02 January 2010

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World Economy Should we purchase products made in India or From Multinational companies?

World Economy Should we purchase products made in India or From Multinational companies?

Today world is becoming global village and every now and then we hear about the global economy and voices demanding that one should purchase materials, goods , products only made in our own state our own nation.

I do not fully agree with the above view. but with the rule that if products made in my country fulfill following conditions.

• While producing the goods no child labor is used.

• While producing goods company has a policy to follow environment laws.
Like these there are many conditions but these are the top most conditions when we purchase the products we should check out.

May be your are Indian or American one must first see does the xyz company is fulfilling above conditions if the xyz company is not fulfilling the above most 2 important conditions then we should not purchase product from that company then the owner may be Indian it does not matter.

The time has come to rise and think globally not nationally, world is becoming big sea, do not think about saving our gutter, we have to think and rise and have to get the big share from this world economy.

In this global economy it does not matter from where you purchase, because you may not agree with me, but we should remember this principal that all rich people help each other, and you do not know they are share holders in each others company, and help each other.

Now let’s try to become intelligent voters as well as consumers by understanding world economy, global economy and how we can become good consumers. 

The first important questions

Will you deposit money in the national bank or multinational bank? 

Will you not check the interest rate of the bank and will deposit the money in the bank which will give you more interest as well as security.

To save our environment, to make progress of our country we have to become intelligent consumers, intelligent citizens of India only then we can force our politicians, law makers to make good laws for India.
We will not achieve anything by just making a rule that I will purchase products only made in India. 

We need to make good laws in this global economy which will make every Indian rich not just 30%
In coming years we will see that every big corporation, multinational company will be owned or controlled by performance giving chief executive officers and it will not matter the CEO belongs to which nation.

Today many Indians are working as chief executive officers of multinational American companies.

Like this in future we may see Tata or Reliance or Airtel having American CEO.

So time has come we the common Indians must become the intelligent consumers as well as citizens to save our interest and future of coming generations of common people.

Learn to dream that every multinational company is owned by Indian and controlled by Indian and if you are American then I will say you should think that every company should be owned and ruled by American citizens.

Everyone should love his nation ,his state but he should not forget that the earth on which we are living , we have common natural resources ,like sun, oxygen ,rain , so one should always give preference to the environment first then his own nation. 

Is there any difference between national and multinational companies?

There is no difference between national and multinational company, because every company which is today national is going to become multinational company in future .Today the company which is multinational was once a small, national company.

Example is Tata, Reliance 

Do you use credit cards, when ever you use credit card you are using multinational product.
When we travel in a luxury bus, remember that Volvo is made by international, multinational company.

Do you purchase shares and Bonds, do you know that mutual fund invest in the multinational company.

Do you know that the Indian cricket team is part of Multinational Company ICC?

Do you know when we purchase drugs from medical stores that time also we become the part of multinational company, world economy?

When we watch movies, television channels that time also we are part of world economy, multinational company.

We will purchase the products made in India but do you know that the owner of that company is investing in multinational company; he is holding shares of multinational company.

So indirectly we again become the part of world economy, multinational company, so we have to rise above the money going outside India,

firstly we have to become the intelligent consumers and citizens and we should learn to purchase from the companies who do not use child labor , the company should follow environment rules and laws if you find such a Indian company then surely purchase from that company, but the Indian company which do not follow the above conditions then do not purchase from that Indian company but purchase from the multinational company which is following above rules ,which protects the environment , which do not use child labor.

If we do not stop to purchase the products made by child labor then this problem will never end, as a consumer we have to make this rule for the future of our country.

When our laws will be good, when our education system will be good , all money which is going outside India will come to India through multinational, this multinational companies will invest in India which will give jobs to Indians, 

So strive for the good laws first, and then give preference to Indian companies, who fulfill the conditions. Learn to demand good laws from politicians, law makers.


Today’s National is tomorrows Multinational 

Today’s common man is tomorrow’s common man.


Apanatva January 02, 2010  

wish you a very nappy new year .
Your blog is so informative . Keep it up .

Samvedna January 02, 2010  

very very thought provoking..my mind also keeps debating it.
But today in the global world its very difficult,east we can do for our country is to be a responsible citizen, pay taxes, save environment and be ethical and in the long run it will have a very good effect.

Shabnam Sultan January 02, 2010  

Interesting thought provoking post.......keep posting. Happy new year to you.

sm,  January 02, 2010  


sm,  January 02, 2010  

yes you said it very correctly

sm,  January 02, 2010  

Shabnam Sultan

Anonymous,  January 03, 2010  

@ sm,

interesting blogpost.

the product should be nice and it doesnt matter from which nationality that company belongs to !

but, i would deposit money in an indian bank ... as i would prefer to open an account in an Indian bank !

cheers !

BK Chowla, January 03, 2010  

Whatever is good in terms of economy and the industry in India should be done.

sm,  January 03, 2010  


Admin January 06, 2010  

Excellent post once again. Really thought provoking. One thing I agree is yes we cannot think against these MNCs. They are doing the right thing. Only thing required is to learn from them and follow their methods and strategies to improve our own standards.

sm,  January 07, 2010  

yes one has to learn from the others who are successful.

Insignia January 07, 2010  

Its right. If we set a limit to ourselves, I wonder if we could survive at all

If a patient is put on life saving machine, he wont argue if its made in india by an indian company.

All that matters is being responsible citizen.

sm,  January 10, 2010  

thanks yes good example.