24 September 2009

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Know the Raj Thackeray - Know the Mansay a new political party –

India - Know the Raj Thackeray - Know the Mansay a new political party –

Watch the Raj Thackeray Video Biography-
Raj Thackeray
Born June 14, 1968
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India
Political party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena, Founder & President (Since 2006) Spouse(s) Sharmila Thackeray
Children 1 son (Amit Thackeray); 1 daughter (Urvashi Thackeray)
Residence Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Raj Thackeray was born on June 14, With the Name Swaraj Thackeray in 1968
Raj is married to Sharmila, daughter of famous Marathi theater/films actor, producer-director Mohan Wagh. They have one son named Amit Thackeray and one daughter Urvashi.
Raj Thackeray did his schooling from Bal Mohan Vidya Mandir School in the central Mumbai suburb of Dadar, close to his residence in Shivaji Park and later on graduated from the prestigious Sir J.J College of Art.
Raj Thackeray started his political career with Bal Thackeray's Shiv Sena party in Maharashtra.
Raj is follower of Adolf Hitler as well as Mahatma Gandhi
On 9 March 2006, Raj Thackeray formed the Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS).
The election commission has awarded Maharashtra Navnirman Sena the Railway Engine as its election Symbol.
Shiv Udyog -
14 June 1996 Raj Thackeray and Shiv Sena, officially formed the Shiv Udyog Sena and appointed its executive committee. It was also to "give self-employment loans to jobless" Marathi youth.
But what happened to Shiv Udyog everyone knows.
In the same year 1996, they brought MJ to India and organized the one show.
In the same year Ramesh Kini Murder case happened and people said that Raj Thackeray was involved but CBI dismissed the case.
Kohinoor mill controversy-
On 21 July 2005 Raj and Unmesh Joshi, son of Chief Minister Manohar Joshi purchased a five acre plot of land Kohinoor Mill No.3 located across the road from the Shiv Sena party headquarters, Sena Bhavan in Dadar, Mumbai for Rs.421 crore.
It was said that this deal was lacked the transparency.
But I am trying to remember in the history of India which political deal was made with transparency.

2008 violence against North Indians
In February 2008 MNS started the fight against UP and Bihari people,
Regarding this everyone said the acts were like terror acts,
MNS blames that the large scale immigration from UP and Bihar is causing a shortage of jobs for Marathi people.
In interviews Raj Thackeray has said that he is not against professionals who come to Mumbai and are taxpayers. I am against people who come to Maharashtra from other places and have no respect for the law and culture of Maharashtra.
In that matter Raj Thackeray was arrested and still the court cases are pending in the courts.

Raj’s criticism of Amitabh Bachchan
Raj Thackeray started the Fight or debate with movie star Amitabh Bachchan regarding his love for UP.
But I think that debate is over and forgotten by all so no need to write on that.

Raj’s remarks on Chhath Puja
MNS opposed the Puja and after that the case was filed against the Raj in the patna.

Objective of MNS –
• Maharashtra NavNirman Sena will take the Maharashtra State and the Marathi Manus to the apex of cultural and material glory that the whole world will envy. This is the dream of Maharashtra NavNirman Sena, and the party will leave no stone unturned to make this dream a reality.
• The interest of the Marathi Manus is of prime importance to Maharashtra NavNirman Sena. We believe the Marathi Manus to be the person living in the State and born to Marathi parents, or one, though of a different linguistic origin, born in Maharashtra, who speaks Marathi and loves Maharashtra.
• Maharashtra NavNirman Sena insists that the Marathi language must be taught in all schools, whether they are public or private, rural or urban, whatever be its medium of instruction.

Reality views by sm – What MNS is doing I will say

If you want a place among the so called Gods
Then start like how they started

“If you live among wolves you have to howl like a wolf.”

When In India, new political party will be established it will be established through violence only if that political party wants public support and want to establish itself as a political party.
Citizens of India do not have faith in police or judiciary, if they have still faith it’s decreasing day by day. Do you think i am wrong when i say there is very less faith to go to police or judiciary.
There is no hope we will get speedy justice in India.
When one airline sacked employees then employees went to political party, they did not go to court or justice system in India.
They thought political party will give them justice.
This was the moment Indian Democracy was defeated when educated people go to political parties for justice but not judiciary and police department.
Like this everyday Indian Democracy is defeated by the Indian population , the same population who do not go for voting but watch the movies and the people who go to vote
Vote for there caste people then he may be a rapist or land mafia or don, it does not matter for them.

Immigration is happening all over the world and the main problem is population and no one is ready to tackle this problem, India needs the law which will control the population of India.
Today this problem of migrant workers is faced by Maharashtra and I am sure in the future this will happen in every state, every state will demand what Raj Thackeray has demanded.
Solution is population control, as our constitution gives us the right to work any where in India no one can stop them working anywhere where they want.
The question is when in the future if MNS comes into the power will they make such a law in the state which will try to control the population of India.
I do not support violence, but the reality is that Indians are uneducated regarding political knowledge, regarding there rights and freedoms. It seems that in India violence pays.
Indians have to learn to vote for the political party which will promise them xyz law will be changed if they are elected, do you think any Indian is thinking on this path.
Without changing laws, nothing can be changed in India.
Yesterday it was different political party
which used violence and got established
Today it was from Maharashtra
yesterday it was west bengal or Gujrat
And tomorrow another party will do the same.
Yesterday Indian Citizen was afraid
Today he is afraid
Tomorrow he will be afraid
This will continue until and unless people of India do not become educated politically
So if you do not like violence please encourage people to vote and elect good candidates which will make strict laws so people will fear to break the laws.
It’s said that MNS is fighting for Marathi Language, but I wanted to say, Even in lower house we can see that political party leaders fighting on the language.
Majority political leaders in India speak in there own language or English, how many politicians speak in Hindi ?
This is the country where LTTE got support openly from the Chief Minister and political party from India which belong to one of the Indian state.
This is the country where Ram Sena who molested the girls also got support from the political parties.

Today in India if you want to join politics we should be aware that one is entering fight club or gutter.

In the Past We Indians were afraid
And today also Indians are afraid,
Afraid of Everyone.
When we see the injured person on the Road,
how many Indians will help him?
Are we not afraid?
afraid of everyone

Then why to blame MNS only.

This will keep happening unless and until we Indians come out and discuss politics and increase our knowledge. Educate each other about importance of voting and please vote in the elections.
If once the people become inattentive to the public affairs, you and I, and Congress and Assemblies, Judges and Governors, shall all become wolves. It seems to be the law of our general nature, in spite of individual exceptions.”

Few Questions for MNS, and Raj Thackeray-
1. Does MNS support Economic Reservation?
2. Does MNS support Retirement Age for Politicians?
3. Does MNS support the need for Qualification to contest elections?
4. Does MNS support that it should be compulsory for the politician that he should not have more than two kids?
Like these there are many questions, Every one knows the stand of other political parties
As MNS is a new party I wanted to know what is the stand of MNS on the above questions. Like me I am sure everyone want to know about this questions.

Watch the Raj Thackeray Video Biography-
with Apun ne solid mara dialogue

Watch the Video - Raj Thackeray Towards Formation of MNS

Watch the Video – Speech by Raj Thackeray-
Maharashtra Navnirman Sena founded on the 9th March 2006

Know more about MNS- visit there website


Apanatva September 24, 2009  

thanks a lot for visiting my blog and leaving comment .your post is yery informative and thought provoking .

Swatantra September 24, 2009  

Bravo is the one single word.. i felt about this post..So close to life and reality..

Amazing thoughts..!!

Samvedna September 24, 2009  

I strongly oppose the people who want to create boundaries in our own country at a time when we are becoming a global citizen....In my country I am an Indian first and last..no tags of marathi, south indian or north iNdian etc.
All states are mine and I must follow the law of the land to be a good citizen

BK Chowla, September 24, 2009  

We must first accept that Raj is another politician.Can you mention one party or politician in India who has not worked towards dividing the society ?Try and find one...you won't.So,why single out Raj?

sm,  September 25, 2009  


sm,  September 25, 2009  


sm,  September 25, 2009  

thanks for comment, i agree with you, but reality is something different in India.

sm,  September 25, 2009  

thanks you have perfectly said we should learn to accept it as a political party.

smitha,  September 25, 2009  

an eye opener

Mohan September 26, 2009  

Wow.. so much of information!
Thanks for sharing the history and your unbiased views. Even I would look forward for the answers to those questions you have raised :)

Neha September 26, 2009  

SM, loved this post...amazingly narrated...I agree with most of your points here...but i have one question...when you say please get the political knowledge and vote for right candidate, can you name one candidate or one party who is not corrupt and is working for the society without any bias? yes I do vote, every time, every time i study the profiles of the candidates in my constituency, and then select the best among the worst and vote...though i know how much he or she is going to do, but I still vote - that is all I can do, because I want to...but the end result? - a mix feeling...feeling of satisfaction as I voted and feeling of guilt as my one vote helped this candidate win and now this is happening...

sorry about the long comment, but could not stop myself from voicing out what I feel about our country's politics...

sm,  September 26, 2009  

yes I hope MNS will answer these questions.

sm,  September 26, 2009  

thanks for your thoughtful comment.
Regarding our vote is wasted, i agree with you.
We have to learn to vote, educate each otehr how to vote. I have written on that in the past so i will post the one link here. If you will click the elections 2009 label you will see all the post which will answer many questions.


Neha September 26, 2009  

SM, i read your post...and to be very honest, these are the points I always keep in mind...you were speaking my mind in that post...but the sad part is that we have been brought up in such an environment where we have been taught to follow certain things without asking any questions...for example, in majority of hindu household, people blindly vote for the party that support hindutva and so on and so forth...they will look at the party and not the candidate...I am sure you must have come across so many politicians who have been ruling for years and have not done anything significant... but still they keep winning...

we rely on youngsters, and 80% of my friends did not vote...they all belong to the age group of 26-28...half of them were out of town and other half did not believe in voting...it pinches me every time I see the joker ruling my constituency... post election, not even once he has visited my area...and this will go on...but I am still trying and hoping for a better tomorrow for the next generation and I hope I get to witness that...

sm,  September 27, 2009  

thanks, yes i know people do not vote,this is reason i always write one should vote and it should be compulsory.

SG September 27, 2009  

Excellent post. Very nice narration.

sm,  September 27, 2009  


sm,  September 30, 2009  

Unseen Rajasthan,