11 December 2009

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Maharashtra : Towards becoming state of Drunkards

Maharashtra : Towards becoming state of Drunkards
Maharashtra Government allows,gave license to make liquor from grains like maize,jowar and bajra,the food of poor which is already going beyond their purchaseing power.
A state of Shivaji , will become the state of drunkards .
We are sorry our God Shivaji we can not stop them making liquor from grains, when farmers are committing suicides because of ill health, poverty and mal nutrition.
The youth will be drinking liquor on the place of milk .

The mothers will be serving liquor to kids on the place of Jawar, and Bajra.
Maharashtra government gifts us the liquor after the attack of 26/11.
Recently Maharashtra government has permitted and started to give the license to produce the premium liquor from grains like maize, jowar and bajra
Regarding these license 45 persons applied for the license and 23 licenses are already cleared by the state government of Maharashtra .
Do I need to tell you who are the owners and makers of this liquor ?
Majority are the politicians or their family members , relatives and friends.
Who drinks the premium liquor ?
This liquor is drink by rich people as it is said that liquor made from these grains is less harmful for human body.
Here farmers are dying ,committing suicide but the government has no time .
Government has no time to read the Ram Pradhan Report ,a report made after 26/11,
I am simple and mad man will you please tell me does government was busy reading the proposals of this liquor licenses.
This is the same government when poor tribals wanted to make liquor from Mahua flowers , they were not permitted to do that.
But when same thing is done by rich or politician they instantly allow it and all political parties keep silence as well as media.
Even RSS is doing nothing, they are just keeping silence , as per my information even BJP leaders from Maharashtra got the license to make liquor from grains.
The comedy is that One Minister says ban the liquor and others promote it, and this fool population like me keep silence , and I am more fool as I go to vote .
If dancing in the bar is bad, how come drinking liquor is good ?
How can Maharashtra state government allow making liquor from grains.
Why now so called culture protectors are silent ?
May be we will see them on the Valentines Day again doing there terror acts.
I tried to get information regarding this from internet but very less information is available nothing is available only times of India has reported something about it .
Question is Does MNS will do something regarding this ?
I do not have any hope from any political party.


Kevin December 11, 2009  

It is quite hopeless situation for the farmers. And we have no hope from the politicians of India. I say people should stop depending on the government and fight on their own.

Samvedna December 11, 2009  

In an agricultue based country, its sad to see the prices rocketing high and to top it they are encouraging all this.
I felt so frustrated to see RBI governor saying..this inflationion is not so worrying as if the prices of oil go high etc.........

pathetic to see the high brass unconcerned with the plight of common man.

BK Chowla, December 11, 2009  

Disaster is the word.
Licences are being issued only to the political families of Congress and NCP.
Do you know-they are going to SUBSIDISE an excise amount of Rs 5o crores.Ever heard of liquor being subsidised?

deeps December 11, 2009  

heyy wait a momnet to wish...
there is stil time :-P

sm,  December 11, 2009  

we have to educate each other and have to fight against injustice as well as wrong policies of politicians

sm,  December 11, 2009  

thanks they do not care about the hike or population of India as they also understood that people In India do not have any choice, as there is no opposition party.

sm,  December 11, 2009  

thanks for adding the information.

sm,  December 11, 2009  


Admin December 14, 2009  

Really sad to know about this..SM. Well, I don't know what to say. Finally, kuch bhi bolo ya kuch bhi karo..end result remains the same. Kuch nahin hota hain aur na hoga. Yes, we are fools. We keep on voting like idiots for them..We are only responsible for what we have to face later. Hopefully..let us hope for the best..

sm,  December 15, 2009