11 January 2010

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The Revolt by Hockey Team India is it Justified? Indian Hockey Says Cheque De India

The Revolt by Hockey Team India is it Justified? Indian Hockey Says Cheque De India

The revolt by Hockey Team India is fully justifiable.
Reality Views by sm -
Our Team India has not received the payments for the year 2009 regarding
Match fees, sponsorship money and bonuses
India had won bronze medal in the Champions Challenge tournament in Argentina for this tournament also Team Hockey India has not received payments.

Update – Jan 12 - Team India agrees to play without wages for nation 

Team Hokey India agrees to play in the world cup without getting pays, as Hockey India told them management do not have money to pay them.

Furthermore they were not given any assurance regarding there dues when they will get it.
I am not aware about the Management of Hockey, but nation has full right to know where all the money received from Sahara India went, as our players are saying they have not received money.
When Indian hockey team goes abroad they are paid only 14$ as per day allowance this is the situation of Indian Hockey.
I hope someone who is activist of Right to information act should demand the details from Hockey India management and tell India, where the money went missing?

Pakistan Hokey is also not as rich as Indian hockey but still they get everything they got contracts and everything just like BCCI cricket team India.
Currently Indian hockey team is in Pune city for practice sessions but they have not started there practice which is good step, if they will miss the train they will not get such a train again to get back there payments.
The Real Team India – Hockey shows Unity – Integrity – Courage- Hockey players said that if they do not get their wages they will not play in the world cup.
A senior player from Pune said that “It is a fight for our rights. Hockey India says that it does not have funds, but we are not asking for astronomical amounts. A regular payment of Rs 25,000 per month is nothing after Sahara has paid it in crores."
When cricket team plays one match, what they earn in one match if team India hockey wants to earn that much they have to play minimum six matches.
Once the world cup is over, I am sure that know one will pay or listen to Team India hockey, even we Indians and our media will not also listen them.
This is what is happening in hockey in India for last fifty years.
Nobody cares about them; we proudly say Hockey is our national game.
The comedy is that solve the problem by paying there dues, our Hockey Federation is thinking to take strict action against players and news channels are reporting that ,they may form a new hockey team to play in the world cup.
Hockey India [HI] president AK Mattoo said that “Though we have kept it as a last resort, we will not hesitate to ban players,”
Chief coach Jose Brasa said that that is the matter between the players and Hockey Federation.
HI elections were slated for January 29 but it got deferred after the interim national body failed to issue a 21-day notice, necessary to be given before the poll date as per its constitution, I don’t know if we can not take the elections on proper times and as per rules how can we solve this wages problem on the time.
I think Team India should approach to the Rahul Gandhi or Sonia Gandhi directly with there wages problem, to solve it quickly.

World cup 2010 Hockey Schedule and Pools-
On November 14, 2007, the International Hockey Federation (FIH) announced that The 2010 Hockey World Cup, the championship would be held in India, taking place over two weeks from Feb 28 to March 13, 2010 at New Delhi's Dhyan Chand National Stadium The last and the only time India hosted the championship was way back in 1982 in Mumbai.
Pools for the 2010 Men's Hockey World Cup to be held at New Delhi, India were announced by the FIH on December 15, 2009.
Following is the list of Pools -
Pool A-
1. Germany
2. Netherlands
3. Korea
4. New Zealand
5. Canada
6. Argentina

Pool B-
1. Australia
2. Spain
3. England
4. Pakistan
5. India
6. South Africa

The semi-finals of the tournament are scheduled for March 11, while the final will be played on March 13.

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Do we remember Hockey is our national Game?


Chandrika Shubham January 12, 2010  

Frustrations are increasing in Indian sports persons except cricket.
nice blog!
Best wishes.:)

Apanatva January 12, 2010  


Samvedna January 12, 2010  

Itis very frustrating to see the govt. neglecting all sports people like this. Once when Sunil Dutt was sports minister, he visited one camp and the situation there was horrible.

BK Chowla, January 12, 2010  

Players must be paid and why not?

sm,  January 12, 2010  

Chandrika Shubham,

sm,  January 12, 2010  


sm,  January 12, 2010  

about Sunil Dutt i was not aware thanks for adding info.

Insignia January 12, 2010  

Its cricket which rules!! Promoting one sport at the cost of others is so wrong!!

Forget the wages, these poor players dont even get encouragement...forget government...the media?
It also runs behind where they can be in limelight.

COMMUNI January 12, 2010  

Banning the team? I don't think they would have enough money left with them to have another selection...Sab paise khaa chuke honge ab tak.

And what does the media do. Give credit for ChakDe India for every Indian victory. Call Shahrukh for analysis. And now at the time of distress, they give just a few mins of news. What would have they done if one team member of cricket team was not paid properly. wouldn't they have made a big issue out of this?

what the hell..

Indian Pundit January 13, 2010  


Its justified.

Everyone has a family to look after.

Its important that India pays their citizens who are just servants of this great nation.

Indian Pundit January 13, 2010  

i mean India must pay its sportsperson....

sm,  January 13, 2010  


sm,  January 13, 2010  

COMMUNI, you said it correctly

sm,  January 13, 2010  

Indian Pundit,

sm,  January 13, 2010  

Indian hockey, team sponsor Sahara today decided to release Rs one crore immediately to be distributed only among the striking players in a bid to resolve the crisis.

Admin January 15, 2010  

Pathetic..very pathetic. Hope everything gets solved soon.

sm,  January 15, 2010  


himanshu January 17, 2010  

wat depressing side of our country this is showing. everybody knows these babus r eating this money but not one in India can stand out of the crowd n keep an eye on them. everybody is busy in counting their bucks

sm January 17, 2010