30 September 2009

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India – Twenty Five Easy And Simple Tips to Save Money –

India – Twenty Five Easy And Simple Tips to Save Money –
Let’s know 25 ways, ideas how we can save money with little awareness.
1. Cook Intelligently , Use Pressure Cooker
2. In advance decide the meals, plan the lunch and dinner.
3. Do not cook more, cook only as per requirement of one meal, as fresh and hot food is good for our health. Do not cook more so there will not be wastage of food

4. Do not overcook; when food is overcooked we lose the vitamin and mineral this way you can save your gas also or electricity bill also.
5. Serve smaller portions, eat less and stay healthy Avoid wastage of food.
6. Do not run behind sweets they will ultimately give you the gift of different diseases.
7. Teach kids not to waste the food, finish the dish always.
8. Do not through leftovers; see that it’s given to the Pets. This will increase your bond with pet.
9. Do not drive to go to a particular shop or mall to save few rupees and check your petrol expenses and how much time you are wasting to reach to that particular shop.
10. Start to drink Tea if you are coffee fan, this way both the prices will have demand and supply and markets will keep the prices steady.
11. Take lunch box to your work; avoid eating outside food, its costly and not good for our health.
12. Purchase what you need, compare the prices do not run behind the brand name and pay more.
13. Always use the discount coupons, and use them, don’t feel shy to use them, if you got extra coupons give them to your friends.
14. Try to purchase from the same shop which is near to your home so this way if you feel you need to change the food item it will be easy for you and will save your time and petrol.
15. Compare the prices of different malls, advertisements, make it a habit, so you will know which product is cheaper at which shop.
16. Please make the habit of checking weights and expiry date of food item if it is mention.
17. Before getting into the car ask the question is it possible you can walk to the shop, does the use of car is required?
18. Try walking and bicycling when distance is short.
19. Share a car, plan the trips with the friends so you can share the petrol bills and this will give you more fun while shopping.
20. Plan the trip and make use of every minute do not waste time.
21. Don’t speed, Drive slowly it will save petrol and will save you from rash driving penalties or accidents.
22. Use air condition when required, when go outside switch of fans and air conditioners and lights.
23. Don’t overfill petrol or gas, with this precaution there will be less possibility of leak.
24. Use all the driving rules and prevent yourself from penalties and blood pressure.
25. While driving do not fight with others on small problems.


Neha October 01, 2009  

hey nice tips sm...if we are little bit more careful and conscious, then so many natural resources and money can be saved na..

sm,  October 01, 2009  


Dhiman October 01, 2009  

Very useful tips and the last one will save traffic jam as well :D

Shrutzz October 01, 2009  

So simple, yet so true. Loved the food portion, which needs to be followed by all!

Samvedna October 01, 2009  

very useful tips, I liked specially 9 and 14, we need a reminder ocasionally.

sm,  October 01, 2009  


Swatantra October 01, 2009  

Very nice tips.. i liked last one the best!!

Balvinder Balli October 01, 2009  

Small details, but if followed religiously, it will go a long way in saving not only money but everything. Thanks for sharing.

BK Chowla, October 01, 2009  

Very well researched.
I wish more and more people can read this post and follow the rules.

sm,  October 01, 2009  

yes you correctly said about traffic jam

sm,  October 01, 2009  

Shruti SriHarsha

sm,  October 01, 2009  


sm,  October 01, 2009  


sm,  October 01, 2009  

Balvinder Singh,
thanks you have correctly said, not only money.

Sudhir Kekre October 02, 2009  

very informative. well done.

sm,  October 02, 2009  

Sudhir Kekre,