27 February 2010

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India - 33 Key Features of Budget 2010-2011

India - 33 Key Features of Budget 2010-2011
Reality Views by SM –

1. To make Indian Rich class more Rich
2. Distribution of Black Money should be made easy
3. To correct the working of government system and machinery to further increase the scope of the corruption in Government Departments.
4. Find out the loopholes which expose the corruption , and give those loopholes the status of law, so the loophole is fixed and corruption becomes legal

5. Whatever may happen in India, Indian rich class should not be affected any way.
6. Let people do corruption in infrastructure , to further increase that start new schemes so that the big companies can hide their black side and common Indian will be easily fooled
7. To say we will reduce the price hike and same time increase the prices of oil, petrol and diesel when in International market there is no price hike.
8. A group should be formed which will see that the related companies will make more profits by increase the prices and reducing the prices as per their demands.
9. Private companies should be allowed to do banking business legally with subsidy and incentives to they can hide their business losses and continue to take the big salaries.
10. Rural and cooperative banks which are in losses because of political leaders and government officers should be given more capital so they can run their banks smoothly, will continue to rob the bank for few more years.
11. A new fund will started for clean energy, this fund will be given to the companies owned by the sons and daughters of politicians and government officers.
12. A new fund will be given to few states to preserve their culture of rape, corruption.
13. Ganga river clean fund - should be doubled, as all the money spends in the past years was wasted.
14. Flood management Fund - What happened to the past fund do not know, whenever flood comes poor people get nothing , if you lose your house you will get 2000 rupees to build the new house .
15. Social Sector Fund is increased which will be utilized by political parties to develop their political party workers, especially workers who are in jail.
16. Elementary school funds increased to more schools will be held under the tree.
17. A new fund will be started to check the health status of Indians .The amount will be in few crore rupees for each district .so political parties can spend it on their own political party workers.
18. Rural Development Fund increased so parties can show that fund and attract new workers for their political parties and preservation of vote for the next election.
19. Additional Drought Fund started as after so much corruption also babus are still hungry.
20. To increase the slums in cities more fund is given to reduce to poverty of cities so poor from villages can come to cities and settle their in cities.
21. More Funds increased for the housing schemes for the poor who settle in the cities illegally.
22. Social security fund is started so poor people can drink more wines and liquors and cigarettes and if they become sick they can visit to hospitals.
23. New Pension scheme which is not good for the common man so he rejected that, but as this scheme gives more profits, to keep this scheme alive a fund should be started which will give incentives to the common man who will join this scheme.
24. Funds for literacy increased, doubled, literacy means if you know how to sign you are considered literate.
25. Provision of 100 crore for farmers without any checks to see that farmer gets that money or not. This is a scheme for political workers not actual farmers.
26. New scholarships based on caste and religion to further divide the India, so they can keep enjoying kingdom of India forever, generations after generations.
27. A fund started to plan the ministry affairs, to plan how the corruption be done or should be hidden, how the voice of common man be silenced.
28. A fund should be started to combat with Indian poor people who has taken guns against government because government failed to give them food, shelter and water.
29. A new fund be started to speed up the legal system
30. Introduction of new policy if you earn more, pay less tax. If you earn less you are useless and you does not deserve anything.
31. Introduction of new policy if you are doing government project and if you do not complete it in a given period, you will get extensions with all the benefits, its not crime to delay the government projects.
32. Introduction of new audit system as because of corruption our profits increased and audits will open those frauds so the compulsory audit requirement amount is increased so our earned money is not audited.
33. Government will build all facilities and if company imports goods they will get many exemptions.

IS This Indian Budget for me ?


Anonymous,  February 27, 2010  

Quite a depressing and bleak picture...
But then again, true..
What can one do about these things is the question..

Renu February 27, 2010  

so dissapointing to see.. we can only do something good by being a good citizen..

sm,  February 27, 2010  

What can one do about these things is the question..?
Regarding this i am writing one post which will cover everything.when i will feel satisfied i will post it .
even every comment to good post,support also takes India towards change this gives encouragement blog author as well as others who are thinking to write about India or our country.

sm,  February 27, 2010  


sm,  February 27, 2010  

just being a good citizen will not help the future generations
we have to become good citizens ,who will spread the knowledge.

Julia,  February 27, 2010  

good post
we have to become good citizens we can only do something good by being a good citizen..

jamos jhalla February 27, 2010  

आया बजट का त्यौहार,प्रणब दा का रक्त उच्च चाप

घोला रंग करों का कार,सांसदसभी रह गएमलते हाथ

पलक झपकाते बार बार, और मिलाये सभी ने हाथ

दांत भींचे आँखें लाल ,निकले सभी संसद से बाहर

मीडिया में बोले धूआधार,मुलायम लालू और गुरुदास


ममतामायासुषमाहुए लाल ,जनतापार्टी को दिया लिबास

इंकरिमोवर मांगे बारम्बार,मीडिया को मस्लाये माल

हो गए सभी मालममाल,मगर बेचारा झल्ला परेशान हाल

तंगहाल फटेहाल और बेहाल,दिल में रह गए सभी सवाल

में कवि तो नहीं

मगर ऐ प्रणब जी

जब से देखा बजट

आपका मुझको कविता आ गई

Bikram February 27, 2010  

hmmm this has always been a problem in india the budget it sort of favours .. But i am not going to comment on this cause i dotn have much of a lcue ..
the reason why i am commenting is , I was watching it on tele and I had a hearty laugh when the opposition did a walkover.. over some price rise.. It was hilarious because it is in india only where the opposition hardly goes with anything.. if BJP was in power they would have done the same thing and congress would walk out and vie versa..

Why cant they for once THINK of the COUNTRY FIRST and then about there own selfish desires , and the firt motto of each party SHOW THE OTHER DOWN ALWAYS ... thats the number one point on every parties agenda ALWAYS...

Neha February 27, 2010  

what will happen to our country god knows..

sm,  February 28, 2010  

jamos jhalla,
thanks for Hindi Poem

sm,  February 28, 2010  

they will think about our nation is a sweet dream of good citizens of India.

sm,  February 28, 2010  

I do not know about God but i am sure if females of India decide it they can change the face of India .

Admin February 28, 2010  

Very depressing indeed. I don't know what to say after reading all these. Can't say exactly if it really goes the same way. And if it does then its really sad.

BK Chowla, February 28, 2010  

SM, what can we say.Country is talking in terms of GDP whereas 88crore people are living under Rs 20/day.
Frankly, I don't see much hope nowas Cong is not facing any election in years to come

sm,  February 28, 2010  

we got next one year to see this and check the effect of this budget i will guarantee you that poor will get nothing and richer class will become more rich , you will see increasein their fun and life style

sm,  February 28, 2010  

yes you are right there is very little hope

lostworld March 02, 2010  

Cynicism & Reality at its best. Nice post:)

sm,  March 02, 2010  


Insignia March 04, 2010  

Hopeless....is all I can say

sm,  March 05, 2010  

thanks, its hopeless because speed is too slow.its so slow that its standstill

Ria,  March 07, 2010  

Nice post:)