13 September 2009

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Understanding terrorism: An attempt to define the Terrorism-

Understanding terrorism: An attempt to define the Terrorism-
Reality Views by sm -
Behind every terrorists there is one organization who is controlled by some rich people or religious group of people directly or indirectly for there own selfish desires and purpose which are not related with Religion or God but they very intelligently relate the cause and mislead the young minds like the terrorist Kasab.

Terrorism is nothing but an attempt by that organization to gain control over that country or particular area where these organization heads can enjoy unlimited powers and live life like God or ancient king.
Terrorism spreads the fear among the people and because of fear people accept the authority of that organization and his head and start to accept his authority and rules without any questions.
So every nation should consider terror act as a war against the nation and it is the duty of that nations President and Prime Minister to declare a war against the country who gives and permits such organization to grow in there country.
When Bill Clinton was the President of America , Terror organizations always targeted American embassies which were outside the America but President Clinton ignored it just like we in India ignore the terror act and our politicians say that its ok this happens its part of our life.
This type of attitude which Bill Clinton showed gave rise and desires, ambitions to the terror organizations like Taliban.
Before attacking American world trade centre, terror organizations attacked Mogadishu 1993; World Trade Center 1993; Dar al Salaam 1997; Nairobi 1997; USS Cole 2001.
When Taliban saw American President is not attacking them they got wrong message that
America is a weak nation. So they planned and first time made the terror attack inside American land on the American soil killing 3000 american citizens.
The World Trade Center was attacked on the morning of September 11, 2001.
But this time America got the talented, fearless President George W. Bush.
Who understood it correctly and changed the policy of Bill Clinton, and started the war against this terror organizations and today American people are enjoying fruits, there is no another terror attack on the soil of America.
Here in India, we have seen so many attacks I myself don’t remember how many attacks were made on the India by terror organization, even when there is terror attack, we hear the news, and many Indians started to say and believe that this is the part of Indian life.
Even our Ministers say that this type of terror attacks is not important problem.
This happens all the time, we should ignore it.
Few people say that terror organizations and terrorist are mad people, but sorry they are not mad people , terrorist gets the money so he sacrifices his life for his family,
Many times society and politicians give such a treatment to the poor people they join such organizations as they start to believe that the donkey is more respected in the society than him. He has no value in the society as a human, and he looses his faith on the humanity.
The main purpose of this organization is to control the world as well as there own land
With fear factor, they do not believe in any God, there leaders want to become god.
And rule the world with there own rules and habits.
Every organization which do not support freedom of speech, freedom of profession, Freedom of Religion is a terror organization or can become terror organization in the future. So as educated person, human being please do not join such organization which do not support freedom of humans to live as they wish happily without harming others.

Killing an old man to do robbery is not a terrorism act but many people call it a terrorism act.So what is the terrorism? How to define the Terrorism Act?
Following factors are most important to classify the act as a terror act
Which act should be treated as terror act and which organization is a terrorist organization or which has a potencial to become a future terrorist organization?
Let’s understand what is terrorism ?
If we see any of the following reasons, or activities, then we should know and treat it as a terrorist act or an act done by the future terrorist organization.
1. Creating Fear in the minds of common public on the name of God and religion and culture
2. This fear is created using force and violence. For me I consider slapping a person is also a terrorist act if he slaps the other person because he does not behave according to that person’s religious belief.
3. If we do not punish the person who is slapping for his own belief of religion is a future terrorist, if he gets a wrong message that he is not punished as a terrorist he will become more and more violent and he will find the supporters also and then the Taliban will be created in that nation.

When you will find all the above ingredient in any act then you should treat it as a terrorist act.
And you should stop supporting such persons and organizations.
If all the above activities are done by the political party then its very dangerous for any nation as well the world and that political party should be immediately banned.
There are other ways to change the person like debates and if still that person does not change but his habits are not harming the nation then that person should be given freedom to behave as he wants in his home and inside his property
.Please do not compare terrorist act with the use of drugs.
here I am talking only about terrorist act, which is very different, these act try to establish there own religious beliefs on the other humans by force, by creating fear factor and this terror organizations do not agree to the any type of freedoms of speech and expression and profession, freedom to choose religion, there main aim is that people should behave like animals as ordered by there leaders without reason.
Kidnapping or demanding ransom and using threat do not affect the society, but these terror acts affect the social fabric.
It’s not bad to spread the religion but we can not allow the spread of religion with violence and use of fear factor.
With love and compassion you can win the peoples heart.
But the terror groups do not use this because they have nothing to do with the common people, they just want to create the fear among the society and enjoy the political and religious benefits out of that fear for there own group of people.
There religion is nothing but what their leader says becomes the religion.
These terror organizations to fund there terror act start many illegal businesses also.
Here the problem comes how to treat such business owners who fund to these terror organizations.
Can they be treated like a terrorist or just a criminal?
I myself feel that any person who is helping any way to the terror organization should be treated as a terrorist and he should be given life imprisonment, then he may fund the terror act directly or indirectly or he may directly fight like the terrorist Kasab.
In both the cases the punishment should be same.
You will say that the bombings done by our freedom fighters were also the terror act against the British Government?
Here we can see that the freedom fighters never intended to rule the nation, with there religion and beliefs .
They sacrificed there lives for the benefit of society, they did not create fear in the society, but they fought for what was there own, which was taken away by the British Empire.
Terrorism is a act in which the leader of the terror organization uses the innocent boys and girls by promising them money or heaven or showing them good dreams or making them believe that there culture is under threat, but same such leader himself never goes to fight the same war, he always sees that he stays alive to enjoy the fruits and benefits when the fear is created in the society.
But terror groups do not want to give freedom they want to rule the society with fear factor.We should understand that the these terror organizations and people use religion customs and traditions for there own advantage , the advantage may be political or ideological which gives them powers like king and god.
Terrorism is not a disease , its act of group of people to create fear in the society , and to see that society , the common people ,male and females should behave as per there religious belief , by creating such fear in the minds of people , if these continues for few generations it automatically gets status of law ,accepted way of life.
From ancient times this is going on but science has given us tools which record everything for the future generation and which allow us to study and know what is bad , who is using force in which part of the world to dominate his views and ideas of life style , for his personal gains and profits by utilizing fear of the society.
Humanity is targeted by terrorism , human freedoms are targeted by terrorism.


Tejaswy September 13, 2009  

I like George Bush's take terror to home concept.

There has been no terror attacks america , as correctly pointed out by you and also that he has taken terror right into the hearts of the terrorists... the terrorits now live in fear of hellfire missiles that circle the hills of pakistan and tora bora...

sm,  September 13, 2009  

thanks i agree with you today they are hiding .

Apanatva September 13, 2009  

I just wonder why a country keep changing stands .Some times pro some time anti .policies keep changing is it good in long run ?

shilpa September 13, 2009  

Definately the attacks changed our lives.The way asians are treated outside india is bad because of these attacks .I think its high time now that goverment should change the way its working for the betterment of the country.I think we are attack and supported by our own people then the outside attacking us because they understood the relationship between the goverment and the people.YYou have explained it so well.Thanks for posting

Anonymous,  September 13, 2009  

@ sm,
good blogpost.
i found the 'humane reasons' as to why common man is lured into terrorism, a bit interesting.
those reasons may be right or wrong, but worth noting.
cheers !

sm,  September 13, 2009  

as the leaders change, the policy changes.
India has no foregin policy.

sm,  September 13, 2009  


sm,  September 13, 2009  

thanks, hungar is such a thing which can destroy all human emotions.

BK Chowla, September 14, 2009  

In my opinion,terrorists ,when they come to kill,do not wait for instructions...kill them

Anonymous,  September 14, 2009  

you wrote this very well..
kudos to you

sm,  September 15, 2009  

yes i totally i agree with you, they should be killed on the spot or court trials should be very fast.

sm,  September 15, 2009  


sm,  September 15, 2009  


Neha September 15, 2009  

sm, thank u for visiting my blog...this post of urs moved me a lot...terrorism is born out of cowardice...people who are not capable enough to survive, threaten others o make their presence felt...it is very easy to die in the name of freedom and religion, the difficult part is to survive on one's own...thank u for sharing...

priya,  September 25, 2009  

terrorism is born out of cowardice