22 October 2009

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Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2009 - Names Of MNS winning candidates

Maharashtra Assembly Elections 2009 - Names Of Maharashtra NavNirman Sena [ MNS ]winning candidates -
Following is the list of Maharashtra NavNirman Sena [MNS] candidates who won in the assembly elections.
MNS - Raj Thackeray shines like his Guru. Now we have to see how the Raj Thackeray and his party MNS will act in the assembly.

No. Name of Candidate - Constituency - Votes
1. Bala Nandgaonkar 183-Sewri 64375

2. Ramesh Wanjale 211-Khadakwasla 78906
3. Mangesh Sangale 156-Vikroli 53125
4. Ramesh Patil 144-Kalyan (Rural) 51149
5. Vasant Gite 124-Nashik (Central) 62110
6. Uttamrao Dhikale 123-Nashik (E) 47924
7. Nitin Bhosle 125-Nashik (W) 52855
8. Pravin Darekar 154-Magathane 58310
9. Shishir Shinde 157-Bhandup 68302
10. Nitin Sardesai 181-Mahim 48723
11. Ram Kadam 169-Ghatkopar 60343
12. Prakash Bhoir 138-Kalyan (w) 41111
13. Harshavardhan Raibhan Jadhav 105-Kanad 46106


RNSANE October 23, 2009  

It seems to me that all of these are men. Do no women run in these elections or are they just not viable candidates?

Neha October 23, 2009  

upon winning, somebody from congress said, what we didn't do in last ten years, we will do that in next five...

in all the areas, the air was full of smoke coming from cracker burst for more than an hour...

Gopinath munde is saying they lost, one of the reasons was raj thakrey...well if u add his 13 seats to shiv sena bjp, still they are far behind...

another sad half decade I guess, or I dunno for how long it is gonna go..

sm,  October 23, 2009  

the women reservation bill is still pending with the government of India.
yes you are right there are few females in the elections.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

MNS has done the damage,but the damage was done when opposition failed to do duties of opposition party.

Anonymous,  October 23, 2009  

MNS has gained popularity within urban/semi-urban areas. Village/s are important And Congress is good within the same.
The next election will be either a draw like situation or maybe Congress or any other will require MNS support to form government.
MNS by winning seats has won the trust And is walking towards growth to rule the state one day.

Anonymous,  October 23, 2009  

MNS should do well in upcoming Mumbai Mahapalika Elections, it is necessary in favour of Maharashtra's local people

BK Chowla, October 23, 2009  

Man to watch for the future is Raj Thackery.
If he walks on the development road,he will be successful.

Balvinder Balli October 23, 2009  

Very soon we are going to witness the fisticuffs in the Maharashtra assembly also.Please mark my words.

And Mr. Annonymous, hate acts carried out by the hooligans belonging to regional parties never benefit local people but rather alineate them from the main stream by creating hate against them.

Samvedna October 23, 2009  

I failo to understand how winning 13 seats can betermed into Raj shining?.....and ditto the comment of Balvinder singh..this regionalism takes us back not forward.

Dhiman October 23, 2009  

You are right Raj has done whatever damage he could but people didn't feel the opposition as a better alternative ...so they voted congress back...

sm,  October 23, 2009  

Yes MNS has just begun you have correctly said now they have to fight with the congress in villages.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

yes we as a citizen have to rise above the political parties and check the policy of every party.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

YES only the party with motto of development will win the votes.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
yes you are right this is what is happening with other parties.
We hope MNS will take the path of development.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

i am not defending MNS,but we have to ignore that ,have to check there policies,does policies are going towards development. When in other states same thing is done by other leaders no one cries but when same thing is done by MNS we talk about national integration. How can a finance minister of india can not speak in Hindi ?
something is better than nothing.

sm,  October 23, 2009  

yes you are right people have started to see the hope in MNS that they will take the path of development.

Mohan October 24, 2009  

Raj Thakery didn't contest the elections? I don't see his name in the list of winners!

sm,  October 24, 2009  

Raj did not contest election that is right, He is the CEO of MNS.