03 November 2009

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An Attempt to Know Sathya Sai Baba – Part Two -

An Attempt to Know Sathya Sai Baba – Part Two -
Sathya Sai Baba Is He Magician?
Sathya Sai Baba Is He Spiritual Leader?
Sathya Sai Baba Is He Saint?
Sathya Sai Baba Is He Cheat?

Part One Link -

Sathya Sai Baba and Controversies –

1. In 2000 UNESCO withdrew its co-sponsorship of an education conference in Puttaparthi, explaining that it was deeply concerned about the allegations that have been leveled at Sathya Sai Baba.

2. The magazine India Today published in December 2000 a cover story about the Baba and the allegations of fake miracles quoting the magician P. C. Sorcar, Jr. who considered the Baba a fraud. The meeting between P.C. Sorcar Junior and Sathya Sai Baba has now become the stuff of legend. According to the magician, he had asked for an appointment with the Baba on many occasions, only to be turned down. Finally, he asked to see the swami, posing as the son of a prominent West Bengal industrialist. The godman agreed to see him.

After Sai Baba had given him a darshan, Sorcar asked for a gift. The Baba asked him to wait, and went into the next room, presumably to hide some object or the other up his sleeve.
Meanwhile, Sorcar had seen a plate of sweets lying in the room. He grabbed one and hid it on his person. Sai Baba returned shortly, and duly produced a sandesh 'out of thin air'. Sorcar said he didn't like sandeshes, and changed it 'miraculously' to a rossogolla instead.

The livid godman threw the magician out. Today, Sorcar scoffs, "He is no godman. He is not even a good magician. He is so clumsy that he is spoiling the name of all magicians. I think he should practise a lot more.

3. The Guardian and DNA noted that a travel warning was issued by the US State Department based on allegations. However, by 2009, the travel warning, which was issued in 2006, has since been removed from the consular page of India. Under the heading CRIME INFORMATION found under 'Consular information' at http://travel.state.gov/travel/warnings_consular.html - by scrolling down and selecting 'India', and scrolling down on that page one reads:-
4. "U.S. citizens should be aware that there have been reports of inappropriate sexual behavior by a prominent local religious leader at an ashram or religious retreat located in Andhra Pradesh. Most of the reports indicate that the subjects of these approaches have been young male devotees, including a number of U.S. citizens. Although these reports are unconfirmed, U.S. citizens should be aware of this information and contact the U.S. Consulate General in Chennai for further information."

5. Basava Premanand, a skeptic and amateur magician, asserted that he has been investigating Sathya Sai Baba since 1968 and emphatically believes the "guru" to be a cheater and charlatan. To date, Basava Premanand has survived four murder attempts and bears the scars from several savage beatings.

6. In 1976 a former American follower, Tal Brooke, wrote a book called Avatar of the Night: The Hidden Side of Sai Baba. In it, he referred to the guru's sexual exploits.

7. Sai Baba also enjoys a close relationship with the state police. A former head of police once acted as his personal chauffeur.

8. The Salon.com's "Untouchable" article published in 25 July 2001 reported that after Conny Larsson, a Swedish film star alleged his abuse allegations the Sai Organization in Sweden along with a Sai-affiliated school was shut down.

9. Documentaries produced by the BBC and the Danish Broadcasting Corporation, analyzing videos of the supposed miracles, suggest that they can be explained as sleight of hand tricks.

10. In October 2007, an official of the Sai Trust announced that Sathya Sai Baba would make a 'moon appearance' and asked devotees to proceed towards the (Puttaparthi) airport. The IANS reports "the 'miracle' did not happen" and his devotees "waited for an hour before dispersing." No explanation was offered by the Sai Trust on "why the 'miracle' failed to materialise.

11. UNESCO officially withdrew from an educational conference planned for September 2000 at Sai Baba's ashram under the auspices of the Sathya Sai Organization, citing "widely reported allegations of sexual abuse involving youth and children ... levelled at the leader of the movement in question, Sathya Sai Baba."

12. In June 1993, Sai Baba passively stood by while six persons were murdered in his apartments in Prashanthi Nilayam Independent Township, his main ashram, known to be completely under his strict control. After discussions between Sai Baba's officials and the local police, the police shot at close range and in cold blood killed four of these persons. Although Sai Baba reportedly first spoke to the intruders and remained nearby throughout the whole episode, conferring with his officials, he was not even questioned by police or law investigators! Due to their serious inconsistency and ineptitude, the case was taken over from the local police by the CBI, but the entire investigation was subsequently quashed by government order by the intervention of devotees of Sai Baba holding top positions of political power. Thus, no adequate court action was taken and no justice or redress was possible for the victims’ families.

13. The four executed followers, who reportedly only wished to speak to Sai Baba, killed two of Sai Baba’s attendants in a knife fight. Sai Baba later publicly declared that there was no attempt on his life.

14. Commenting upon the murders at the time, the International Chairman of Sai Baba’s Organization and a member of the Sathya Sai Central Trust, Indulal Shah, stated to pressmen: “…the matter is purely internal and we do not wish to have any law enforcement agency investigating into it.” (The Hindu, 10-6-1993). The only possible meaning of this is that the International Chairman of the Sathya Sai Organization would put the perpetrators of such major crimes completely above and beyond the law. This is exactly what has occurred so far.

15. (Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol. XXIX, p.394). The official report continues: [Svaami produced the little book by a circular wave of His hand and held it before the audience.] “This is the book. You can see the cross on the cover page.

16. Below is bible photo –
18. “I do not suffer form any kind of disease because there is no trace of greed in Me. That is why I am always healthy…” “There is no trace of anger or hatred in me and hence everyone loves me” (Sanathana Sarathi September 2002, page 257f) But he has suffered strokes and he is sick.

19. Since 2003, Sathya Sai Baba has been virtually crippled by a botched hip joint injury, necessitating the use of a golf buggy, an Avatar mobile' and wheelchairs - or constant support from helpers. Despite this, Sathya Sai Baba (unadvisedly) pronounced that his healing took place due to the prayers and sadhana of his devotees! - If he is God what is the reason he has to undergo operations like normal human being.

20. India’s President Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam has been the chief guest during the glamorous birthday show of controversial godman Sai Baba on 23rd November 2006. It is shameful and outrageous that the Indian President pays respect to a saffron charlatan, who exploits the gullible by claiming that he can produce ‘holy ash” from thin air, cure all illnesses, has created the universe and other nonsense more. It aggravates the case against President Kalam that he did not content himself with performing a kind of public relations routine, but went out of his way praising and glorifying the charlatan.

21. “I have immense love for Sai Baba”, Dr. Kalam said in his speech at Sai Baba’s headquarters in Puttaparthi . “I penned a poem in my mother tongue to greet Sai Baba on his birthday.” And he was not ashamed to read his poem (in a Telugu translation of the Tamil original) publicly to the cheering crowd of Sai Baba devotees. The rather embarrassing piece glorified Sai Baba as a glittering lighthouse and symbol of goodness. Because of Sai Baba’s presence, the President of India rejoiced, the earth was the most blessed planet in the solar system.

22. One such story revolves around the mentally retarded son of S. Bhagavantham, former scientific advisor to the ministry of defence.

When the young boy was brought to meet the swami, he produced some vibhuti (ash) and rubbed it on the boy's back. Then, with another wave of his hand, Sai Baba produced a long needle, punctured the boy's spine and drew out some liquid. He then 'produced' some surgical dressing to put on the boy's back. Apparently, this procedure cured the young boy.
Bhagavatham, however, denounced the godman as a fake towards the end of his life. He never went public with the-reasons for his disillusionment with the Baba, but cut the godman out of his life completely.

23. Last and most important there are very few criminal cases are filed, and many people have later withdrawn that cases, or did not file the criminal cases.

24. About there trust , I did not find any monetary information but on few web sites I came to read many rich American people fund the Sathya Sai trust. Whatever good thing is they have started schools and hospitals, In India many rich people fund the trust and these trusts do not do any kind of social service, if they do there social service also means chanting for the well being of Dharma etc. For me Roti is more important than Dharma What is the use of Dharma if human is dying because he do not have water to drink and roti to eat , when there plenty is available in society. Every year Because of Hunger Ten lakh people Die in India.

25. There are many sex charges against Sathya Sai Baba, but as there is no formal police complaint or FIRST INFORMATION Report is filed against Sathya Sai Baba so I did not cover the sex offences.

Watch the videos carefully you may find tricks.
Watch THE Video Sathya Sai Baba Doing Magic –

Watch the Video Lingam Magic –

On internet there are lot of such videos are available I have just posted two.

Now its every reader has to decide is he magician or cheat or God.

Reality Views by sm –
Conclusion –

Just remember will you accept progress with science or magic.

When in India magic was at its peak, that time we Indians were slave of Arabs, Muslims, Portuguese French, and British.

So what this magic has given us, slavery of heart, it has made Indians lazy and coward people.
Just few hundred outsiders came here and ruled us, but this magic has not given us freedom.

Open your eyes and choose the path of science , we may live in poverty but live with the science, one day science will give us tube light and bulb, light and your magic will make you a slave and make you future generations also a slave of a kind.

• As there is no magic, only hard work and honesty pays.
With Magic you can fool uneducated Indians, which is very common in India, people do not have food, water and education and no hope for better life , when situation is like this ,if some one comes and shows them magic they accept him as God, a hungry person can not see magic or cheating, hungry person only dreams about roti, food with or without sleep.
He is always thinking in his mind someone will come and rescue him, in reality no one comes .

• Hundred years back your grandfather was a beggar and today you are beggar. Hundred years back your grandfather also found the Baba, but still he died in the poverty and without medicine and in future you will also go through same. No baba will rescue you.

• Why politicians and Filmstars and Celebrities Go to such places and Gurus ? Answer -Remember they have done hard work, they have earned everything and they want to safeguard there money and want to earn more money, or want to get peace of mind as many become rich by deceiving poor people, in this situation they visit the babas to get the peace of mind.If you read newspapers you can always read that bank robbers or income tax evaders donating to temples and praying that hey god give me more money and I will pay you 10%.

• Sathya Sai Baba has said that the world should come to him with empty hands. On the other hand, he has succeeded in getting many to come to him with their hands full of gold.

• “I do not need grand decorations, huge pandals, arches, flags and such paraphernalia … Even a chair is superfluous! … Spend sparing to the minimum needs; do not involve yourselves in expensive luxury. I would like you to spend any extra money that you have for the feeding of the poor or for any similar beneficial object.” Sathya Sai Speaks, Vol VII, p. 100

• Satya Sai Baba said at Brindavan, 14-12-1963, "Let Me tell you this now itself: I do not like this pomp and show. I do not derive any joy out of it. Pomp, such as this, has become a fashion now, even among ascetics and monks who ought to know better. They profess poverty and simplicity and yet, they allow or encourage their disciples to waste much energy and money on pomp and pageantry which serve only to develop the egotism of themselves and their followers. The emphasis on show makes a thing hollow of all meaning." (Sathya Sai Speaks Vol 3., p 228)

• Today in India every city we will find many types of Babas and Gurus , we do not have any law which we can use against them . Don’t you think we need special law regarding this . In Maharashtra still black magic bill is pending from many years.

• Today in India on Television you will see and find that every television channel is showing advertisements which are spreading and selling the items which science can not prove . There is selling of magical items by filmstars and television stars which will give you anything which you desire and they do not think this is vulgar, and cheating, such channels are not banned in India.

• In UK one of such channel was banned for showing such advertisements which make people fools by playing with the emotions and selling them lockets.

• If he can produce gold ,why do not produce unlimited Gold and remove the poverty from India .
• If you are God why you do not give us the list of Swiss Bank Accounts
• If you are God why don’t you save us from drought
• If you are God why don’t you stop 26/11 attack
• If you are God why don’t you give us cure on AIDS AND H1N1
• If you are God why don’t you stop killing of female child in wombs permanently
Hey God This is prayer to you if you exist there do this miracles

Believe In Humanity: Look Within and you will find the truth, you do not need any agent of God to reach the God, if there is god, he has not appointed any one as his agent, he is capable to look after his all children.

Humans because of financial conditions need the help of others to raise the kids, the god who has created this universe do you think he needs the help of Human agents to run his empire.

Basic Question is Does really god is there , for this article lets believe Yes there is God but still think on the above lines and behave.

1. http://robertpriddy.wordpress.com/
2. http://barrypittard.wordpress.com/
3. www.sssbpt.info
4. http://www.saibaba-x.org.uk
5. http://www.rationalistinternational.net/
6. http://saibabaexposed.blogspot.com/
7. http://www.indiansceptic.in/index.htm
8. http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/programmes/this_world/3813469.stm
9. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Premanand
10. Images are taken from Google , and above websites.
11. There are many such sites I am just writing few of them.
12. On many news paper websites I came to find out that they have removed the articles regarding these incidents, I do not know why they remove it. May be God came into there dreams and they remove it.

This article is based on Internet Research, so I do not confirm what I have written is truth,
This was just an attempt to find and know understand the Sathya Sai Baba. The living God.

The END.


Ria,  November 04, 2009  

i like the magic show

Anonymous,  November 04, 2009  


Apanatva November 04, 2009  

Its a nice post . some how i don't have much interest in baba or sadus .Religion is such a sensitive subject its nothing but faith ,and faith gives strength .

sm,  November 05, 2009  

I am also not interested,but the people who should tell us not to visit Baba, those people are worshipping babas, so how India will become super power.

Anonymous,  November 05, 2009  

"This article is based on Internet Research, so I do not confirm what I have written is truth,..."

Enough said! Thank you!

Anonymous,  November 05, 2009  

"This was just an attempt to find and know understand the Sathya Sai Baba. The God."

If you are an honest researcher, you'll go to Puttaparthi with an open mind and get first hand information.

sm,  November 05, 2009  

If you will read the first part you will know i have mentioned both sides black as well as white. thanks for comment.
Below is link for part one.

Anonymous,  November 05, 2009  

He is also human, he is not God

Admin November 06, 2009  

Well, am excellent post indeed. Kudos to you for researching a lot on him. Still not clear if its truth or not :(

sm,  November 08, 2009  

1. As per my opinion SSB is not God.
2. Like any other magician he does the tricks which we can see in the video.
3. Against Sathya sai baba aka SSB there is no formal FIR complaint is lodged against him in any police station, so I can not say he is cheating the people.
4. In India we do not have speedy justice system so people prefer to stay away from justice system..
5. About his gay and sexual relations with boys , there is no FIR lodged in the Indian police station, so I can not comment on that.

I hope now few doubts are cleared.
thanks asking.

Harpreet December 02, 2009  

agree with your Post SM he is just cheat and knows how to fool poor Indians and mint money. all these fraud baba's should be banned and their shops closed.

sm,  December 08, 2009  

Harpreet Kaur,
thanks hope our govt will pass the law regarding this.

PERFECT FLIGHTS December 11, 2009  

Nice post..!!

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sm,  December 12, 2009  


Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

Since there is a Limit to the Number of Character I could post my feed please take it as one after the other in 4-5 parts following

Part - I from SM.
Its all easier said than done... sitting before you home PC/Laptop... is not research. Even a lecturer/professor is caught red handed by his/her students if s/he uses information from the internet... and easily available literature, autheticity of which is doubtful. I pity you are one such case.

May I ask the following question to this so called invesigtor...

1) Have you visited the place called Puttaparthy.
2) have you seen people getting cured/healed?
3) Have lived there ? not for days... weeks... months... but for years tigether.
4) Do you know of an educational institue that offers free education from KG to PG ?
5) Do you know of any one who has given free medical services, including cardiac,nedhrological,neurological... surgery free of cost? which a poor person cannot even imagine of ...costing lakhs of Rupees other wise,including food.
5) have you seen any Hospital where 'Surprisingly' there is NO BILLING SECTION ?
6)Ask the thousands of villages (mind you not villagers but Villages) who had No drinking water right from the days of British until a few years ago... ask them... but you may not have guts even to find out... anyway all these things are NOT publicised in media or internet... so I would not blame you for not having the "Knowledge" of it.

Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

Part - 2 from SM
7) If you have even an iota of objective,rational and neutral investigation/research please speak to atleast 10 devotees if not more, before you make such conclusions, Nasty as I may call.
8) A magician is a magician is a magician, and I have not heard of any magician create a better world, except his own please educate and enlighten if YOU know of some one.
9)Was there was No poverty during the times of Christ,Rama,Krishna ? (This is a question if you believe in GOD/Avatar)
10) Even if you believe in GOD who may not have a form, was poverty completely absent a few hundred... of thousand years before?
11) was there NO disease at all ? Atleast I have read about fatal epidemic in many ancient books and stories.
12) Ayurveda has been there for thousands of years, do you say that religious/god fearing people in the past... more so in the recent past ,were people wrong in believing Saints and Avatars... be it Sant Dnyaneshwar,Tukaram,Namdev, Sri Rama Krishna Paramhamsa & The Buddha (Both are Avatars).... the list goes on my dear.

Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

Part -3 from SM
13)There were innumerable saints and respected Godmen who have done a lot for the Humanity but always had an opposition to their good work. There were people who attempted/harmed them. Christ was crusified,Prophet Mohammed's Sons were done away with, Sons of Guru Teg Bahadur were buried alive...into a wall... do you mean to say all these HOLY MEN and SAINTS have NOT Contributed to Humanity or have FAILED in their Mission....?? I love and respect them... and I am proud to say that My Sathya Sai Baba has only made Hindu a better Hundu, a Christian a better Christian, a Muslim a better Muslim... I really have nothing to say if you are all together an aeithist,with due respect to your belief.

14) No where in Sathya Sai Ashram or centre anywhere in the world ,you would find a Daan-Peti ( like a typical temple or shrine), not that I am opposed to it, but its an answer to one of the questions/points raised.

15) May I ask if we believe in & respect the intelligence and knowledge of people like Mr.APJ Abdul Kalam and we believe in his contributions to India, why do we NOT have the ability to listen if he has something to say about Baba, His Mission... after all Mr.Kalam is an intelligent, scholarly, descrete and the one 'Who Knows His Stuff",The problem here is that we want people to say 'Only What We Want to Listen" a basic problem in ant personal/professional relationship.

Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

Part -4 from SM

By the way Mr.Kalam apart from the 'Sciences' Knows Vedas and ancient texts in Sanskrit that could put many so called scholars to Shame. He has a credibility & reputation and guts to say what he wants... but what identity do the people posting all the filth have ? many are anonimous..... is'nt it ironical.

16) I am speaking/writing from an experience of and have the credibility to say so after having stayed there for years....
17) After all "My Swami" Says people throw stones only at fruit bearing trees and that an when an elephant walks calmly dogs bark... but its the very nature of dogs... they are NOT at fault... becaue they just do not have the capacity to understand and comprehend'That Huge dark thing passing by them....(according to sciences Dogs have Black & White and 2 dimensional vision). We are after all human beings so very gifted....., we should have the integrity of a professional researcher who does research...ound work... filed wor... experiment and what not... before coming to conclusion. But here in this case case why do we want to take a short cut ? because we feel that no one is going to examine what we indescretely blurt out ? or is it a sheer convenience of internet research... but mind you if we take a short cut like the professor he is only going to become an object of 'fun' to his students because they know that 'He does NOt know His Stuff' its all a borrowed Gyan and nothing else.

In the mean time may I request you to find out the answer for atleast 2-3 questions I posed initially.

With Warm Regards & Sairam !


Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

Part - 5 by SM

May I request you to read a book titled " God Lives in India" by R.K. Karanjia... if you do not know R.K.Karanjia was a celebrity journalist & editor of "Blitz' which he used as a medium to critique Sathya Sai Baba... but a difference between the journalists then and now is they had the professional integrity to investigate what they put in ... Mr.Karanjia was one of them. But in this internet age every To,Dick & Harry has an'Opinion"

I am really afraid you may not find this book or its content on the internet... get to the real research buddy... unzip your purse shell out a few bucks & read it... beacuse good things never come for free.

sm,  January 08, 2010  

thanks i will reply to all your answers in my next post.
I want to make it clear now also SSB is not God.
In video we can see him doing magic.
i agree that he is doing social service,he is doing great job, but what about the magic ?
Once again i my post very clearly said he is not god but he is doing job work, but i do not believe in his magic.I can accept him as a social worker,good human being but not as God.

sm,  January 08, 2010  

thanks for putting the question , i will answer all your questions in one or two days.
There is no intention to hurt your feeling, i am sure you will take it as debate or discussion.
to improve our own knowledge.
Because i always say knowledge is the power,and sharing knowledge is the best way to empower each other

sm,  January 08, 2010  

you can go through the part one also,
here is the link
in next post you will get all the answers to your 18 questions.if you got any more you can keep adding.

Anonymous,  January 08, 2010  

From SM

Oh Dear !

There is a confusion.... its not me who is questioning you... but if you find answers they are for your own benefit and understanding. I have done enough research and lived there.... and convinced myself...and have answers to what I asked you and will try my best to answer if you have any doubts, which I know you have.

Please feel free to ask.


sm,  January 09, 2010  


Anonymous,  January 09, 2010  

Dear Bloggers interested in this topic :

From SM

1) The video footage of Baba giving trophy does not 'clearly show' fumbling as depicted.
2) It is the'waiting period and trophy tilting till the recipient comes in..... and described as 'exchange' of article being created.
3) The person in the video is declared 'murdered' amongst the 6 others a few years ago... This clearly shows that person posting these videos Just does not have the 'knowledge' /information. The is very much alive and very senior office bearer, dedicated and committed devotee of Baba, I have just seen him last week, listened to his inspiring talks last week.

The gentleman declared dead/murdered is Still Alive, active industrialist and ex-Chairman of CII (Confederation of Indian Industry), a person who does NOt need an introduction.... You see the ignorance and Zero knowledge of people posting all rubbish !


sm,  January 09, 2010  

For me who is alive or who is dead is not important, important is real truth is death is the reality of life.
My objection is to the magic and magic, as there is no FIR filed regarding sex charges I have clearly mentioned and now also i can say i am not able to comment on them, as no FIR means he is innocent regarding sex charges.
I appreciate about his services,free hospitals, comparing other people in India yes he is lot superior than many politicians as well as saints.
I have written about him only because of his social service and i do not believe in magic also.
I just hope in future we will not see any magic ,he will get more respect also without showing magic.

Anonymous,  January 09, 2010  

From SM Part- 1 09.01.2010

1) I agree that its not important whether the person in question is dead or alive... the point here I am trying to highlight the "Sheer Ignorance" on part of the person posting things. Thus this only misleads others....If he himself is not sure of what he is posting.

2) It seems you are so stuck with the word 'Magic' but we call them 'Miracle'and I am witness to many ...Have you seen any of them ? Just watching a video and making an opinion is unethical.I have witnessed so many of them that I honestly do not have a count. I have already mentioned that I have seen people including people close to me getting cured... but you know we devotees do not get stuck on that level. We need to and have risen above and beyond it by practicing what Swami has come to teach us... his message... for our own benefit.

Anonymous,  January 09, 2010  

From SM Part-2 09.01.2010
3) I have had the good opportunity to have an audience with HIM.... along with other fortunate devotees and students..... HIS Miracle he says are His visiting/invitation cards. The very fact that YOU are discussing HIM and HIS good work is because of the Miracles' or magic in your language', how else did you get into all this ?

4)All Holy Men ,Saints have had these Miraclous virtues. But you know we only value, accept and pray to them when they are long gone... may be we are used to only seeing GOD in Photo Frames and Statues. Hence we find it difficult to identify GOD when HE is amongst us in Human Form.
5)If you have seen a Miracle...(Magic ????) its because you have chosen to see... logged onto the internet and seen it.
6) He does not need your or my approval... He is going about HIS Great Work HIS Way.... and I am proud of being a part of HIS mission although in a very tiny/miniscule way.

Anonymous,  January 09, 2010  

From SM Part -3 , 09.01.2010

7) And I seek to correct you about your misconception about Miracles... they are NOT ONLY ABOUT creation of material things...Vibhuti (Holy Ash),Chains,rings or bracelets... its about people being transformed,its about people's lives getting better, improving relationships, inculcation of ethics & values amongst youngest of young and oldest of old beyond national boundries, irrespective of religion,caste,race nationality. All this is nothing short of a miracle. There are number of lives changing experiences that people are having ... may be somewhere in a far off country...this very moment. If you are very positive and really honest about knowing more I shall further share names,references and suggest literature... books wherein people from all walks of life .. be it a doctor, a teacher, a peon, shop keeper, a student... you name it, have had their experiences even without actually being in physical proximity with Swami... hundreds of miles away from Puttaparthi.

You see you have to go beyond a click of a mouse to really get into any subject, Including this.

Thanks & Sairam.

sm,  January 10, 2010  

Anonymous, an invitation to write a guest a post on this blog.
Anonymous, as we are having a good discussion and after reading all the comments, I feel that you should write one or two good articles on SSB which I am ready to publish on my blog on the series of SSB.
I always believe that more we share, more we discuss, more we debate will enrich everyone with the knowledge.
So this is an invitation to you to write one or few articles on Satya Sai Baba as you told that you have experienced of SSB, and his teachings.
My email id is mit302006 @yahoo.com
Where you can mail me articles written about SSB, your experience and teachings or what ever you feel the people who do not have experience of SSB. So every reader of the blog will be able to know and understand more deeply about SSB.
And I will publish them on my blog.
And I want to make it very clear that I will not be able to pay for the guest post.
After reading your comments I feel that money does not matter to you but still it is my duty to let you know in advance that I will not be able to pay for the guest post.

Anonymous,  January 10, 2010  

Dear Brother,

Sairam !

It would certainly be my pleasure to do so. It really nice that we are really looking beyond internet research... I would be glad... and that all I need is some time...a day or two.

As regards payment I never knew in the first place that we are paid for blogging/contributions, which in any case immaterial to me ... as you guessed it right.

Warm Regards,

Anonymous,  January 10, 2010  

From SM

PLease refer to the following links

H2H Issue]




5. FAITH, FORTITUDE AND THE DIVINE TOUCH [From September 2006 H2H Issue]

6. TRUTH WILL ALWAYS TRIUMPH [From Vol. 2, Issue 05, March 1st 2004 H2H Issue]

Thank you, Sai Ram.

sm,  January 10, 2010  

thanks you can take your time, there is no hurry.

Anonymous,  May 14, 2010  

Dear Sirs,

Why it is very hard for people to believe a god in human form , when the same people belive the god in Idol form? Is it any sin to accept the God in human form ? After this god goes into samadhi then the same people come and pray to the idol . For just a moment if we had a pain in our body we remember God, The same people question the core existence of God.I feel my self lucky enough in this regard because i always belive god , and feel more lucky enough to see God Sri sathay sai baba in Human Form in this Birth of mine.Any way both questions and answers are the leelas of God , this article had the questions raised by some one and answers given by some one. THis is all the leela of God his highness sri sathya sai baba.May God bless all of us.

SM May 15, 2010