27 November 2009

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Motionbox an another option to You Tube –

Motionbox an another option to You Tube –
So what is motionbox?
If you like the privacy then Motionbox is for you.
Motionbox makes it easy to share videos with a select group of viewers instead of broadcasting to the world.
Motionbox is a video service for families, individuals to upload, edit, store, and share their personal video as well as memories captured In High Definition.

Motionbox offers free membership as well as they got a subscription-based Premium service featuring HD playback and sharing, unlimited storage, and download capabilities, and a Professional video hosting solution for small businesses and organizations.
Motionbox powers video publishing and sharing for several partners, including AOL Video, Bebo, and Shutterfly.
Basically they got Basic, Premium and Pro service.
Basic service is free service offers you following benefits –
1. Store, upload, and share a limited number of videos
2. Edit your videos with our easy-to-use online tools
3. Create DVDs, flipbooks, and eCards

Motionbox accepts videos in the following formats:
.avi, .mov, .dv, .mpg, .mp4, .wmv, .asf, .vob, .flv, .mts, .m2t, .m4v, and .qt.
On October 15 motionbox has introduced the Motionbox PRO, a professional video hosting solution for small businesses and professional bloggers.
Recently motionbox partnered with Roku channel store also.
PRO service includes archival storage, web-based editing, streaming and embedding, all in superior quality, up to 1080p HD.
Currently if you join motionbox and become pro they got good offer, a gift until the year end if you sign up for a Motionbox PRO account, and they’ll refund your $49.99 set up fee!
Monthly Account Fee $24.99
(Includes 25 GB total storage and 25 GB streaming per month)
Storage Overage (per GB) $0.50
Streaming Overage (per GB) $0.25
One time account setup fee $49.99
All this you will get only at $49.99
To know more about this below is the link –
Below is the link use it and you will get 10% discount.
Motionbox is present on facebook also.
Below is the link where you can join motion box freely.

Reason to write the article on motionbox is that I received mail from motionbox to write the article about there site and services.


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