22 October 2009

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Habits And Hell – A short story by SM.

Reality Views by sm -
Habits And Hell – A short story by SM.
After finishing the dinner I went to the sleep, as I was sleeping I saw a dream which
Terrified me, I was afraid,So what I saw in my dream, in my dreams I died, and the servants of GOD of DEATH came to receive me.

So they told me my journey on this planet earth is finished and they took me to the planet of God.
Before I can speak, we were on the planet of God, there was calmness, and billions of people were standing in the lines before the doors of heaven and hell.
They took me to the head of the Death God, he welcomed me with the smile and told me about my all good deeds and bad deeds which I have done on the planet earth, as a human nature I was not listening with full concentration but as I was curious I was looking everywhere.
All over the place it was all beyond our human dreams and thoughts.
After reading all the bad deeds, Death of God said I have done more bad deeds than the good deeds , so I will be sent to the state of hell, but he said as I was honest on the planet earth he told me if I want I can visit planet earth for a day, so I said him, God I do not want to visit the planet earth, but allow me to look inside the state of Heaven for a day or few moments, he smiled and kindly allowed me to visit the state of Heaven, He ordered the servants of heaven state to show me the state of heaven,
As we went inside the state of heaven I started to feel happiness, I started to fly in the air like a bird it was pure air, my soul was dancing in that air, I felt so happy I forgot to see the heaven and after few hours the servants told me my time is finished and the servants of hell state have come to pick me up, in a second we were in the state of hell
And I started to feel the pain, I was afraid, and then the servant of hell told me that the hell was divided into four states and they were named as
1-European Hell
2- American Hell
3-China Hell
4-India Hell

After hearing the names I asked the servants of hell may I look into the each state, he said yes sure I can check and see all the parts of hell.
First I decided to visit the state of China Hell. The servants from the hell told me I can go inside, watch the hell china.
They told me that there is one and only one book of Crime and Punishment for all the four states, because of over population on the earth, the god has directed that in each hell the humans are punished by humans as there is no place to run away once a human is inside the hell and without completing the punishment the human soul can not go outside.
So I went inside the China Hell, there I saw everything was done in a systematic manner, I felt it was again a military rule, but china human souls told me there is no democracy or no army rule everyone is free, but as there soul is so used to work in military environment that they can not work in free environment, I saw everyone was punished, few
Souls were sleeping on the ice cubes, few were kept inside the boiling hot water and boiling oil and much kind of punishments, and then I ask them how many politicians are inside the hell, they said no in china hell there is no Politician.
Then I went to the European Hell, everyone was busy and punishments were same and I felt that no one was interested to talk with me. But do you think an Indian soul can stay without talking, so started to talk with one European human soul and ask him how he felt about the hell? he said they are doing fine and everything is in control, as an Indian I am also fascinated with Hitler, so dared and asked the fellow European soul, does Hitler is also present in this hell, he said no he is not in the European hell, but he became upset and told me not to disturb him, I thought may be Hitler got place in the Heaven, thinking like this I came out of the European hell.
Then I went inside the American Hell , and I saw same things happening everything was working smoothly, machinery was installed , in a curiosity I just closely saw the machinery and found the logo of MADE IN CHINA Hell,
I asked them about that and they said in the hell all the machinery is made only in the state of china hell
The American hell servants told me that, the state of China Hell manufactures everything and other three states use them. American Hell only checks the quality of punishment machinery.
Then I again asked them how many politicians are inside American Hell, they told me there are many. After that I came outside of the American Hell and the servants of Hell God asked me as I have seen all the other three Hell states, they told me do I want to enter the India Hell as they said once I am inside the India Hell I will never come out, they told me if I want, I can choose and decide to stay inside any one of the Hell.
I thought for a second and said no I want to stay inside India Hell.
In this way the servants gave me entry into the India Hell permanently.
As I entered I saw the table, there no one was present I ask the other soul who was present there ,he saw me he said something which I did not understand and he went away then suddenly other soul said that the soul of the table just visits once on that table and then goes and sleeps. He just comes to punch the china hell made machine to register his presence.
Then I went ahead and I saw that India Hell was full of politicians from all over the world , Suddenly I saw many famous politicians , and I saw in one of corners The soul of Hitler was giving the speech, then there I saw the souls of Bush and Obama also.
I was so surprised , to see so many great people inside India Hell, I felt proud to be Indian for a second, then I went to the Soul of Hitler and asked him why he has chosen the India Hell to stay ,He told me that ,
You know SM,
Everyone is given chance to choose the state of Hell, as a politician and ruler every king or politician wants and dreams that why he did not born in India and became the Indian Politician as India is a paradise for the politicians on the planet earth, on planet earth it was not possible so when he got chance in the Hell he opted for the India Hell State.
Other reasons he said SM look around and you will find that , the China Hell state has made perfect machines for the punishments but if you will watch carefully you will see that , if there is electric chair then there the electric current is not present,
When the soul is send to the boiling water or boiling oil pots there is no energy to boil it
Like this he told me that in India Hell nothing is working, everything is in good condition but nothing is working.
Even God has failed to improve the souls of India Hell, then I started to smile and said then its great we will not suffer any punishments everyone must be happy here, Suddenly Hitler started to cry and said that , no my dear new soul, After completion of our punishment we can again go to planet earth, or we get the entry to the heaven but because here nothing is working from the day this hell has started no one has completed his punishment , now we have to stay in this India Hell forever, He said from other hells thousands of souls complete there punishment and go back to the planet earth or heaven but here no one has ever gone outside. Then I realized and felt worried and thought why I did not choose the other hell state?
Then I asked him how did he learned the Indian Language he said as he is here from many years, and in this hell souls only speak in there mother tongue, no one talks and helps each other if he do not speak his mother tongue, In India Hell as per the language they will fix your caste system. God has not created the caste system, but these Indian souls are so habitual they have found a way to find the caste of people and on language here they fix the caste of soul
And accordingly you will be treated, he proudly said he belong to fight caste.

The souls do not accept the punishments from other caste people, many souls are demanding reservation and are fighting on that, and because of this confusion and non talking nothing functions properly as everyone only knows that if someone speaks different language or if someone is not from there caste, they will not support him, listen him, will not go through punishment.
In India Hell we have everything excellent, but for this India Hell nothing is important than there Caste, Reservation and Language. Last billions of years in India Hell everyone is fighting and no one has completed his punishment and assignments given by the God of Hell.
He said that SM now as if you will try to do anything other souls will pull your leg and they will not allow you to achieve anything, he told me now go and find your mother tongue souls and stay with them, if they will see you with me they will beat you or will not accept you.
As I was terrified , suddenly I heard the bursts of fire crackers , loud music sounds and I woke up, for a second I was confused then realized that whatever I saw was a dream and felt very happy that I am not dead.
And I started to think that does my soul will take my habits with me to the hell or heaven after my death,
Still I am thinking and then thought as an Indian I need to change my habits and if I go to hell I have to think twice which hell I will choose,
Which hell you will choose, I am confused and thinking on this, start to think on this. If you find the answer let me know which hell to choose?

Disclaimer –
The above story is original and the author SM does not intend to hurt anyone. This story is written for pure fun and education.


RNSANE October 22, 2009  

My goodness, this piece of fiction is quite thought provoking. I hope you don't have insider information - at the very least, you have given me food for thought. I am not totally sure what I believe but you have really given me a lot to consider...four different hells - but, then, I'm opting for heaven in the first place..as long as they have good tikka and kaju burfee and marzipan and ....ohhhh, that's not what heaven is about, is it?

BK Chowla, October 22, 2009  

sm,what heights of perfection have you reached.
You have painted the correct picture as it prevails in India.Can you do something that our politicians can read your post.

Swatantra October 22, 2009  

Amazing man.. that's quite a story.. i am sure you could have written book on it.. the story seemed so original and true!

Dhiman October 23, 2009  

A fiction on your Blog surprised me but you have written it so well and completely different from the ones that we get to see in blogs and also your concept of 4 types of hell was really unique...

sm,  October 24, 2009  

thanks you liked the story.

Insignia October 26, 2009  

Wow...that was amazing piece...Heights man!! Thoroughly enjoyed it and how true!!

sm,  October 27, 2009  

thanks for reading the story.

sm,  October 27, 2009  

thanks for reading the story.

sm,  October 27, 2009  

thanks you like the idea.

sm,  October 27, 2009  


sm,  October 27, 2009  

i will try to write the part 2 regarding this story.thanks.

Raju,  October 27, 2009  

Habits and hell excellent story.

AS... October 31, 2009  

haha.. good one :)

Anonymous,  September 14, 2010  

wow......nice description....appreciable...........

SM September 15, 2010