09 September 2009

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India -Know 20 Harmful Side Effects of Drinking Soft drinks

India -Know 20 Harmful Side Effects of Drinking Soft drinks -

Reality Views by sm:

Soft Drinks a Soft Killer – Say No To Soft Drinks

Side effects of drinking carbonated drinks.

How the carbonated drink or soft drink is made?

Carbonated drinks are made by injecting carbon dioxide into the water under pressure.
Humans do not need carbon dioxide we need oxygen so why do you drink carbon dioxide.

Reasons Not To Drink Soft Drinks –


Soft drinks do not contain anything which can help your body and mind.


 Drinking soft drink is nothing but slowly moving towards from the good health to bad health and slow death.


Soft drinks will make you fat and you will have to face the problem of Obesity and Weight Gain.


weight gain increases the risk of diabetes


Soft drinks contains sugar in large quantity which damages the pancreas which give you gift of Diabetes


 Drinking soft drinks increases the risk of weak bones and osteoporosis.


When we drink soft drinks, it damages our teeth by removing tooth enamel


Soft drink increases the risk of Kidney failure. It has been found that drinking large quantities of soft drinks causes and gifts us with the problem of Kidney Stone.


Soft drinks give us the gift of Blood Pressure.


 Soft drink gives us the taste of Heart burn.

11. soft drinks puts you under increased risk for liver cirrhosis similar to what chronic alcoholics have


 Drinking soft drinks gives trouble to our stomach and which in future results into indigestion gassiness or bloating (swelling of stomach)


 If you are drinking diet soft drink then also it has different type of side effects on our body. . Diet soda contains an artificial sweetener known as aspartame. It is used because it's about 200 times sweeter than table sugar. It does enhance the taste of the drink but it also causes numerous adverse side-effects. Common complaints include migraine, memory loss, emotional disorders, and blurred vision, ringing in the ears, heart palpitations and shortness of breath.


Diet soda soft drink contains Saccharin. Saccharin is a non-nutritive sweetener which is 300 times sweeter than sugar. It has been proven to cause bladder cancer and is banned in Canada, New Zealand and several European countries.


Drinking soft drinks after a physical workout can cause calcium and potassium loss which in turn can cause sore muscles and delayed recovery time after exercise.


Preservatives are added into soft drinks to prevent spoilage, and to prolong shelf life of soft drink. Sodium benzoate (a.k.a. benzoic acid) is present in most soft drinks. This chemical is known to cause asthma, rashes and hyperactivity. Sulphur dioxide is also used in some soft drinks to preserve the color of say, carbonated lemon juice from turning brown. This chemical is used for industrial bleaching. It is so toxic that repeated exposures to it can cause fainting spells, skin eruptions, swelling, tightening of the chest, shock, coma and even death.


Artificial colours and flavors are used in the soft drink to make them tasty. Tartrazine is an orange-yellowish drink coloring that is banned in Norway and Finland. It can cause allergic reactions like skin rashes, swelling, excessive mucus and bloodshot eyes. Carmoisine is a reddish drink coloring that is banned in the US and Canada. It can cause allergic reactions, food poisoning and even cancer. Brilliant Blue is another cancer-causing agent that is now banned in many developed countries. This chemical can cause chromosomal damage and allergic reactions.


Sodium is used in the soft drinks. Excessive consumption of inorganic sodium thickens and stiffens arteries, leading to stroke, cardiac failure, high blood pressure and many other diseases.


Energy drinks also contains caffine. Some of the side effects of energy drinks due to caffeine are: Insomnia, High Blood Pressure, Osteoporosis, Infertility, Heart Diseases, and Ulcers.


As caffeine is stacked up in the body after each intake, it also shows various side effects and complications during pregnancy. It may also cause miscarriage in pregnant women.

In every shop and every mall we can see that parents, friends offering each other soft drinks. When they offer soft drink to there friend they don’t realize that they are giving poison to there friend. They are offering him slow death through soft drinks.

So I will suggest please become a good friend and offer your friends a cup of tea, or lemon juice or orange juice or just water.
Water is the best drink.


AnjuGandhi September 09, 2009  

we all know the side effects but even then most of us can't resist it specially in hot summers more so because of our taste buds, our greed and our low control

Anonymous,  September 09, 2009  

yada yada yada

ok i am off to have a diet coke now...lol!

Dhiman September 09, 2009  

OMG never knew soft drink can be so harmful ....anyway I don't drink them much ...

sm,  September 09, 2009  

AnjuG,you have correctly said that we lose control because of taste.

sm,  September 09, 2009  

thanks for comment.

sm,  September 09, 2009  

good to know that you are not drinking them.
i also do not drink them much,
i also read somewhere that few soft drink companies do not even use purified water to make the soft drink.

BK Chowla, September 09, 2009  

sm,thank you.I hardly consume any soft drink

Anonymous,  September 09, 2009  

I need to email this to my kids!! :)

sm,  September 10, 2009  

its great that you are not drinking them.
keep it up.

Sh@s September 10, 2009  

Very informative.

Insignia September 10, 2009  

I am one among very few 'weird' ones as my friends put in because I don't like soft drinks. I cant take in that fizz and the awkward taste of it. Buy me a tall glass of cola and even after a couple of hours, I would have managed to have 2 sips.

Very useful piece of post. All the side-effects in one single page. I will save this link for future use.

Swatantra September 10, 2009  

i get more interesting when a small kids asks for these soft drinks.. Mama kepsi pene hai...

sm,  September 11, 2009  

thanks for comment,i do not think its weird,but i appreacite because it shows courage.

sm,  September 11, 2009  

yes it is very interesing

- Sugar Cube - September 11, 2009  

Although I don't drink soft drinks..after reading this..I'll make sure nobody around me does either!
That's a great list of points put together.

sm,  September 12, 2009  

Sugar Cube,

Tejaswy September 12, 2009  

I rather spend my money drinking beer!!!:D

sm,  September 13, 2009  

Beer is also not good for health,but i respect your freedom you can enjoy drinking beer.

Tejaswy September 13, 2009  

well i was just comparing soft drinks with beer...as pointed out buy you , that soft drinks have harmful content and side effects which is not mentioned and well documented... I rather drink beer which has well documented side effects and well it actually is good for the body (to an extent at least)

sm,  September 14, 2009  

yes i agree with you, its good if you can control while drinking.

deeps September 17, 2009  

pretty good...
pretty informative...
the length of it shows how we need to keep away frm such drinks ...

sm,  September 17, 2009  

@ deeps,
yes deeps i agree with you.

Unknown November 22, 2014  

Hello sir,

I m 25. Earlier days I rarely used softdrinks. But since last 2-3 years, I drink soft drink in very huge quantity like 1or 2 bottle of 200 ml. Everyday. I know very much that it is harmful for me, but still can't control. Please give me an advice how can i stop it...

Unknown October 18, 2017  

well soft drink is the glass of poison. Break it immediately

Akshya November 03, 2017  

carry a water bottle wound with wet cotton during summer.