18 August 2009

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Know 28 Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Away Cold and Flu

Know 28 Ways to Stay Healthy and Keep Away Cold and Flu
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In the year 1954 researchers identified the actual virus that causes cold and flu.
Virus means what and Bacteria means what?

What is the difference between Virus and Bacteria?

Both are world’s smallest microscopic organisms.

Bacteria do not cause flu and cold but they can give us other problems.

Some bacteria are good for humans and some cause health problems to humans.

Bacteria in the curd are good for health.

On the other hand all the Viruses cause health problems for humans.

Viruses are not good for human beings.

They are troublemakers for humans.

The growth of bacteria and virus is very rapid they grow very fast and multiply easily
And they change there cells also and adapt to new conditions this is one of the reasons we find very tough to fight with these viruses.

Antibiotics fight with bacteria but they do not fight with viruses.

A virus when enters human body it becomes part of human body then it becomes very difficult to find him and kill him and make and develop medicines to kill this virus.

Even many viruses change there genetic structure.

A cold is known as an upper respiratory infection, which means it’s restricted to the nose, throat and surrounding air passages. Most colds are not accompanied by fever.

Normally in the colder months and rainy seasons more people suffer from cold and flu.
Flu is infection of respiratory system and not stomach this is reason diarrhea and vomiting is not listed as symptoms of flu.

If you suffer more than 4 days or one week with flu and cold you should immediately visit to your doctor to prevent yourself from other health problems which may be detected very early and can be treated easily and which will save your money also.

There is no medicine which can give us permanent relief from cold and flu
This is reason prevention is better than cure.

Let’s know the ways how we can prevent cold and flu before it strikes, wages war against humans.

1. Wash your hands daily as many times as possible, if possible wash hand with mild hot water if you do not have soap, and try to wash each hand minimum 20 seconds. Cold and flu viruses are spread by direct contact with virus like touching a virus.

2. When you feel sneezes and coughs avoid sneezing directly at persons, try to go outside of the room, do not sneeze on your hands if you sneeze on your hands please wash them immediately. If you got tissue use it and thrown it away immediately in the dust been, not on the road and outside your window.

3. Always clean your office and home with disinfectants.

4. Do not share your toothbrush. Always purchase new toothbrush when you are recovered from cold and flu. Viruses stay in dark, moist, cool places; damp toothbrushes stored in cabinets are prime storage spots for viruses and breeding grounds for bacteria.

5. If possible after recovering from cold and flu change your towels purchase new towels if this is not possible then please wash those towels in the hot water.

6. After recovering from cold and flu wash all clothes, bed sheets in hot water.

7. Drink lot of water daily or have natural fresh fruits daily. Avoid packaged fruit juices .They are not good for health. Always go for fresh food and fruits.

8. Learn to breathe through your nose and not your mouth; learn to do deep breathing and other breathing exercises. Simple method I will tell you when you breathe just pay attention when oxygen enters your nose and how it travels in your body.

9. Broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels, sprouts, garlic , ginger, ginseng, kelp, mushrooms , honey, onions, citrus fruits ,berries such as currants and kale help you control cold and flu so eat those vegetables always.

10. Daily have a cup of yogurt if you are not allergic to it.

11. Stop smoking, if not then reduce it by listening music or watching movies, do anything which can delay your smoking needs.

12. Avoid drinking alcohol as much as possible if not possible reduce the intake of alcohol.

13. Stop drinking soft drinks, have fresh fruits and fresh juice made at home. It’s very easy to make lime juice.

14. If you are suffering from cold and flu sleep as much as possible.

15. Learn to drink hot milk daily in the morning or before sleep.

16. Learn to relax, help others, students, young and old humans this will give you happiness and this will keep you relaxes which will boost your immune system and keep you healthy.

17. Think positively and be happy.

18. Learn to smile lot , watch comedy shows or join smile classes but smile lot

19. Do brisk walking exercise or swimming or cycling

20. Aspirin should not be given to humans who are below age 16. Possible side effects stomach lining, cause nausea, pain, peptic ulcer, ringing in ears, internal bleeding who can not tolerate it. Many people take aspirin to get relief from fever and pain. Long term use of aspirin damages kidneys. Nearly it’s same with Ibuprofen.

21. Gargle – Gargling is also useful when you are suffering from cold and flu. Try teaspoon of salt mix it with mild hot water and gargle daily six to eight times.

22. Drink hot soups.

23. Inhale steam - Get the hot water in the pot, get towel over your head and bend over the steaming hot water and inhale. Breathe in vapor for 20 minutes. Repeat this daily 4 to 6 times. You can add Vicks in the hot water if you want.

24. Eating bananas soothe upset stomach; strengthen stomach lining against acid, antibiotic.

25. Eating bell peppers help immune system fight colds, asthma, bronchitis, and respiratory infections, high in vitamin c.

26. Mustard also helps when you are suffering from cold and sinus problems.

27. Onion fights with asthma , chronic bronchitis and infections

28. Prevention is better than Cure.

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