?
The visit of Rahul Gandhi proved that if Mumbai police is given freedom they can do wonders with our law and order system


Apanatva February 05, 2010  

We are all shocked........
Do politicians know which direction they are heading India ?
We all are with SRK.......

lostworld February 05, 2010  

As usual, you said it !! Through your words and the picture too. Cannot understand the double standards really.
As if SRK apologizing is going to solve the issue?! And why does the public apology matter so much to SS!

BK Chowla, February 05, 2010  

I am not with SRK but I don't approve of SS style of functioning

Anonymous,  February 05, 2010  

You said it Sm!

I was just watching Mahesh Bhatt on the TV and he said, he supports SRK's right to express his opinion, and he also supports Shiv Sena's right to disagree with SRK's views, he also supports their right to protest if they do not like his views - what he does not agree is the methods of protesting. I agree with him.

Haresh February 05, 2010  

SS doesn't want SRK to apologize. They want everyone to subscribe to their views. They need to be reminded that this is a democratic country.

Insignia February 05, 2010  

You just said it right!! How does it matter to common people?? SRK makes profit, Karan Johar makes profit, SS makes profit...whats for common man?

sm,  February 06, 2010  


sm,  February 06, 2010  

If the fear is lost everything is lost

Anonymous,  February 06, 2010  

@ sm,

interesting article.

cheers !

Samvedna February 06, 2010  

Though I also didnt like the statement by SRK, but I dislike more the way SS people issue directives...its completely undemocratic.

and you have rightly said that if they want to boycott, they should do so with IPL, why target a movie he hasnt made even.

Aswani February 06, 2010  

Excellent article..SM. Sorry for being so late here on your blog..I was quite busy and I hate politics..lol ;) btw, I think you are right in saying that being a democratic nation, everyone has the right to say anything and everything. But still, eventhough Shahrukh Khan is a highly popular celebrity, I think he made a fool of himself by saying so. Two things I would like to say here - Shahrukh lives in Mumbai and everyone knows what happened to Mumbai, the last year. Can those wounds be healed? How could Shahrukh forget it so easily? I also know that sports should be separated from politics but still enough is enough. We have paid the price often and again in the form of terrorism and other violent activities. Haven't we ?
Another thing to be added - Shahrukh being a muslim himself. if he says anything like that then it is likely that fingers will be pointed to him though he may be correct in his opinion. He needs to think twice before speaking anything and everything. Hope he will ;)

And about ShivSena and MNS, what should I say..man! They just know to rule by hook or crook. I don't agree with Shahrukh but I don't have any support for these parties as well. Tell me, can their ideologies be justified? Their policy of divide and rule..does it make sense? Making cry over Indians being attacked in Australia but what they did here...tell me. Most of the times..involved in dirty politics. Just to let you know..I have experienced the same..it happened to one of my friend's the other day. Being an outsider, he was treated like anything. It hasn't stopped yet. God only knows what will happen to this state and this country..let us put an end to all these and live as one.

btw, I found this interesting link. Hope you will like it - http://in.news.yahoo.com/242/20100204/1334/tnl-yes-the-thackerays-should-be-prosecu.html

sm,  February 09, 2010  


sm,  February 09, 2010  

thanks.all common indians want this,but political parties do not want that.

sm,  February 09, 2010  


sm,  February 09, 2010  


Anonymous,  February 10, 2010  

ignore these guys(ss or srk), both hungry for power and publicity, how many times these story comes n dies naturally... Stay away from all these news and concentrete on better ideas or thoughts

sm,  February 11, 2010  

yes thanks.
Lets hope SRK will fight for the freedom of speech.

sm,  February 11, 2010  


RNSANE June 29, 2010  

sm, I really enjoy all your articles although, sometimes I don't enjoy all the political stuff. I basically look at human beings as just that. I see them as souls, minus their ethnicities, birthplace, beliefs, cultures. I look for their compassion, kindness and humanity. I realize that is naive and that not everyone thinks as I do. Whether Pakistani, Indian, Chinese, American, I feel that we share the earth and we have one chance to get it right
( though I'm not sure about reincarnation, I just haven't studied it enough ). Your country is so huge and populous, extra effort is needed to make it all work...yet you ARE a democracy. I think that is a plus.

I have "My Name is Kahn" on my Netflix list..it is still not available. Someone saw it and wrote this review: "Not a typical Bollywood movie. No dancing or singing. Much of it filmed in the United States. This is the first movie to satisfyingly address post 9/11 America but is not limited to that. It is really about humans getting along with other humans, be they Muslim or Hindu or Christian. This is an entertaining movie with heart and a lot of soul. It wouldn't surprise me if this film goes on to receive an Oscar for best foreign film. It's THAT good."

I was quite distressed when Shah Ruk Kahn was detained at JFK when entering the U. S. My son told me "you might check on one of your Bollywood stars - he got held up at immigration."
What distressed me more, when I went to the India Times, were articles that said, that, perhaps, they would detain Americans trying to enter India. You know, sm, I love your country. ALL of us have been inconvenienced since 9-11. It was a terrible event. Nearly
3,000 people died that day, from 90 countries of the world, many NY and NJ police and firefighters in an unbelievable act of terrorism, and air travelers, especially, have had to undergo most annoying delays, inspections, etc, because of it. But that is life post 9-11. I'm sorry for Shah Ruk Kahn's inconvenience. I would know who he was in a minute - but the majority of Americans wouldn't. I replied to the India Times that I thought it was really outrageous for India to retaliate against U. S. travelers because of the Shah Ruk Kahn incident. It's time for all of us to be realistic and to use some common sense.

sm June 29, 2010  

I do not feel bad when USA insults Indian politicians or hindi movie stars.
I only see rule,law is followed or not.
regarding SRK rule was followed and I am happy for that.