24 November 2009

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Barbie converts to Islam and gets a hijab –

Barbie converts to Islam and gets a hijab –
On the name of saving children, Barbie makers are introducing Muslim Barbie, Hijab wearing Barbie into the market.
On the front this looks very good start, but its consequences in the future are not good.
This step is not good for any children.
Wearing the traditional Islamic dress, the iconic doll is going undercover, make over for a charity auction in connection with Sotheby's for Save the Children.
Eliana Lorena is putting Barbie undercover for an auction to celebrate the doll's 50th anniversary.

The company director of Laird Assessors from The Wirral, Cheshire, said: 'Bring it on Burkha Barbie, I think this is a great idea. 'I think this is really important for girls, wherever they are from they should have the opportunity to play with a Barbie that they feel represents them.
Photo of Hijab Muslim Barbie –

Reality Views by sm –
You can introduce the Barbie with cover there is no need to call it a Hijab and to get popularity and make money.
This is nothing but setting the mind of young girls that when they grow up they have to put on Hijab.
Indirectly it will encourage among girls to put on Hijab, It will support extreme Muslim peoples thinking.
In the year 2003, Saudi Arabia banned Barbie saying that, the dolls revealing clothes and shameful postures, accessories and tools are a symbol of decadence to the perverted West.
Last year in 2008, Iranian prosecutor Ghorban Ali Dori Najafabadi warned that Barbie dolls are destructive culturally and a social danger. They also singled out Batman, Spiderman, and Harry Potter toys.
Barbie in Hijab – This is not the first Barbie,
In the year 2002, Iran tried to sell the Sara and Dara dolls to compete with Barbie doll with the help of moral police But Sara and Dara did not sell well.
In the year 2003 United Arab Emirates company, Newboy started to sell doll named as Fulla a dark eyed more realistically proportioned doll with Muslim values.
Photo of The Fulla Doll –

Because of good marketing they found the market across the Middle East.
Currently Fulla and Indonesian Muslim doll, Arrosa are sold in the Islamic world.
In Islam it is not mentioned about putting Hijab, this is very conflicting issue in Islam,
As mother is in Hijab automatically it sets the mind set of young girls in Muslim community and we can see that educated Muslim girls also support the Hijab.
Because of fear of community and social status or any other reasons.
Barbie was first launched in March 1959 by American businesswoman Ruth Handler. The doll was joined by her long-term boyfriend Ken in 1961.
Do not glorify the Hijab, if you support the Hijab and if you are male I will just request please you start to put the Hijab for 1 year for 24 hours and then say the world its benefits.
Every child should be kept away from this type of religious symbols or any symbol which ever religion it belongs. Let them enjoy there childhood religion free.
Let the child grow naturally.
I am not against any type of dolls; it’s your business do it as you want it. But every action makes impact on the future of kids.
So do not bring Hijab and religion among the young kids while playing.
Do not destroy there innocence and do not divide them.

Image Sources - Google Image and Dailymail UK
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maria,  November 24, 2009  

thanks for the pics.

Dhiman November 25, 2009  

All the companies of US want is to just make money isn't it.... as you mentioned some other dolls are replacing Barbie in Islamic world so they make Barbie wear Hijab ..... they only think business and nothing else....

BK Chowla, November 25, 2009  

That is marketing my friend.

deeps November 25, 2009  

ohhh this is news to me...
BJP being attacked from all corners on the masjith demolition case may be a good topic for you the next time ...

Insignia November 25, 2009  

Hey, thats a lot of information. I read it on paper and laughed away. Its marketing; after all!!!

lostworld November 25, 2009  

Oh shucks !! all the religious fanaticism doesn't stop at dolls & toys also.. shocking !

.. and so regressive !!

sm,  November 25, 2009  

yes they are also just making money, on the name of religion.

sm,  November 25, 2009  


sm,  November 25, 2009  

thanks.yes you said correctly.

Rahul,  November 26, 2009  

Its marketing

Neha November 26, 2009  

poor dolls ain't spared too...

Admin November 26, 2009  

Well said SM. I really appreciate it. This is nothing but a pure marketing tactic to lure innocent minds and sow the seeds of regionalism which I belive may pose a grave threat in future.

sm,  November 26, 2009  


sm,  November 26, 2009  

yes for future its not good

sm,  November 27, 2009  

On Librahan commission i have written article on 1st july, and what i have written is happening you can read it. Here is the link

debbie February 10, 2010  

i am the largest seller of Islamic dolls and doll clothes in the USA.my website is muslimtoysanddolls.com

sm,  February 11, 2010  


Sarah,  June 25, 2011  

I appreciate some new things I learned from reading this article, but I disagree with a few things that you said from this article.

On the last paragraph you wrote: "So do not bring Hijab and religion among the young kids while playing. Do not destroy there innocence and do not divide them."

I have to say that those are misleading. Hijab is not something that is forced or in some of your previous article is said to lower a woman's dignity. True moslem where them by CHOICE, we are NOT forced to wear them. So please, stop saying that hijab is something that divide people.

And you said that hijab wearing barbies teaches children to grow thinking they have to wear hijab? Is it not a known fact that barbies often wear glamour looking doll clothes? Won't that teaches your kids about hedonism then? And barbies are always looking extra slim, won't that teaches your children that they have to be slim and not to accept their body as they are?

NO. Those kinds of things are taught from their parents, their surrounding and environment.
So please do not blame things unnecessarily or at least please think about your choice of words.

Thank you.

sm,  June 25, 2011  

Please let me know which Muslim Religious leader has said or wrote that Wearing Hijab is not compulsory for Females.
Let me know what will happen if Muslim Female who is not rich decides not wear Hijab?
Already slimness of Barbi is criticized by many.
If Muslim Girl child is playing with Barbi , her mother is using Hijab, her doll is wearing Hijab what message she will get?

Hijab is part of Islam and Doll is not part of any Religion.
Both should not be mixed.

Benjamin Smith January 07, 2022  

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